Robotic Gynecology: From Concept to Applications


Christos Iavazzo, MD, PhD
Gynaecological Oncology Department, Christie Hospital, Manchester, UK

Ioannis D. Gkegkes, MD
Department of Surgery, Korinthos General Hospital, Corinth, Greece

Series: Obstetrics and Gynecology Advances
BISAC: MED033000

This book presents a review from diagnosis to management on the innovative use of Da Vinci Robot in gynecology (including both benign and gynecological oncology). The authors of this book present and review important data on different chapters as: preface, history of robotics, evolution of robotics in medicine, the console – the robot -instruments used by the robot, use of energy by robotic instruments – siting of ports – docking, positioning of the patient, role of bedside assistant, anaesthetising for robotic pelvic surgery, applications in gynaecology, non-gynaecological applications of the robot, simple hysterectomy, sacrocolpopexy, endometriosis, tubal surgery, radical hysterectomy, radical trachelectomy, nerve sparing techniques, pelvic lymphadenectomy – para-aortic lymphadenectomy, sentinel nodes, omentectomy, appendicectomy, pelvic exenteration, pelvic side wall recurrence surgery, robotic surgery during pregnancy and early pregnancy complications, role of the robot in elderly and obese patients, suturing, accessory instruments to facilitate robotic pelvic surgery, post-operative care after robotic surgery, cost of robot. Finally, the authors suggest fields for possible future research. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Evolution of Robots throughout History (pp. 1-8)

Chapter 2 The Da Vinci Robot (pp. 9-18)

Chapter 3 Surgical Room, Positioning, Port Placement and Docking (pp. 19-26)

Chapter 4 Role of the Nurse (pp. 27-32)

Chapter 5 The Role of Surgical Assistant in Robotic Procedures (pp. 33-38)

Chapter 6 Robot Assisted Hysterectomy Set (pp. 39-46)

Chapter 7 Instruments (pp. 47-64)

Chapter 8 Veress and Trocars Insertion (pp. 65-72)

Chapter 9 The Role of Uterine Manipulators in Robotic Procedures (pp. 73-96)

Chapter 10 Pelvic Anatomy (pp. 81-96)

Chapter 11 Gynaecological Robotic Procedures (Indications and Contraindications) (pp. 97-100)

Chapter 12 Fibroids (pp. 101-110)

Chapter 13 Endometriosis (pp. 111-118)

Chapter 14 Robotic Management of Ectopic Pregnancy (pp. 119-120)

Chapter 15 Robotic Tubal Anastomosis (pp. 120-124)

Chapter 16 Sacrocolpopexy (pp. 125-128)

Chapter 17 Endometrial Cancer: Robotic Simple Hysterectomy (pp. 129-140)

Chapter 18 Cervical Cancer: Robotic Radical Hysterectomy (pp. 141-150)

Chapter 19 Surgical Steps for Robotic Radical Trachelectomy (pp. 151-156)

Chapter 20 Surgical Steps for Robotic Pelvic Lymph Node Sampling/Dissection (pp. 157-160)

Chapter 21 The Role of Sentinel Lymph Node in the Robotic Management of Gynecological Cancer (pp. 161-166)

Chapter 22 Nerve-Sparing Technique in Robotic Assisted Gynaecological Surgery (pp. 167-170)

Chapter 23 Robotic Pelvic Exenteration in Cervical Cancer (pp. 171-174)

Chapter 24 The Role of Robot in Ovarian Cancer (pp. 175-178)

Chapter 25 Omentectomy/Omental Biopsy (pp. 179-180)

Chapter 26 Appendicectomy (pp. 181-182)

Chapter 27 Robotic versus Laparoscopic versus Abdominal versus Vaginal Hysterectomy (pp. 183-186)

Chapter 28 Single Port Hysterectomy (pp. 187-190)

Chapter 29 Suturing Techniques (pp. 191-194)

Chapter 30 Robotic Gynaecology in Adolescents (pp. 195-198)

Chapter 31 Pregnancy and Robotic Surgery (pp. 199-202)

Chapter 32 Robotic Operations in Obese Patients (pp. 203-206)

Chapter 33 Elderly Patients and Robotic Surgery (pp. 207-208)

Chapter 34 Possile Role of Da Vinci Robot in Uterine Transplantation (pp. 209-212)

Chapter 35 Pre- and Postoperative Management of Patients Undergoing Robotic Operations (pp. 213-216)

Chapter 36 Anaesthetising for Robotic Pelvic Surgery (pp. 217-220)

Chapter 37 Enhanced Recovery in Robotic Surgery (pp. 221-222)

Chapter 38 Possible Complications After Robotic Simple/Radical Hysterectomy (pp. 223-228)

Chapter 39 Port Site Metastases After Robot-Assisted Surgery (pp. 229-230)

Chapter 40 Ocular Complications and Robotic Surgery (pp. 231-232)

Chapter 41 Training in Da Vinci Robot (pp. 233-236)

Chapter 42 Robotic Patient Form (pp. 237-238)

Chapter 43 Cost Assessment of Robotics in Gynecological Surgery (pp. 239-240)



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