Reflections: A Dream Quest


Series: Neuroscience Research Progress
BISAC: SCI089000

This is a book that addresses the history and science of dreams. The author uses his own dreams as examples, some of which are unique due to Elder’s personal and medical history. The dreams include typical experiences, such as flying, but also extend to intriguing astral events, prophecie, and messages on the nature of existence. The author employs the first-person present tense perspective when describing his dreams, which makes them exciting and fast-paced.

The narrative sections follow the typical academic style, although Elder has endeavored to make the material accessible to the widest possible audience. Unlike many mass-market books on this subject, it also examines dream science and history in considerable depth, providing readers with a wealth of unique insights into what dreams are and why we have them. For example, Elder relates some forms of dream prophecy to the workings of our episodic memory system, finding a persuasive basis of support in modern schema theory and neuropsychological research.

Other dreams, such as those concerning God, humanity’s future, and astral adventures occasionally defy the author’s tendency to find rationalistic explanations, a fact that he both dislikes and admits. The historical review stretches back to Gilgamesh, and runs up to modern findings in the neurosciences. Of course, the ideas of Freud, Jung and others are discussed along the way, with the reader getting a great deal of information on what dreams were thought to mean over the ages. Indeed, there are over 380 sources scattered throughout the text, and a quick review of the bibliography will reveal that this is a manuscript of considerable research and substance. Readers from high school to post-graduate levels will find items of interest in this fast-moving text, which leaves a message that is as much spiritual and moral as it is scientific.(Imprint: Nova Biomedical )

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Title Page ii-ii
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Chapter 2 – Contents ix-x
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Chapter 3 – Perface xi-xiv
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Chapter 4 – Motives (pp. 3-4)

Chapter 5 – Prologue: The Power of Youthful Minds (pp. 5-8)
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Chapter 6 – Perspective Shifts (pp. 9-12)

Chapter 7 – Lucid Serial Dreams (pp. 13-18)

Chapter 8 – Deeper Thoughts (pp. 19-22)

Chapter 9 – Prophecy and ESP? (pp. 23-28)

Chapter 10 – Dream Control Experiments (pp. 29-34)
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Chapter 11 – Astral Dreams (pp. 35-40)

Chapter 12 – The Roots of Violence: The Responsibility Dream (pp. 41-48)

Chapter 13 – The Basic Problem: Need versus Greed (pp, 49-56)

Chapter 14 – Is There a God? Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign (pp. 57-62)
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Chapter 15 – Looking for God: Truth in a Reflection (pp.63-66)

Chapter 16 – Talking with God: The Nexus (pp. 67-88)

Chapter 17 – Fighting Demons: Battling Beasts Within and Without (pp. 89-98)

Chapter 18 – The Last Act: Finding Solace during the Storm (pp. 99-102)

Chapter 19 – A Brief Review (pp. 103-112)

Chapter 20 – Mesopotamian-Based Dream Concepts (pp. 115-118)

Chapter 21 – Egyptian Dream Concepts (pp. 119-122)

Chapter 22 – Ancient Chinese Dream Concepts (pp. 123-126)

Chapter 23 – Grecian Dream Concepts (pp. 127-130)

Chapter 24 – Roman Dream Concepts (pp. 131-134)
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Chapter 25 – Indian Dream Concepts (pp. 135-136)

Chapter 26 – Judeo-Christian Dream Concepts (pp. 137-138)

Chapter 27 – Islamic Dream Concepts (pp. 139-140)

Chapter 28 – Chinese Dream Encylopedias and Concepts (pp. 141-144)

Chapter 29 – Robert Smith’s and Louis Maury’s Dream Concepts (pp. 145-146)

Chapter 30 – Sigmund Freud’s Dream Concepts (pp. 147-150)

Chapter 31 – Carl Jung Dream Concepts (pp. 151-154)

Chapter 32 – Gestalt Dream Concepts (pp. 155-156)

Chapter 33 – Neurophysiological Dream Concepts (pp. 159-162)

Chapter 34 – Neuroanatomical Dream Concepts (pp. 163-164)

Chapter 35 – Waking Default System’s Relationship with Dreaming (pp. 165-168)

Chapter 36 – Schema/Template Theory Relationships to Dreaming (pp. 169-172)
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Chapter 37 – Drug Use, Perceptions and Dreams (pp. 173-178)

Chapter 38 – Passages (pp. 187-190)

Chapter 39 – Notes (pp. 191-198)

Chapter 40 – Bibliography (pp. 199-218)

Chapter 41 – Index (pp. 219-230)


“This book was written for the rational, educated reader who is suspicious that ancient wisdom had something important to say. Author George Elder tackles the immense topic of dream interpretation, offering his own dream history to test a view that combines contemporary neurophysiology and dream interpretation schema from cultures around the world.”READ MORE…Dale Cyphert, Ph.D., University of Northern Iowa

“An intriguing look at the nature of dreams via Elder’s examination and interpretation of his own. Elder recounts a number of dreams from various times during his life, and considers the conditions which may have caused the particular stories that played out while asleep.” READ MORE…Sayward Ayre, Ph.D., author of Tribute to Og: Memories of a Future Lifemate

Additional Information

Audience: Readers and scholars interested in spirituality, religion, cognitive science, psychology, metaphysics, and history will find this text particularly compelling. In terms of the subjects covered, the chapter and section listing provides ample details. In many ways, the text is an extension of my dissertation work in communication science (The Scientific Foundation of Social Communication: From Neurons to Rhetoric), albeit that it is designed to be accessible to a far wider audience. In terms of marketing, Reflections can find a prominent place in the vast spirituality and New Age marketplaces, with its focus on God and prophecy being areas of keen and growing interest. I highly recommend extended marketing efforts in this venue.

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