Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy: Clinical, Metabolomic, Neurophysiological and Neuroimaging Parallels


Irina A. Savvina – Professor, Chief Researcher, Russian Polenov Research Neurosurgical Institute – Branch of the National Almazov Medical Research Centre of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Russia; Vladimir L. Vanevskii Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology, North-West State Medical University named after Ilya I. Mechnikov of Ministry of Health Care of Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Russia
Natalia V. Beloborodova – Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Head of the Laboratory of Metabolism in Critical Conditions, Federal Research and Clinical Center of Intensive Care Medicine and Rehabilitology, Moscow, Russia
Tatyana N. Trofimova – Professor, Correspondent Member of RAS, Chief Researcher, The Human Brain State Institute named after Natalya P. Bekhtereva of Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg, Russia

Series: Neurology – Laboratory and Clinical Research Developments
BISAC: MED015000; MED056000; MED014000

The title “Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy: Clinical, Metabolomic, Neurophysiological, and Neuroimaging Parallels” represents a knowledge-based book that includes questions of modern conception about the pathogenesis of sepsis-associated encephalopathy, pathophysiological and pathomorphological aspects of sepsis-associated encephalopathy, clinical and neurophysiological assessment of acute cerebral damage in sepsis, neuroradiological patterns of cerebral injury in sepsis, features of laboratory diagnostics based on biomarker verification and the assessment of the role of microbiota and microbial metabolites in sepsis-associated encephalopathy. Peculiarities of neurological and radiological diagnosis, the role of neurophysiological monitoring in the early detection of sepsis-associated brain dysfunction, and present and prospects in therapeutic tactics in sepsis-associated encephalopathy are the important topics of the discussion. A special chapter is devoted to the features of sepsis-associated encephalopathy in children. Finally, a very interesting chapter regarding molecular genetic aspects of diagnosis and clinical approaches to sepsis-associated encephalopathy completes the book.

This book was written by anesthesiologists and intensive care, functional diagnostics specialists, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, pathologists, laboratory diagnosticians, and microbiologists – 23 authors from the most reputable medical research centers and university clinics of Russia, whose daily work is to manage and treat patients of various profiles with infection and sepsis.

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Chapter 1. Modern Conception About the Pathogenesis of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Irina A. Savvina, MD., PhD. Kristina M. Bykova, MD., Anna O. Petrova, MD., Ph.D.

Chapter 2. Biomarkers of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Irina V. Ostrova, PhD, and Natalia V. Beloborodova, MD., PhD

Chapter 3. The Role of Microbiota and Microbial Metabolites in Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Andrey V. Grechko, Corr. Member of the RAS, MD., Ph.D., Irina V. Buyakova, MD., Ph.D., Natalia V. Beloborodova, MD., PhD

Chapter 4. Clinical Assessment of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Irina A. Savvina, MD., Ph.D., Кristina М. Bykova, MD., Eleonora T. Nazaralieva, MD., Ph.D

Chapter 5. Neurophysiological Assessment of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Elena N. Zharova, MD., Ph.D., Irina A. Savvina, MD., Ph.D., Konstantin E. Lebedev, MD., Ph.D., Kristina M. Bykova, MD

Chapter 6. Neuroradiology of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Tatyana N. Trofimova, Corr. Member of the RAS, MD., Ph.D., Polina L. Andropova, MD., Rustam S. Talybov, MD., Konstantin I. Sebelev, MD., Ph.D., Elena G. Potemkina, MD., Ph.D., Anton V. Ryzhkov, MD.

Chapter 7. Positron Emission Tomography in Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Daria V. Ryzhkova, MD., Ph.D., Kristina M. Bykova, MD

Chapter 8. Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy as a Component of Multiple Organ Failure in ICU Patients
Ivan A. Ryzhkov, MD., Ph.D., Artem N. Kuzovlev, MD., Ph.D.

Chapter 9. Features of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy in Children
Irina A. Savvina, MD., Ph.D., Victoria I. Gurskaya, MD., Ph.D., William A. Khachatryan, MD., Ph.D., Eleonora T. Nazaralieva, MD., Ph.D.

Chapter 10. Therapeutic Tactics in Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy: Present and Prospects
Irina A. Savvina, MD., Ph.D., Kristina M. Bykova, MD., Victoria I. Gurskaya, MD., Ph.D

Chapter 11. Pathomorphology of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Natalia V. Bodareva, MD, Ph.D., Yulia M. Zabrodskaya, MD., Ph.D.

Chapter 12. Molecular Genetic Aspects of Diagnosis and Clinical Approaches of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy
Irina A. Savvina, MD., Ph.D., Kristina M. Bykova, MD,  Eleonora T. Nazaralieva, MD., Ph.D.

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