Social Organization: A Study of the Larger Mind


Charles Horton Cooley (Editor)

Series: Social Psychology Research Progress
BISAC: PSY031000

Our life is all one human whole, and if we are to have any real knowledge of it, we must see it as such. If we cut it up it dies in the process: the various branches of research that deal with this whole are properly distinguished by change in the point of sight rather than by any division in the thing that is seen. Social Organization: A Study of the Larger Mind is focused on the enlargement and diversification of intercourse, which is called Social Organization, the individual, though visible, remaining slightly in the background.

Table of Contents


Part I—Primary Aspects of Organization

Chapter 1. Social And Individual Aspects Of Mind

Chapter 2. Social And Individual Aspects Of Mind—(Continued)

Chapter 3. Primary Groups

Chapter 4. Primary Ideals

Chapter V5The Extension Of Primary Ideals

Part II—Communication

Chapter 6. The Significance Of Communication

Chapter 7. The Growth Of Communication

Chapter 8. Modern Communication: Enlargement And Animation

Chapter 9. Modern Communication: Individuality

Chapter 10. Modern Communication: Superficiality And Strain

Part III—The Democratic Mind

Chapter 11. The Enlargement Of Consciousness

Chapter 12. The Theory Of Public Opinion

Chapter 13. What The Masses Contribute

Chapter 14. Democracy And Crowd Excitement

Chapter 15. Democracy And Distinction

Chapter 16. The Trend Of Sentiment

Chapter 17. The Trend Of Sentiment—(Continued)

Part IV—Social Classes

Chapter 18. The Hereditary or Caste Principle

Chapter 19. Conditions Favoring Or Opposing The Growth Of Caste

Chapter 20. The Outlook Regarding Caste

Chapter 21. Open Classes

Chapter 22. How Far Wealth Is The Basis Of Open Classes

Chapter 23. On The Ascendency Of A Capitalist Class

Chapter 24. On The Ascendency Of A Capitalist Class—(Continued)

Chapter 25. The Organization Of The Ill-Paid Classes

Chapter 26. Poverty

Chapter 27. Hostile Feeling Between Classes

Part V—Institutions

Chapter 28. Institutions And The Individual

Chapter 29. Institutions And The Individual—(Continued)

Chapter 30. Formalism And Disorganization

Chapter 31. Disorganization: The Family

Chapter 32. Disorganization: The Church

Chapter 33. Disorganization: Other Traditions

Part VI—Public Will

Chapter 34. The Function Of Public Will

Chapter 35. Government As Public Will

Chapter 36. Some Phases Of The Larger Will


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