Schizoaffective Disorders: International Perspectives on Understanding, Intervention and Rehabilitation


Kam-shing Yip
Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Series: Mental Illnesses and Treatments
BISAC: PSY022050

Despite related controversies and argument, schizoaffective disorder is a crucial mental illness that demands attention and study from both scholars and clinicians. However, most of these discussions are merely debates focused on diagnosis, etiology and genetics of persons with schizoaffective persons. Although there is a long awareness of the uniqueness of schizoaffective disorder, comparing the rich theoretical underpinnings in schizophrenia and mood disorders, the studies of schizoaffective disorder are thin and insufficient. After a long history of conceptual development, these two groups of mental illness are profoundly studied, explained and articulated by biochemical, psychodynamic, cognitive, existential, phenomenological, sociological, cultural and humanistic perspectives. In each perspective, there are numerous accounts, and research in describing persons with schizophrenia or mood disorder.

Schizoaffective disorder is increasingly common in various countries around the world; this book tries to capture the situation in defining, understanding, intervening and rehabilitating cliens with schizoaffective disorders in various countries, in particular in Europe and North America, Asia and Australia. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter One: An International Perspective on Controversies and Difficulties in Theoretical Underpinnings of Schizoaffective Disorder (Kam-shing YIP, Dept. of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong King Polytechnic Univ., Hong Kong)

Chapter Two: Understanding the Needs, Resilience and Recovery of Persons with Schizoaffective Disorder: Related Theories and Conceptual Underpinnings (Kam-shing YIP)

Chapter Three: “Schizoaffective Psychosis and Schizophrenia With- or without Affective Syndrome: A Comparative Clinical, Neuropsychological and Molecular-genetic Study (Golimbet VE, Alfimova MV, Kaleda VG, bramova LI, Korovaitseva GI, Lavrushina OM, Lezheiko TV, Russia)

Chapter Four: Diagnostic Controversies in Schizoaffective Disorder (Nathaniel Hurwitz Nathaniel Hurwitz, C. Raymond Lake, U.S.A.)

Chapter Five: Neuropsychological Deficits in Schizoaffective Disorder
(Barton W. Palmer, Gauri N. Savla, U.S.A)

Chapter Six: Ego Functioning, Cognition, and Illness Characteristics of Persons with Schizoaffective Disorder: Distinctive Features and Response to Vocational Rehabilitation (Morris D. Bell, Randall Richardson, Tamasine Grieg, U.S.A)
Chapter Seven: Boredom, Hallucination-proneness and Hypohedonia in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder (McWelling Todman, Daniel Sheypuk, Kristin Nelson, Jason Evans, Roger Goldberg, Evangeline Lehr, U.S.A.)

Chapter Eight: Schizoaffective Disorder in China: Controversies and Reality in China (Zhi-zhong Liang, Kam-shing YIP, China)

Chapter Nine: Managing the Suicidal Risk in Pregnant Schizoaffective Disorder (Salvatore Gentile: Italy)


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