Quality of Life and Public Health: Assessment and Intervention


Erika da Silva Maciel (Editor)
Centro Universitário Luterano de Palmas, Curso de Educação Física. CEULP – Centro Universitário Luterano de Palmas Plano Diretor Sul – Palmas, TO – Brasil

Jaqueline Girnos Sonati (Editor)
College of Nursing (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil

Series: Public Health in the 21st Century
BISAC: MED078000



This book is designed to address the phenomenon of quality of life (QOL) as a central focus of public health. The complexity that involves the subject has aroused interest in various areas of knowledge, even though there is a consensus that the concept of QOL is subjective and transdisciplinary. This work has been organized following a demand that stimulates a discussion between areas, which tries to understand health and education as key factors to establish a freer and autonomous society.

Additionally, it seeks to promote QOL in the perspective of better life quality in the context of public health. Therefore, this book presents and discusses theories around the theme QOL and its different facets. Its complexity is approached by different perspectives that will enable the reader to have contact with a transdisciplinary work about one of the most relevant topics to human health. In addition, we will present models of interventions carried out in Brazil to promote health focused on improving the perception of QOL in different population groups. We believe that these experiences can greatly contribute to the formation of healthcare academicians and also to the development of similar and much-needed strategies throughout the world.
(Imprint: Nova)


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