Rorschach Ink-Blots Are Multifractals and a Corresponding Multifractal Structure is Realized in Humans during Their Perception as Measured by the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) Neurological and Psycho-Physiological Signal


Authors: Sergio Conte, Leonardo Mendolicchio, Ferda Kaleagasioglu, Rich Norman, Fang Wang, Francesco Casciaro Losito, Anna Maria Losito, Elio Conte, and Franco Orsucci
Page Range: 187-211
Published in: Chaos and Complexity Letters, 16#3
ISSN: 1556-3995

Table of Contents


We demonstrate that Rorschach ink-blots are multifractals. Normal subjects have been studied by recording their GSR, a neurological and psychophysiological signal, during two minute’s observation of each Rorschach ink blot. We have determined that the induced perceptive dynamics in the subjects are also multifractal. Once studied within the framework of the theory of complexity, we have found that the intrinsic complexity of the ink-blots induces in the subjects an emotive and cognitive condition of profound inner conflict that may be estimated by the generalized Hurst exponent of the subject, as arising from the GSR recording. We expect that the results are important not only in the theory of complexity but also in the clinical study of cases of neurological, psychological and psychiatric interest.

Keywords: theory of complexity, multifractals, computational neuroscience, Rorschach ink-blots, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

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