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Series: Children’s Issues, Laws and Programs
BISAC: EDU001010

Ensuring optimal health for school children is a fundamental concern shared by families, teachers and the wider community. Medical practitioners, allied health professionals, educators and policymakers regularly collaborate in the first stage of attaining this goal—in the early detection of childhood diseases and disorders through school health screenings. The value of this inter-professional practice is well recognized on a global scale, with school health screenings having a long history in all industrialized countries. Each year, millions of school children are screened for a wide variety of potential disorders, and many children are treated for disorders that might otherwise have gone undetected.

This book is an important new text that examines elementary school screening programs from a number of perspectives. The history of school screenings and the ethical principles surrounding them are outlined, in addition to the methods by which screening program performance can be gauged. The common health disorders associated with young school children are comprehensively reviewed. Detailed chapters, written by international experts, are dedicated to specific school screening programs currently in place in developed nations, with each chapter signposting future directions for the field.

For example, the chapters on school hearing screenings, dental health screenings and speech pathologist screening assessments provide in-depth descriptions of the individual screening programs, screening tests, result interpretation, personnel and equipment requirements and directions for system improvements. Topical issues that are currently of concern for all school health professionals—optimal communication of screening test results to families and the need for integrated, non-discipline specific, data systems—are discussed in the final section of this book. For those working in the area of elementary school health screening, this book provides comprehensive information on school-based screening programs in a single up-to-date volume. This book will enable education and health professionals to better understand the whole school screening process and the role of other professionals in this highly worthwhile process. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Contributing Authors

Part I: General Considerations in School Health Screening

Chapter 1 – School Health Screening: History, Principles and Analysis (pp. 3-22)
Bradley McPherson and Carlie J. Driscoll (University of Hong Kong and others)

Chapter 2 – The Young School Child: Common Diseases and Disorders (pp. 23-42)
Donald C. Brown (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Part II: School Health Screening Systems—Present and Future

Chapter 3 – Screening for Growth and Development (pp. 45-62)
Diane DeBell (Anglia Ruskin University, UK)

Chapter 4 – Hearing Screening for School Children (pp. 63-94)
Carlie J. Driscoll, Bradley McPherson and Wayne J. Wilson (University of Queensland, Australia and others)

Chapter 5 – Speech and Language Screening for School Children (pp. 95-116)
Carol K. S. To and Wendy L. Arnott (University of Hong Kong and others)

Chapter 6 – Dental Screening for School Children (pp. 117-136)
Colman McGrath (University of Hong Kong)

Chapter 7 – Mental Health Screening for School Children (pp. 137-162)
Joni Williams Splett, Maura Mulloy, Ashley Jones Philp and Mark D. Weist (University of South Carolina, USA and others)

Chapter 8 – Pediculosis Screening for School Children (pp. 163-196)
Rick Speare, Helen Weld, Megan Counahan and Deon V. Canyon (Tropical Health Solutions, Townsville, Australia and others)

Chapter 9 – Scoliosis Screening for School Children (pp. 197-218)
Daniel Y. T. Fong, Keith D. K. Luk, Kenneth M. C. Cheung and Yat-Wa Wong (University of Hong Kong)

Part III: Beyond the Screening Test

Chapter 10 – Communicating School Health Screening Results to Parents and Children (pp. 221-236)
Tammy Hoffmann, Rae Thomas and Chris Del Mar (University of Queensland, Australia and others)

Chapter 11 – Data Management in School Health Care Systems (pp. 237-254)
K. Todd Houston, Tali R. Weinberg, Anne M. Fleming and Kelly J. Brown (University of Akron, OH, USA)



The primary aim of the proposed book is to provide an up-to-date reference source for university students, clinicians, educators, researchers and policymakers concerned with the field of health screening in elementary schools. It will be of special interest to all medical and allied health professionals in the disciplines of audiology, child psychology, dentistry, genetic medicine, otolaryngology, pediatrics, school health administration, and school health nursing. It may appeal to school administrators who wish to learn more about the health programs that take place in elementary schools.

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