Research in Applied Statistical Science


Mohammad Ahsanullah, PhD 

Series: Theoretical and Applied Mathematics
BISAC: MAT029000

This book makes a significant contribution to the advancement of statistical science. It contains research in many statistical designs, compares many statistical models, and includes theories that are oriented to real life problems. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – EDF Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Testing the Distributional Assumptions in One-Way Regression Model (pp. 1-10)
Dhanuja Kasturiratna, Truc T. Nguyen and Arjun K. Gupta

Chapter 2 – Sample Size Determination for between Group Comparisons in Mixed-Effects Logistic Regression Models for Analysis of Longitudinal Data (pp. 11-22)
Dulal K. Bhaumik, Subhash Aryal, Anup Amatya and Kush Kapur

Chapter 3 – Mathematical Modeling of Mortality for Countries with Limited and Defective Data (pp. 23-36)
Jyoti U. Devkota and Radhey S. Singh

Chapter 4 – On Characterizations of the Exponential Distributions (pp. 37-44)
Mohammad Ahsanullah, Alexandre Berred and Valery Nevzorov

Chapter 5 – Estimation of P[Y<X] for Generalized Logistic Distribution (pp. 45-58)
H. M. Okasha

Chapter 6 – A Class of Saturated Binary S-Optimal Row-Column Designs (pp. 59-74)
Theophilus Ogunyemi

Chapter 7 – Multiply and Partially Confounded Factorial BIB Designs (pp. 75-82)
M. Shamsuddin and M. Albassam

Chapter 8 – An Extended Version of Hyper Poisson Distribution and Some of Its Applications (pp. 83-92)
C. Satheesh Kumar and B. Unnikrishnan Nair

Chapter 9 – Repeated Measurements Designs for Comparing Two Disjoint Sets of Formulations in Bioequivalence Trials (pp. 93-102)
M. N. Sonawane, Cini Varghese and Seema Jaggi

Chapter 10 – Role of Categorical Variables in Multicollinearity in Linear Regression Model (pp. 103-118)
M. Wissmann, Shalabh and H. Toutenburg

Chapter 11 – Predictive Inference from Two-parameter Weibull Model Given a Doubly Censored Sample of Hepatocellular Carcinoma of Liver Patients (pp. 119-132)
Hafiz M.R. Khan, Ahmed Albatineh, Salem Tesfa, Nadine R. Jenkins and Nasar U. Ahmed

Chapter 12 – Parameters Estimation of the Log-logistic Distribution Using Ranked Set Sampling (pp. 132-142)
I. Elbatal

Chapter 13 – Characterization of Some Discrete Families Based on Doubly Truncated Mean and Covariance (pp. 143-154)
M. A. H. Khorasadizadeh, Rezaei Roknabadi and G. R. Borzadaran

Chapter 14 – Different Methods of Estimation for Marshall Olkin Exponential Distribution (pp. 155-172)
Omar M. Bdair

Chapter 15 – Characterization of Beta and Gamma Distribution Based on the Doubly Truncated Mean Function (pp. 173-182)
Zohdy M. Nofal

Chapter 16 – Estimation of the Seasonal ACF of PAR(1) Model in the Presence of Additive Outliers (pp. 183-198)
A. A. Samadi and A. M. Al-Quraam

Chapter 17 – Regression Models for Poisson Data Based on Accelerated Lifetime Testing (pp. 199-208)
Francisco Louzada-Neto and Vera Lucia Damasceno Tomazella

Chapter 18 – On Methods of Construction of Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs with Three-Associate-Class Association Scheme (pp. 209-218)
Swati Raj, Jagdish Prasad, D. K. Ghosh and Sarla Pareek

Chapter 19 – Lower Generalized Order Statistics of Generalized Inverse Weibull Distribution (pp. 219-236)
R. U. Khan, Benazir Zia and Haseeb Athar

Chapter 20 – Characterization of Continuous Distributions Conditioned on a Pair of Non-adjacent Generalized Order Statistics Using Meijer’s G-function (pp. 237-248)
M. J. S. Khan, A. H. Khan and M. I. Khan

Chapter 21 – Empirical Bayes Method on Changepoints Estimation of Tumor Growth Profiles in Xenograft Experiments (pp. 249-260)
Wei Ning


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