Psychology Research Summaries. Volume 5 (with Biographical Sketches)


Nancy E. Wodarth (Editor)
Alexis P. Ferguson (Editor)

Series: Psychology Research Progress
BISAC: PSY000000

This book is a compilation of biographical sketches and research summaries from a number of different focuses in the field of psychology research.
(Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I Researcher Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1 Bert J.E.G. Bast

Chapter 2 Yevgeny Botanov

Chapter 3 Olga Cecília Soares da Cunha

Chapter 4 Fadi Dornaika

Chapter 5 Dawn W. Foster

Chapter 6 Keith Goldstein

Chapter 7 Nicole Graham

Chapter 8 H. Serap Inal

Chapter 9 Douglas A. MacDonald

Chapter 10 Angela Nogueira Neves

Chapter 11 Saima Noreen

Chapter 12 Elite Olshtain

Chapter 13 Beth Powers-Costello

Chapter 14 Michelle Quist

Chapter 15 Tal Shafir

Chapter 16 Ruth Tröster

Chapter 17 Olga V. Yushchenko

Part II Research Summaries

Chapter 18 Epistemology of Psychology – A New Paradigm: The Dialectics of Culture and Biology
(Arnulf Kolstad)

Chapter 19 Acts of the Body: Trilogy on Pathologies of Narcissism Related to the Body
(Léla Chikhani-Nacouz, Hélène Issa and Mounir Chalhoub)

Chapter 20 Beyond Well-Being: The Fascination of Risk and of the New Psychological Addictions
(Laura Tappatà)

Chapter 21 Born Bad? Critiques of Psychopathy
(James Horley)

Chapter 22 “To Thine Own Self Be True”: Impact of Gender Role and Attitude Mismatch on New Mothers’ Mental Health
(Kristin D. Mickelson, Alexandra Chong and Brian Paul Don)

Chapter 23 Traditional Chinese Pregnancy Taboos Associated with Health-Related Quality of Life among Pregnant Women in Macao, China
(Ying Lau and Yee Tai Ken Wong)

Chapter 24 Gender Differences in Motivational Beliefs and Motivational Pathways
(Angelica Moè)

Chapter 25 The Long-Term Effect of Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Marital Status on Depression in Men and Women
(Feng Wang, Margaret de Groh, Howard Morrison and Sulan Dai)

Chapter 26 A Review of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love and the Portrayal of Sex and Sexuality
(Dave Ferruolo)

Chapter 27 The Influence of the Hijab (Islamic Head-Cover) on Interpersonal Judgments of Women: A Replication and Extension
(Viren Swami)

Chapter 28 Human Papillomavirus: Factors Influencing Vaccination Decisions among Hispanic Parents with Adolescent Daughters
(Mindy Ma and Jeffrey L. Kibler)

Chapter 29 The Role of Sexual Orientation as Risk and Protective Factors for Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Women
(Jennifer A. Boisvert and W. Andrew Harrell)

Chapter 30 The Role of Telescoping in the Development of Smoking in Women
(Jessica A.E. Kinsaul and Amy L. Copeland)

Chapter 31 Women and Addiction: Exploring the Role of Psychology and Hormones
(Haley A. C. Douglas, Elizabeth A. Shilling, Danielle L. Reaves and M. Kathleen B. Lustyk)

Chapter 32 Effective Treatment Models for Women Addicted to Opiates: An Integrated Review
(Patricia Taylor)

Chapter 33 Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in Addiction Treatment with African American Women: A Case Series
(Jamie Marich)

Chapter 34 Women’s Cardiovascular Health Risks Associated with Posttraumatic Stress
(Jeffrey L. Kibler, Lydia R. Malcolm, Rachel S. Lerner, Karen R. Findon and Mindy Ma)

Chapter 35 The Origins of Modern Human Behavior
(Robert G. Bednarik)

Chapter 36 Differences Between Oral and Literate Cultures: What We Can Know About Upper Paleolithic Minds
(Patricia A. Helvenston)

Chapter 37 The Comparative Psychology of Human Uniqueness: A Cognitive Behavioral Review
(Robert A. Dielenberg)

Chapter 38 Grappling with an Enigma: The Complexity of Human Behavior as a Multidimensional Phenomenon
(Derek Hodgson)

Chapter 39 Rock Art and Human Behavior
(Ben Watson)

Chapter 40 Coping with the Adversity of Chronic Disorder: The Development of Resilience
(Ashley Craig, Elaine Blumgart and Yvonne Tran)

Chapter 41 Psychological Stress and Skin Wound Healing: New Highlights
(B. Hochman, F. Furtado, F. C. Isoldi, M. A. Nishioka and L. M. Ferreira)

Chapter 42 Profiling Task Stress with the Dundee Stress State Questionnaire
(Gerald Matthews, James Szalma, April Rose Panganiban, Catherine Neubauer and Joel S. Warm)

Chapter 43 Stress in Adoptive Parenthood
(Yolanda Sánchez-Sandoval)

Chapter 44 Different Sensitivity to Chronic Stress Induced Cognitive Deficit and Immune Alteration in BALB/c and C57BL/6 Inbred Mice: Involvement of Hippocampal NO Production and Th1/Th2 Balance
(María Laura Palumbo and Ana María Genaro)

Chapter 45 Stress and Homosexuality
(Charbonnier Elodie and Graziani Pierluigi)

Chapter 46 Psychological Factors Influencing Inter-Individual Variation in Carbon Dioxide-Induced Stress Response
(Kristin Vickers)

Chapter 47 Chronic Psychosocial Work Stress in Teachers: An Update on Empirical Psychobiological Findings
(Silja Bellingrath, Maren Wolfram and Brigitte M. Kudielka)

Chapter 48 Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissism: Underlying Dimensions and Correlates
(Jennifer M. Boldero, Richard C. Bell and Carol A. Hulbert)

Chapter 49 Which 5? Examining Personality Pathology with the Five Factor Model and Personality Psychopathology-5
(Hilary L. DeShong, Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt and Thomas A. Widiger)

Chapter 50 Forensic and Non-forensic Mental Health Nurses’ Approach to Personality/ Psychopathic Disorders: ‘Clinical’ versus ‘Management’ Perspectives
(Matt Bowen and Tom Mason)

Chapter 51 The Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory–III (MCMI-III) and the Personality Disorder Questionnaire-4+ (PDQ-4+) in a Mixed Italian Psychiatric Sample
(Gioia Bottesi, Caterina Novara, Marta Ghisi, Stefano Ferracuti, Margherita Lang, Ezio Sanavio and Alessandro Zennaro)

Chapter 52 Evolutionary Perspectives on Aggression: Clinical Implications
(Barbara Lopes and Jose Augusto da Veiga Pinto-Gouveia)

Chapter 53 Impulsive-Aggressive Behavior in Adolescents: A Review
(William Fisher, Aimee Johnson, Larry Fisher, Shobhit Sharma and Natalie Ceballos)

Chapter 54 New Method for Predicting Dominant Individuals in Mammalian Social Structure (Sazepuri Method)
(Konstantin Chichinadze, Nodar Chichinadze, Ledi Gachechiladze and Ann Lazarashvili)

Chapter 55 Dealing with Aggressive Patients in Healthcare: A Review
(A. Irwin)

Chapter 56 Children’s Aggressive Behavior in Cultural Context
(Fan Yang, Rui Fu, Siman Zhao and Xinyin Chen)

Chapter 57 Prenatal Smoking, Anger Regulation, and Impulsive Aggressive Behaviors
(Tianli Liu, Xiaoying Zheng and Stephen L. Buka)

Chapter 58 Investigating the Hindsight Bias at Canadian University Football Games
(Stuart J. McKelvie)

Chapter 59 N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Enhancing Agents: A New Class of Novel Antipsychotic Drugs
(Huey-Jen Chang, Hsien-Yuan Lane and Guochuan E. Tsai)

Chapter 60 Humanistic Psychology and the Mental Health Worker
(Elliot Benjamin)

Chapter 61 Inefficient Neural Control of Attention in Adolescent Chronic Cannabis Abuse
(Yalchin Abdullaev)

Chapter 62 Behavioral Choice Paradigms and their Mathematical Representation
(Sigal Kaplan)

Chapter 63 Perversion, from the Act to the Structure, a New Therapeutic Challenge
(A. Hachet and J. L. Pedinielli)

Chapter 64 OCD Critical Variables in CBT OCD
(Adam Reid)

Chapter 65 Youth Cyber-Bullying: Risks, Intervention and Prevention
(Tali Heiman and Dorit Olenik Shemesh)

Chapter 66 Stigma and Substance Use Disorders: Research, Implications, and Potential Solutions
(Lindsay A. Phillips)

Chapter 67 Transworld Egoism, Empathy and the Golden Rule
(H. E. Baber)

Chapter 68 Violence-Issues of Women’s Rights and Public Health and Recommendations for Action
(L. M. Modiba)

Chapter 69 Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with Children Traumatized by Physical Abuse and Neglect
(Cheryl B. McNeil, Amanda H. Costello, Ria M. Travers and Meredith A. Norman)

Chapter 70 The Impact of Peritraumatic Dissociation on Mental Health Outcomes of Women with Childhood and Adult Physical Abuse Histories
(Melanie D. Hetzel-Riggin and Christina L. Meads)

Chapter 71 Childhood Abuse and Adult Homelessness
(Graham Pluck, Sobhi Girgis, Kwang-Hyuk Lee and Randolph W. Parks)

Chapter 72 Introduction: I am the Risk? Who Am I?
(Jean-Pascal Assailly)

Chapter 73 The Neuropsychology of Risk Taking: Driving While Impaired by Alcohol
(Thomas G. Brown, Marie Claude Ouimet, Junaid Bhatti, Tanya Smyth, Samantha Wells, Ivana Di Leo and Laila El Amrani)

Chapter 74 The Assessment of Risk Preferences as an Estimation of Risk Propensity
(Víctor J. Rubio, José Manuel Hernández and M. Oliva Márquez)

Chapter 75 The Prototype Willingness Model: A Review
(Dana M. Litt and Melissa A. Lewis)

Chapter 76 Understanding and Preventing Pediatric Unintentional Injury: An Evidence-Based Model Outlining Factors that Influence Children’s Risk Taking
(Barbara A. Morrongiello, Michael Corbett and Jessica Switzer)

Chapter 77 Driving on the Edge: The Motivational Factors of Risk-Taking among Teen Drivers
(Carlo Giacomo Prato and Sigal Kaplan)

Chapter 78 The Relationship between Risk Taking and Contact Lens Use and Recommendations by Contact Lens Practitioners in Australia
(Nicole Carnt, Lisa Keay and Fiona Stapleton)

Chapter 79 Sexting: A New and Emerging Behavior of Risk
(Allyson L. Dir, ChungSeung Koo and Melissa A. Cyders)

Chapter 80 Evolutionary and Cultural Psychological Perspectives of Risk Taking
(Wen Shan and Shenghua Jin)

Chapter 81 Psychological Game Theory and the Role of Beliefs
(Tassos Patokos)

Chapter 82 Emotional Gaming
(Filipa Madeira, Patrícia Arriaga, Joana Adrião, Ricardo Lopes and Francisco Esteves)

Chapter 83 The Taxonomy and Design Criteria for Health Game Design in the Elderly
(Linda R. Harley, Laura Levy, Maribeth Gandy, Simeon D. Harbert and Doug F. Britton)

Chapter 84 The GlobalEd 2 Game: Developing Scientific Literacy Skills through Interdisciplinary, Technology-Based Simulations
(Kimberly A. Lawless, Scott W. Brown, Mark A. Boyer, Kamila Browdowinska, Lisa Lynn, GenaKhodos, Mariya Yukhymenko, Gregory Mullin and Lindsey Le)

Chapter 85 Rethinking Fantasy As a Contributor to Intrinsic Motivation in Digital Gameplay
(Beomkyu Choi and Youngkyun Baek)

Chapter 86 Indigenous Australian Gamblers and their Help-Seeking Behavior
(Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing, Ashley Gordon and Louise Holdsworth)

Chapter 87 Psychological Factors on Collaborative Gaming
(M. Romero)

Chapter 88 Game Changing: Developing Meet the Earthworks Builders
(Michelle Aubrecht and Christine Ballengee-Morris)

Chapter 89 The Staging of Grief: Toward an Active Model of Mourning
(Robert A. Neimeyer)

Chapter 90 Accentuate the Positive: The Use of Positive Psychology with Grief Groups
(Judith M. Stillion)

Chapter 91 Fantastic Reality as a Place of Healing in Impossible Situations
(Mooli Lahad and Iris Segev)

Chapter 92 Emerging Sense of Continuity when Facing Death and Trauma: The Processing of Grief, the Management of Terror and the Restoration of Personal Growth and Social Relatedness
(David Senesh)

Chapter 93 Coping with Bereavement: Survivor’s Guilt
(Shulamith Kreitler, Frida Barak and Nava Siegelman-Danieli)

Chapter 94 Normalization of Parental Bereavement and Vicarious Grieving-Living
(Henya Shanun-Klein)

Chapter 95 From Cultural Agents to Policy Designers: Bereaved Parents, the ‘Lebanese Experience’ and the Politicization of Israeli Military Loss
(Udi Lebel)

Chapter 96 The Unique Grief of Families of Missing People
(Elizabeth (Liz) Davies)

Chapter 97 Children Grief and the Understanding of Death
(Maggie J. Jackson)

Chapter 98 Treating Child and Adolescent Traumatic Grief
(Lilach Rachamim and Elna Yadin)

Chapter 99 Bereavement and Grief for U.S. College Students: A Call for Global Extension
(Illene Noppe Cupit and Heather L. Servaty-Seib)

Chapter 100 Rescue and Transplantation as US Social Goals: Salvation without Transcendence?
(Helen Stanton Chapple)

Chapter 101 Psychics: Do They Help or Hinder Bereaved People?
(Bob Baugher)

Chapter 102 Social Anxiety Disorder: General Aspects
(Simone Bianchi Sanches, Flávia de Lima Osório and Rafael Faria Sanches)

Chapter 103 Epidemiology of Social Anxiety Disorder
(Pedro Vieira da Silva Magalhães)

Chapter 104 Scales for the Evaluation of Social Anxiety Disorder: History and Major Trends
(Larissa Forni dos Santos, Sonia Regina Loureiro, José Alexandre de Souza Crippa and Flávia de Lima Osório)

Chapter 105 Self-Assessment of Functional Impairment by People with Social Anxiety Disorder
(Luciene Vaccaro de Morais Abumusse, José Alexandre de Souza Crippa and Sonia Regina Loureiro)

Chapter 106 Social Skills Inventory (SSI-Del-Prette): Characteristics and Studies in Brazil
(Zilda A. P. Del Prette and Almir Del Prette)

Chapter 107 Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Skills
(Antonio Paulo Angélico, José Alexandre de Souza Crippa and Sonia Regina Loureiro)

Chapter 108 Psychiatric Comorbidities in Social Anxiety Disorder
(Alaor Santos Filho, Maria Cecília Freitas, Rocio Martin-Santos, José Alexandre de Souza Crippa and Marcos Hortes Nisihara Chagas)

Chapter 109 Social Anxiety Disorder and Medical Conditions
(Simone Bianchi Sanches, Marcos Hortes Nisihara Chagas, Ila Marques Porto Linares and Alaor Santos Filho)

Chapter 110 Children with Social Anxiety Disorder: Clinical Features, Epidemiology, Evaluation Tools and Therapeutic Approaches
(Gabriel J. Chittó Gauer)

Chapter 111 The Clinical Impact of Social Anxiety Disorder in Patients with Alcohol Dependence
(Mauro Barbosa Terra, Alcir Tadeu Giglio, Marina Farias Puccinelli and Renata de Castro Schindel)

Chapter 112 Neuroimaging in Social Anxiety Disorder
(Maria Cecilia Freitas, Clarissa Trzesniak Ferreira and Alaor Santos Filho)

Chapter 113 Current Parameters Regarding the Pharmacological Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder
(Larissa Forni dos Santos, Jaime Eduardo Cecílio Hallak, José Alexandre S. Crippa, Gisele Gus Manfro, Antônio Egidio Nardi and Flávia de Lima Osório)

Chapter 114 Cannabidiol in Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment
(Mateus M. Bergamaschi, Regina H. C. Queiroz, Jaime E. C. Hallak, Antonio W. Zuardi and José Alexandre S. Crippa)

Chapter 115 Oxytocin and Its Pro-Social Effects: Potential for Therapeutic Use in Social Anxiety Disorder
(Danielle Chaves Gomes de Oliveira and Lígia Ribeiro Horta de Macedo)

Chapter 116 Musical Performance Anxiety: An Overview of the Disorder and Its Clinical Assessment
(Ana Elisa M. Barbar and Flávia de Lima Osório)

Chapter 117 The Influences of Parents’ Rearing Attitude, Personality and Coping Strategies on Psychological Well-Being and Suicidal Ideation among College Students
(Pi-Ming Yeh and Cheng-Huei Chiao)

Chapter 118 Can Informal Peer Education Help College Students Manage Stress? Effects of Two Brief Skills-based Programs on Student Stress, Rumination, and Self-criticism
(Andrew F. Frohn, Sarka Turecka and Jennifer Katz)

Chapter 119 Prevention of Anxiety, Depression and Burnout during Medical Studies and Residency Training (Experts’ Opinion, Medical Students’ and Young Doctors’ Point of View)
(Gertrude Hamader and Elisabeth Noehammer)

Chapter 120 Promoting Well-being: The Effectiveness of an Individually-Tailored Physical Activity Intervention for Young Adults
(Diane E. Mack, Philip M. Wilson, Louise T. Blais, Jenna D. Gilchrist and Lindsay S. Meldrum)

Chapter 121 Testing Predictors of Social Well-being: Are they the Same for Men and Women?
(Chiara Rollero)

Chapter 122 The Influence of Ethnic Identity on Asian Americans’ Well-Being: A Critical Review of the Literature
(Chi P. Nguyen and Y. Joel Wong)

Chapter 123 Psychological Well-Being in Cancer Survivors
(Samantha Serpentini, Elena Pasquin and Eleonora Capovilla)

Chapter 124 Factors Associated to the Well-being of Institutionalized vs. Community Dwelling Elderly in Angola
(J. M. Tomás, M. Gutiérrez, P. Sancho and L. Galiana)

Chapter 125 Household Economic Well-Being Response to Credit Access in Cameroon
(Francis Menjo Baye and Boniface Ngah Epo)

Chapter 126 Religiousness and Perceived Well-being in Ghana
(Isaac Addai and Chris Opoku-Agyeman)

Chapter 127 Natural Environments: A Resource for Public Health and Well-being? A Literature Review
(Dörte Martens and Nicole Bauer)

Chapter 128 Examining the Potential of Neuropsychological Intelligence Tests for Predicting Academic Performance and Reducing Racial/Ethnic Test Scores Differences
(Jennifer Sabet, Charles Scherbaum and Harold Goldstein)

Chapter 129 Cognitive Interventions in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment
(Sharon Sanz Simon, Juliana Emy Yokomizo and Cássio Machado de Campos Bottino)

Chapter 130 Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology
(Alfredo Ardila)

Chapter 131 Enhancing Memory Rehabilitation: New Approaches for Clinicians
(Javier Oltra-Cucarella)

Chapter 132 Comparison of Models for Calculating Individual Intellectual Decline due to Early Lead Exposure
(Joshua S. Kline, Benjamin D. Hill, Michael P. Santa Maria, Anneliese C. Boettcher and Martin L. Rohling)

Chapter 133 Neurocognition in Hydrocephalus and Surgical Intervention
(Martin D. Oliveira, Benjamin A. Pyykkonen and Dong Y. Han)

Chapter 134 Mental Status and Neuropsychological Examinations for Assessing Neurodegenerative Diseases
(Brandon C. Dennis, Anne L. Shandera-Ochsner, Peter T. Nelson, Dong Y. Han and Frederick A. Schmitt)

Chapter 135 Cognition and Antiepileptic Drugs
(Kirsten V. Brown and Andrea E. Cavanna)

Chapter 136 The Truth Behind “The Bigger the Better”: Muscle Dysmorphia as an Expression of Cultural and Social Standard Influence
(Emiliano Santarnecchi and Davide Dèttore)

Chapter 137 Middle East Meets West: A Cross-National Examination of Body Image and Health Behaviors in Jordan and the United States
(Teresa K. King, Brendan J. Morse, Heidi Woofenden, Molly Copithorne, Bonnie Dunigan and Zeely Sylvia)

Chapter 138 A Review of Body Image and Sexuality in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach
(Rebecca Clausius Hunter and Christie A. Befort)

Chapter 139 Determining Beauty: Body Dissatisfaction among African American, Asian American, and Latina Women
(Sarah J. Javier, Jasmine A. Abrams, Morgan L. Maxwell and Faye Z. Belgrave)

Chapter 140 Drive for Muscularity: A Central Aspect of Men’s Body Image
(Angela Nogueira Neves Betanho Campana)

Chapter 141 Current Considerations for Eating and Body-Related Disorders among Men
(Antonios Dakanalis and Giuseppe Riva)

Chapter 142 Mass Media, Body Image and Eating Disturbances: The Underlying Mechanism through the Lens of the Objectification Theory
(Antonios Dakanalis and Giuseppe Riva)

Chapter 143 Transferring Personal Body Knowledge in Adolescents
(Louise Bernadette Mathews)

Chapter 144 Body Image Investment and Self-Regulation of Weight Control Behaviors
(Eliana V. Carraça, Marlene N. Silva and Pedro J. Teixeira)

Chapter 145 The Predictive Effect of Attachment Style, Emotion Regulation, Body Comparison, Media Internalization and BMI on Muscle-Oriented Body Image Dissatisfaction in Men
(Stacey Kosmerly, Line Tremblay and Céline Boudreau-Larivière)

Chapter 146 Body Image, Explicit and Implicit Anti-Fat Attitudes: The Implications of False Feedback and Participants Weight Status
(Line Tremblay, Julie Shihan, Julie Pajuluoma and Stan Koren)

Chapter 147 Feminism and Body Image: A Qualitative Investigation
(Rebecca Cole and Viren Swami)

Chapter 148 Dietary Habits, Exercise and Body Image
(Jacqueline F. Hayes, Kristen E. D’Anci and Robin B. Kanarek)

Chapter 149 Body Image Improvement after Cosmetic Surgery by Evaluating Postural Changes
(Marco Mazzocchi, Luca A. Dessy, Silvia Di Ronza and Nicolò Scuderi)

Chapter 150 Gender’s Visual Signs: Their Cultural Representation and the Wrongdoings of the Misrepresentation of Female Genitalia
(Gerard Zwang)

Chapter 151 Gender Difference Modulation in a Body-Selective Region in the Brain
(Tomohiro Ishizu)

Chapter 152 Body Image and Eating Issues among Women Related to Responses to Gender-Role Limitations
(Brett Silverstein)

Chapter 153 Body Image and Quality of Life of Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
(Semara A. Thomas and Lisa M. Pastore)

Chapter 154 Evaluation of Ideal and Acceptable Body Shapes in Older Adults
(F. Richard Ferraro, Erin Olufs and Lacey Smith)

Chapter 155 Counseling: From the Past through the Present towards the Future
(Annamaria Di Fabio)

Chapter 156 The Prevention Imperative and the Work of the Counselor
(Maureen E. Kenny and Mary Beth Medvide)

Chapter 157 Colorblind Versus Multicultural Ideologies: Implications for Mental Health and Counseling
(Jasmine M. Terwilliger, Nicholas Bach, Carli G. Bryan and Monnica T. Williams)

Chapter 158 Applying Emotional Intelligence in Clinical Psychology
(Reuven Bar-On)

Chapter 159 Family of Origin and Career Development
(Terri Duck, Jay Middleton, Deborah Simpson, Jennifer Thibodeaux, Janelle McDaniel and Walter Buboltz)

Chapter 160 Adaptive Counseling Theory: A New Perspective for Career Counseling
(Jean-Luc Bernaud)

Chapter 161 A Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Perceptions of the Role That Education Plays in Their Self-Definition
(Janet Usinger)

Chapter 162 Racial Identity Profile Patterns of White Mental Health Practitioners: Implications for Multicultural Counseling Competency in Research and Practice
(Renée A. Middleton, Bengü Ergüner-Tekinalp, Elena A. Petrova, Natalie F. Williams and Thomandra Sam)

Chapter 163 Life Designing and the Adaptability Needs of an Unwed Pregnant Teenager: A Case Study
(Jacobus G. Maree and Esta Hansen)

Chapter 164 Interdisciplinary Views on the Art Making Process in Treatment
(Nancy Slater)

Chapter 165 Emotional Intelligence and Mediation: New Perspectives for Psychological Counseling Intervention
(Annamaria Di Fabio and Letizia Palazzeschi)

Chapter 166 Cognitive Barriers to Rational Home Loan Decision Making: Implications for Mortgage Counseling
(Jessica M. Choplin, Debra Pogrund Stark and Joseph A. Mikels)

Chapter 167 Children’s Perception of Parental Relationships and Personality traits in Argentinean Children
(Belén Mesurado and María Cristina Richaud de Minzi)

Chapter 168 Why Are Proactive People More Successful in Their Careers? The Role of Career Adaptability in Explaining Multiple Career Success Criteria
(Daniel Spurk, Judith Volmer, Tamara Hagmaier and Simone Kauffeld)

Chapter 169 Preschool Personality Assessment: Concepts and Instruments
(Cathy L. Grist and David M. McCord)

Chapter 170 Do Work Groups Have Personalities?
(John M. Malouff, Lucinda A. Zucker and Nicola S. Schutte)

Chapter 171 ‘Conditioned Loyalty’ and ‘Military Strategic Refusal’: The Military and Political Psychology of Loyalty
(Udi Lebel)

Chapter 172 The Problem of Loyalty in Greedy Institutions
(Abby Peterson and Sara Uhnoo)

Chapter 173 Loyalty under Stress: The Communal Psychology of Loyalty to a Place
(Miriam Billig)

Chapter 174 The Power of Popularity: An Empirical Pilot Study of the Relationship of Social Media Brand Community Activity with On-Line Consumer Behavior
(Arthur J. O’Connor)

Chapter 175 Every Man for Himself! A Review of Shopping Loyalty Differences between Men and Women
(Deborah J. C. Brosdahl)

Chapter 176 Microcredit Experience from Tangible and Intangible Perspectives
(Luisa Brunori)

Chapter 177 The Economy of the Group
(Luisa Brunori and Chiara Bleve)

Chapter 178 Social Brain and Social Group: How Mirroring Connects People
(Malcolm Pines)

Chapter 179 Microcredit and Poverty: A Multi-Dimensional Debate
(Alba Didem Özonaran)

Chapter 180 Psychological Effects of Microfinance: A Systematic Literature Review
(Giorgia Bonaga)

Chapter 181 Family Network and Household Decision Making Power: Analysis on Grameen Microcredit Borrowers in Bangladesh
(Giorgia Bonaga and Md Shamimur Rahman)

Chapter 182 Advances in Cognitive Therapy for Voice Hearers: The Introduction of Cognitive Behavioural Relating Therapy (CBRT)
(Georgie Paulik, Mark Hayward and Helen J. Stain)

Chapter 183 Beer Consumption and Alcohol Abuse Related Problems in Italian Adolescents: Risk and Protective Factors
(Elena Cattelino, Manuela Bina, Federica Graziano, Tatiana Begotti, Gabriella Borca and Emanuela Calandri)

Chapter 184 Organizational Diversity Management: A Look at the Benefits, Challenges, Solutions, and Beyond
(Seth Ayim Gyekye)

Chapter 185 Chronic Fatigue in People with Neurological Injuries and Its Influence on Wellbeing
(Ashley Craig, Yvonne Tran, James Middleton and Ian Cameron)

Chapter 186 Stressors as Antecedents to Sports Injuries: A Psychological Perspective
(Urban Johnson and Andreas Ivarsson)

Chapter 187 President’s Violence in Sports Competition: Fiction or Reality?
(Sébastien Guilbert)

Chapter 188 Cognitive Behavioral Case Management (CBCM) for Early Psychosis: A Hong Kong Experience
(Wendy Wy. Tam and Eric Yh. Chen)

Chapter 189 Enhancing Regularity in Meditation Using the Social Cognitive Theory
(Manoj Sharma)

Chapter 190 The Old Me/New Me Model and the Process of Change
(Lino Faccini)

Chapter 191 Money Transfer Offers Made by E-Mails
(Uwe Hentschel)


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