Social and Cultural Psychiatry Experience from the Caribbean Region


Hari D. Maharajh (Editor) – University of the West Indies, Trinidad, West Indies
Joav Merrick (Editor) – Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel

Series: Health and Human Development

This new book captures the history, lifestyles and beliefs of Caribbean people relating them without impunity to the psychology of their emotion, thought and behaviour. This book studies research on the background of historical perspectives, definitions, dimensions and a Caribbean Diaspora, the interpretation of behaviours and mental disorders with contributions from witchcraft, priestcraft and science, as well as the challenge of the local interpretation of mental illness.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(Professor Gerard Hutchinson)

Section One: Introduction

The Caribbean region;pp. 1-4
(Hari D Maharajh and Joav Merrick)

Section Two: Medicine and the Caribbean Region

Chapter 1. History of Medicine in the Caribbean Region:
A Medical Association Perspective (1938-2008);pp. 7-16
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 2. Defining “Caribbeing Psychiatry”;pp. 17-28
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 3. Forging a New Dimension of Black Psychiatry in the Caribbean;pp. 29-6
(Katija Khan and Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 4. Indenture-Ship as a Contributory Factor to Mental and Physical illnesses in the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora;pp. 37-48
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 5. Dopamine, Demons or Divination? The Dichotomy of
Science and Religion in Traditional Societies;pp. 49-58
(Hari D Maharajh)

Section Three: Culture, Behavior and Mental Illness

Chapter 6. Recognizing Social and Cultural Behaviors in Trinidad and Tobago;pp. 61-82
(Hari D Maharajh and Akleema Ali)

Chapter 7. Race, Politics and Behavior in Trinidad and Tobago;pp. 83-96
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 8. The Effects of Multiculturalism and Multi-Ethnicity in Group Dynamics in a Caribbean Setting;pp. 97-104
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 9. Do Trinidadians have a Carnival Mentality?;pp. 105-112
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 10. Dancing Frotteurism or Rubbing at The Carnival
Celebrations in Trinidad;pp. 113-118
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 11. Anorexia Nervosa and Religious Ambivalence in a
Developing Country;pp. 119-124
(Hari D Maharajh)

Section Four: Suicidal Behavior and Suicide

Chapter 12. Culture and Suicide;pp. 127-140
(Hari D Maharajh and Petal S Abdool)

Chapter 13. Adolescent Suicide in Trinidad and Tobago;pp. 141-150
(Hari D Maharajh and Akleema Ali)

Chapter 14. Patterns of Suicide and Suicidal Behaviors: Context and Causation;pp. 151-160
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 15. Derma-Abuse with Cutting in Young Adolescents;pp. 161-178
(Hari D Maharajh and Rainah Seepersad)

Chapter 16. Cybersuicide and the Adolescent Population: Challenges of the Future;pp. 179-188
(Ria Birbal, Hari Maharajh, Risa Birbal, Maria Clapperton, et al.)

Chapter 17. Self-Poisoning by Pesticide and Other Substances in a General Hospital;pp. 189-196
(Hari D Maharajh and Monique Konings)

Chapter 18. Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in Trinidad and Tobago with Reference to Suicidal Behavior;pp. 197-206
(Hari D Maharajh, Petal Abdool and Rehannah Mohammed)

Section Five: Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Chapter 19. Crime, Alcohol Use and Unemployment;pp. 209-218
(Hari D Maharajh and Akleema Ali)

Chapter 20. Aggressive Sexual Behavior of Alcohol-Dependent Men in Trinidad;pp. 219-224
(Hari D Maharajh and Akleema Ali)

Chapter 21. Alcohiolics Anonymous in Trinidad;pp. 225-240
(Rainah Seepersad and Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 22. Cannabis Use: Context and Controversy;pp. 241-252
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 23. Depression and Psychosis Associated with Cannabis Abuse
in a Developing Country;pp. 253-264
(Hari D Maharajh and Monique Konings)

Chapter 24. Cocaine Use and Social Transformation;pp. 265-272
(Hari D Maharajh)

Section Six: General and Specialty Psychiatry

Chapter 25. Deinstitutionalization in the Caribbean;pp. 273-282
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 26. Depression in Trinidad and Tobago: Incidence and Social Trends;pp. 283-292
(Hari D Maharajh and Akleema Ali)

Chapter 27. Schizophrenia Revisited: Consensus and Confusion;pp. 293-304
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 28. Somatization Disorders among Indians in Jamaica and Trinidad and its Association with Social and Psychological Factors;pp. 305-3274
Astra Kassiram and Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 29. Forensic Psychiatry in the Colonial and Post Colonial Eras;pp. 325-350
(Hari D Maharajh)

Chapter 30. Lunacy, Time of the Year and Abscounding from a Psychiatric Hospital;pp. 350-358
(Hari D Maharajh and Akleema Ali)

Section Seven: Reflections

Chapter 31. The Way Forward;pp. 361-362
(Hari D Maharajh and Joav Merrick)

Section Eight: Acknowledgments

Chapter 32. About the authors;pp. 365-368

Chapter 33. About the Department of Clinical Medicin;pp. 369-370

Chapter 34. About the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Israel;pp. 371-374

Chapter 35. About the Health and Human Development Book Series3;pp. 375-376


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