Research on Hispanic Psychology Compendium. Volume 3


Cirilo H. Garcia Cadena, PhD (Editor)
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, México

Series: Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions
BISAC: PSY000000

This compendium incorporates works of empirical research, derived from different conceptual models based on any psychological or psychosocial theory. It presents a global forum that exposes scientific studies on psychology, done principally by Spanish-speaking researchers from different countries. It includes the best academic efforts of research as an easy way of communication with non-Latin researchers, propitiating in this way a fertile exchange of knowledge and cooperation among scientists of psychology around the world. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Analysis of Environmental Beliefs and Their Correlation with Pro-Environmental Behavior
(David Fajardo-Cuartas and Antonio Mantilla-Sepúlveda)

2. Prevalence of the Mobbing in Workers of Costa Rica
(Manuel Pando, Ma. Del Refugio López, Sara A. García, Héctor Ochoa and Eder M. Rodríguez)

3. Thylefors, I. (1987). Syndabockar. Omutstotning Och Mobbning I Arbetslivet. Beck Depression Inventory-II in Spanish Sign Language
(Benito Estrada, Carmen Delgado and Mark Beyebach)

4. Assessment of Psychological Treatments in Social Phobia Through ISPI and SPEFI Indexes
(Cesar J. Antona and Carmen Delgado)

5. Relation Between Stress and Optimism in Ischaemic Cardiomypathy Patients
(Rosalva García and Mónica T. González)

6. Violence and Power Styles in Young Couples
(Alethia Castro and René Landero)

7. Relation Between Symptoms and Beliefs About Menstruation
(Francisco Morales-Carmona, Diana Pimentel Nieto and Gabriel Espíndola Hernández)

8. Body Dissatisfaction and Anthropometric Parameters in Male Adolescents
(Rosalia Vázquez, Andrea S. Aldaco, M. Trinidad Ocampo, Juan M. Mancilla, Xochitl Lopez, Karina Franco and Georgina L. Alvarez)

9. Learning Styles in University Students: Revised Questionnaire of Study Processes
(César W. Varela and Daniel González)

10. Social Changes and Familial Transformations in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey, Mexico
(Manuel Ribeiro)

11. Stress and Depression in Single Women and Men
(Rocío Soria, María del Carmen Muñoz and Zaira Vega)

12. Socio-Cultural and Familiar Feeding Practices Associated with Obesity: A Qualitative Study Under Mexican-American Perspective
(Martha L. Cabello and José G. Zúñiga)

13. Effects of the Degree of Specificity of the Achievement Criterion on the Informal Questions Preparation
(Marina L. González-Torres, María A. Padilla-Vargas and Jairo Tamayo)

14. Possibilities and Solutions: The “Differences That Make a Difference”
(Mónica T. González, Benito Estrada and Bill O’Hanlon)

15. The Hispanic Americans Baseline Alcohol Survey: Predictive Invariance of Demographic Characteristics on Attitudes Towards Alcohol Across Hispanic National Groups
(Britain A. Mills, Raul Caetano and Ira H. Bernstein)

16. Functional Analysis: An Alternative for Establishing Toilet Training
(Alma G. Hernández-Mendoza, Jorge Luis González, Gabriela de Gpe. Téllez, Georgina Cárdenas and Ariel Vite)

17. Narrative Persuasion and Cinematrographic Fiction: A Crosscultural Study About the Impact of the Feature Film, “A Day Without a Mexican” on Attitudes Toward Immigration
(Juan J. Igartua and José Carlos Lozano)

18. Implicit Attitudes Toward Mestizos and Whites: A Tri-National Study
(Dennis D. Kerkman, Thang Manh Le, Javier Álvarez, Michelle Recio Saucedo, Héctor M. Cappello and Manuel Marín Sánchez)

19. Competitive Anxiety and Injuries: Sport Factors, Types and Injury Gravity
(Aurelio Olmedilla Zafra, M. Dolores Andreu Alvarez, Francisco J. Ortín Montero and Amador Blas Redondo)

20. Development of a Religousness and Spirituality Scale (ere) for Adult
(Joaquina Palomar and Maria del Pilar Juarez Gutierrez)

21. Parenthood and Social Evaluation of Special Children
(Patricia Ortega, Laura E. Torres and Alejandra Salguero)

22. Influence of Progressive Relaxation in Old Age Adults who Suffer Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Pilot Study
(Alan D. Casillas-Mendoza, Oscar P. González-Pérez and Roberto Montes-Delgado)

23. Somatotype and Psychological Profile of Mexican Elite Gymnasts
(Antonio Pineda, Jeanette López, Cipriano Martínez and Mireya Medina)

24. Comparison of Perceptions of Family Support Between Consanguine Relatives in a Support Center
(Makilim Nunes Baptista, Hugo Ferrari Cardoso, Thelma Margarida Moraes dos Santos and Adriana Munhoz Carneiro)


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