Qualitative and Quantitative Economics (Q2E): Making Economics into a Science

Woodrow W. Clark II, PhD (Editor)
Qualitative Economist, Founder and Managing Director, Clark Strategic Partners, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Michael Fast, PhD (Editor)
Aalborg University, Business School, Aalborg, Denmark

Series: Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives
BISAC: BUS069000




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Clark and Fast invented and created Qualitative Economics because people need to know what they are doing through interactions in their daily life. Economics is not just about statistics, data and numbers, but more about the meaning of this information. We provide everything from the definition of Qualitative Economics (QE) to the use of it in our daily lives, which includes everything we do daily from families, relatives and friends to work, vacations and hobbies.
(Imprint: Nova)



Chapter 1. Introduction to the Science of Economics
(Woodrow W. Clark II and Michael Fast)

Chapter 2. Rethinking Paradigm Shift of Business to Qualitative Economics
(Woodrow W. Clark II and Carl Nettleton)

Chapter 3. Understanding Science
(Woodrow W. Clark II, Mark Seifer, Tim Oliver, Manqing Cao and Xi Yang)

Chapter 4. The Science of Economics
(Woodrow W. Clark II, Michael Fast and Noah McKiernan)

Chapter 5. Economics Applied in Politics, Problem Based Learning (PBL)
(Woodrow W. Clark II, Michael Fast and Samantha Bobo)

Chapter 6. Science: Qualitative and Quantitative Economics (Q2E)
(Woodrow W. Clark II, Michael Fast and Jon Greenfield)

Chapter 7. Circular Economics
(Woodrow Clark and Danilo Bonato)

Chapter 8. Economics in Everyday Life
(Woodrow W. Clark and Thomas Pastore)

Chapter 9. Risk-Management and Resilience: Assessing and Addressing the “Perfect Storm” of Climate Change Impacts Migration, Displacement and Conflicts
(Andrew DeWit)

Chapter 10. The Next Economics: Civic Capitalism
(Woodrow W. Clark II and Xing LI)

Chapter 11. Summary and Conclusions
(Woodrow W. Clark II and Michael Fast)

Case A: Macroeconomic Accounting: How Governments Unintentionally and Intentionally Incorporate Natural Science, Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of the Real World, into Policy

Case B: Global Impacts and Results of Q2E: Hanergy Holding Group: Research Center Institute, Beijing, China

Case C: The Comparison of Energy Policies: Between the Developed and Developing Countries

Case D: Macro-Economic Impacts: Energy Efficiency in Emerging Country Urban Areas: The Case of Turkey: Bogazici University Kilyos Campus


"Woodrow (Woody) Clark II, PhD and I have known and worked together for over two decades, from the late 1990s on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which went on to share the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Woody gave lectures in my courses at Berkeley; and got involved when I launched the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at UC Berkeley.
We have stayed in touch since then; and will continue to do so. Woody’s work to develop “Qualitative Economics” reflects an important conversation in the evolution of disciplines." - Daniel Kammen, PhD, Professor and Chair, Energy and Resources Group, Professor in the Goldman School of Public Policy, Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Founding Director, Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, University of California, USA

“Whether one agrees or not with the thesis this is a book well worth reading. It provides a new perspective on the traditional view that dominates the field of economics. For anyone willing to be challenged, I highly recommend this book.”
- James Barth, PhD, Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance, Auburn University, Senior Finance Fellow, Milken Institute, Fellow of the Wharton Financial Institutions Center, Co-Editor of Journal of Financial Economic Policy

"I have known Woody for more than two decades, when he was first teaching in the business school at what is now Cal State East Bay. Woody has a long and admirable history in bringing social, environmental and economic issues to light across a range of media and topics. He has been a pioneer in energy and environmental issues, including serving as the first Manager of Technology Transfer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, before moving to Denmark (after being a Fulbright Fellow in the early 1990s) to be a fulltime Professor in Business Economics at Aalborg University. When Woody was asked by California Governor Gray Davis to return to California to be one of his five energy advisors, he predicted the statewide energy crisis months before it happened. Now, he has turned to another critical issue - the Circular Economy - which he helped establish in the EU and China. He brings intellect, vision and passion to everything he does, always in service of the greater good." - Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group Inc.

"Dr. Woodrow “Woody” Clark and I have worked together for more than two decades on solutions to global sustainability and climate change challenges. Above all, Woody understands the economics, costs, financing and ROI (both economically and environmentally) that are needed to turn vision into reality

His work in creating qualitative economics has done a lot to change economics from a “field of study” into a science, especially as it relates to our energy needs and uses. What does “clean” energy mean, for example? He demonstrates that there is no “clean coal” and that natural gas is not truly clean either. These words, terms and numbers must be defined, examined and used to reverse the destruction of the earth, water and air.

That is what this book is about and what Woody has brought into the mainstream conversation with his work on Circular Economics. This book provides cases and ways to make our planet, and its economy, green and sustainable for the long term. Our lives and our children’s lives depend upon learning new ways to see the world and taking action based on this knowledge NOW." - Terry Tamminen, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Executive Director of the Foundation

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