Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Background Issues, Conflict Developments, and International Policy Responses


Henry C. Anderson (Editor)

Series: Europe: Past, Present and Future
BISAC: POL060000; POL061000

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale air, land, and sea attack on the independent and democratic state of Ukraine. The United States and its allies around the world have condemned Russia’s “unprecedented military aggression” as “unprovoked and unjustified.” The United States and allies, including the European Union (EU), EU members, and the United Kingdom (UK), have provided or pledged new military assistance to Ukraine. Members of legislatures, local governments, businesses, and the public in the United States and many other countries have expressed support for Ukraine and have condemned Russia’s invasion. This book compiles various aspects of this conflict and also includes some products published before the invasion that offer relevant background and context.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Ukraine: Background, Conflict with Russia, and U.S. Policy
Cory Welt

Chapter 2. Ukrainian Armed Forces
Andrew S. Bowen

Chapter 3. Ukraine: New U.S. Deployments to Europe Might Raise War Powers Resolution Questions
Matthew C. Weed

Chapter 4. Antagonizing the Neighborhood: Putin’s Frozen Conflicts and the Conflict in Ukraine

Chapter 5. Five Years after the Revolution of Dignity: Ukraine’s Progress/Russia’s Malign Activities

Chapter 6. Russian Military Buildup Along the Ukrainian Border
Andrew S. Bowen

Chapter 7. Russian Military Mobilization on Ukraine’s Borders and in Occupied Crimea
Andrew S. Bowen

Chapter 8. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Military and Intelligence Issues and Aspects
Andrew S. Bowen

Chapter 9. Russian Military Actions at Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plants
Mark Holt and Mary Beth D. Nikitin

Chapter 10. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Implications for Agricultural Trade and Production*
Stephanie Rosch

Chapter 11. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: NATO Response
Paul Belkin

Chapter 12. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Turkey’s Response and Black Sea Access Issues*
Jim Zanotti and Clayton Thomas

Chapter 13. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: European Union Responses and Implications for U.S.-EU Relations
Kristin Archick

Chapter 14. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Overview of U.S. and International Sanctions and Other Responses
Cory Welt

Chapter 15. United Nations Security Council and General Assembly Responses to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Luisa Blanchfield and Matthew C. Weed

Chapter 16. Invasion of Ukraine: Russia’s Trade Status, Tariffs, and WTO Issues
Cathleen D. Cimino-Isaacs and Liana Wong

Chapter 17. U.S. Sanctions on Russia*
Cory Welt, Kristin Archick, Rebecca M. Nelson and Dianne E. Rennack

Chapter 18. Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: New Financial and Trade Sanctions
Rebecca M. Nelson and Christopher A. Casey

Chapter 19. New Financial and Trade Sanctions Against Russia
Rebecca M. Nelson, Christopher A. Casey and Andres B. Schwarzenberg

Chapter 20. Russia, Ukraine, and the International Financial Institutions
Martin A. Weiss

Chapter 21. U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine*
Christina L. Arabia and Andrew S. Bowen

Chapter 22. Supplemental Funding for Ukraine: Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs (SFOPS)
Emily M. Morgenstern

Chapter 23. Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis in Ukraine
Rhoda Margesson and Derek E. Mix

Chapter 24. Designation of Ukraine for Temporary Protected Status: Impact and Other Considerations
Hillel R. Smith, Jill H. Wilson and Kelsey Y. Santamaria

Chapter 25. Biological Security Engagement in Ukraine: U.S. Cooperation and Threat Reduction Programs
Mary Beth D. Nikitin

Chapter 26. A Revisit of the Domain Name System After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Ling Zhu

Chapter 27. The Role of International Tribunals in the Response to the Invasion of Ukraine
Nina M. Hart and Stephen P. Mulligan

Chapter 28. The Law of War and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Stephen P. Mulligan


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