Research in Applied Mathematics


Zhong Wang (Editor)
School of Mathematical Sciences, Zhaoqing University, Zhaoqing, Guang Dong, China

Series: Mathematics Research Developments
BISAC: MAT003000

This book presents current research in the field of applied mathematics. Topics discussed include, Linear Systems, the Discrete Davey-Stewart System, Kukles Systems, nonlinear equations, differential equations, and many other advanced and relevant topics in mathematics.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Limit Cycles and Local Bifurcation of Critical Periods in a Kukles System
Ting Chen, Wentao Huang, and Jian Yang

Chapter 2. Randić Connectivity and Sum-Connectivity Indices for Capra-Designed of Cycles
Mohammad Reza Farahani

Chapter 3. Auto-Backlund transFormation and Similarity Reductions for the mKdV Equation with Time-Dependent Coefficient
Xiaoming Peng and Yadong Shang

Chapter 4. A Pfaffian Analogue of the Discrete Davey-Stewartson System

Chapter 5. Asymptotic Expansions of One Oscillatory Double Integral with Large Parameter
Min-Hai Huang

Chapter 6. ALP: A Projection Method for Linear Systems
Wujian Peng, Feng Ling, and Yan Xia

Chapter 7. The Atom Bond Connectivity ABC and Geometric-Arithmetic GA Indices of Pent-Heptagonal Nanotube
Mohammad Reza Farahani

Chapter 8. Application of the Double Function Method to the Nonlinear Kawahara Equation
Jiaojiao Zhang and Ruoxia Yao

Chapter 9. On Domination Polynomial of TUC4C8(S) Nanotubes
Mohammad Reza Farahani

Chapter 10. Some Relationships between q-Product Identities, Combinatorial Partition Identities, and Continued-Fraction Identities III
M. P. Chaudhary

Chapter 11. A New Proof for the Monotonicity Criterion of the Quotient of Two Power Series on the Infinite Interval
Fang-Li Xia, Zhen-Hang Yang, and Yu-Ming Chu

Chapter 12. Fundamental Singularities in the Theory of Water Waves with Porous Bottom
Sudeshna Banerjea and Dibakar Mondal

Chapter 13. Oscillations for Differential Equations with Several Deviating Arguments
Özkan Öcalan and Sermin Öztürk

Chapter 14. Pullback Attractor for Hopfield Neural Networks
Qinghua Zhou and Li Wan

Chapter 15. String Field Solutions and Perturbation Series
Simon Davis

Chapter 16. Restoration of the Noised Images by the Proximal Penalty Algorithm
S. Gheraibia and Noureddine Daili

Chapter 17. On the Fully Discrete Davey-Stewartson System with Self-Consistent Sources
Gegenhasi, Manduhu, and Xiaohan Ye

Chapter 17. On Modular Relations for the Roger-Ramanujan Type Identities
M. P. Chaudhary

Chapter 19. A New Method for Computing Domination Polynomials of Graphs
Mohammad Reza Farahani and Hamid Hosseini

Chapter 20. Optimal Bounds for the Identric Mean in Terms of One-Parameter Family of Bivariate Means
Lin-Chang Shen, Yue-Ying Yang, and Wei-Mao Qian

Chapter 21. The Optimal Convex Combination Bounds of Second Contra -Harmonic and Geometric Means for the Seiffert Means
Yue-Ying Yang, Lin-Chang Shen, and Wei-Mao Qian

Chapter 22. Hosoya Polynomial and Wiener Index of Jahangir graphs J2,M
Mohammad Reza Farahani

Chapter 23. Nonlinear Jordan Triple Derivable Mappings on Triangular Algebras
Mohammad Ashraf and Aisha Jabeen

Chapter 24. On the Complex Bona-Mahone Type Equations on a Half-Line
Sánchez-Suárez Isahi and Juárez-Zirate Salvador

Chapter 25. Algebraic Proof of Involuntariness (Involutionness) of Reflection of the Plane R2 onto R2
Gedefa Negassa Feyissa and M. P. Chaudhary

Chapter 26. On the Existence and Uniqueness of the Strong Solution for a Nonlinear PDE System Modelling Atmosphere Dynamics
Andrei Giniatoulline and German Tobar

Chapter 27. Empirical Bayes for Rayleigh Distribution with Unbalanced Ranked Set Samples
Naiyi Li, Yuan Li, Yongming Li, and Chengdong Wei

Chapter 28. Maximum Chemical Trees of the Second Reverse Zagreb Index
Suleyman Ediz

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