Psychology Research Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries


Nancy E. Wodarth (Editor)
Alexis P. Ferguson (Editor)

Series: Psychology Research Progress
BISAC: PSY000000

This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of psychology, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface xlv
Part 1 – Research Biographies 1
Chapter 1 Lise Abrams 3
Chapter 2 Xenia Anastassiou-Hadjicharalambous 7
Chapter 3 Debra Anderson 13
Chapter 4 Tamás Bödecs 17
Chapter 5 Shari L. Britner 21
Chapter 6 Amy Brogan 23
Chapter 7 John O. Brooks, III 25
Chapter 8 Jane Bybee 29
Chapter 9 Gianluca Campana 31
Chapter 10 Kathleen A. Carroll 33
Chapter 11 Kimberley A. Clow 35
Chapter 12 Lindsey Cohen 37
Chapter 13 Robert J. Cramer 41
Chapter 14 James Danckert 43
Chapter 15 James A. Danowski 47
Chapter 16 María Luisa Sanz de Acedo Lizarraga 49
Chapter 17 Laurie Elit 53
Chapter 18 Stephen Erdle 59
Chapter 19 Nicolas Fieulaine 61
Chapter 20 Trude Furunes 63
Chapter 21 Janet M. Gibson 65
Chapter 22 Yigal Goldshtrom 67
Chapter 23 Lidan Gu 69
Chapter 24 Sylvia Maria Gustin 71
Chapter 25 Sara Konrath 73
Chapter 26 Kallipe Kounenou 75
Chapter 27 Gary D. Laver 77
Chapter 28 Pauwels Lieven 79
Chapter 29 Angus W. MacDonald, III 81
Chapter 30 Brent R. MacNab 85
Chapter 31 Robert Marcus 93
Chapter 32 Rosario J. Marrero Quevedo 95
Chapter 33 Keita Masui 97
Chapter 34 Dennis M. McInerney 101
Chapter 35 Yukinori Nagakura 107
Chapter 36 Simona Nicolosi 109
Chapter 37 Pantelis Nikolaidis 113
Chapter 38 Toru Sato 115
Chapter 39 James Schuurmans-Stekhoven 117
Chapter 40 Bruce W. Smith 119
Chapter 41 David Trafimow 123
Chapter 42 Matthew J. Traxler 127
Chapter 43 Ruud van den Bos 131
Chapter 44 Christopher Was 133
Chapter 45 Philip M. Wilson 135
Chapter 46 Joseph Wu 139

Part 2 – Research Summaries in Psychology from Selected Book Chapters and Journal Articles 141

Chapter 47 A Competitive Anxiety Review: Recent Directions in Sport Psychology Research 143
Stephen D. Mellalieu, Sheldon Hanton and David Fletcher

Chapter 48 A Multiple Self Theory of Personality 145
David Lester

Chapter 49 An Evolutionary Psychology of Leader-Follower Relations 147
Patrick McNamara and David Trumbull

Chapter 50 Anorexia Nervosa: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach: From Biology to Philosophy 149
Antonio Mancini, Silvia Daini and S. J. Louis Caruana

Chapter 51 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Creativity, Novelty Seeking, and Risk 151
Michael Fitzgerald

Chapter 52 Behavioral Pediatrics, 3rd Edition 153
Donald E. Greydanus, Dilip R. Patel, Helen D. Pratt and Joseph L. Calles Jr.

Chapter 53 Behavioral Theories and Interventions for Autism 155
Phil Reed

Chapter 54 Beyond the Words: Communication and Suggestion in Medical Practice 157
Katalin Varga

Chapter 55 Bio-Psycho-Social Perspectives on Interpersonal Violence 159
Martha Frias-Armenta and Victor Corral-Verdugo

Chapter 56 Bullying among Youth: Issues, Interventions and Theory 161
Stavros Kiriakidis

Chapter 57 Career Counseling and Constructivism: Elaboration of Constructs 163
Mary McMahon and Mark Watson

Chapter 58 Category-Specificity: Evidence for Modularity of Mind 165
Keith R. Laws, Rebecca L. Adlington, F. Javier Moreno-Martinez and Tim M. Gale

Chapter 59 Children’s Dreams 167
Barbara Szmigielska

Chapter 60 Children’s Social Competence: Theory and Intervention 169
Melissa L. Greene, Jo R. Hariton, Andrew L. Robins and Barbara L. Flye

Chapter 61 Cognitive and Neuroscientific Aspects of Human Love:
A Guide for Marriage and Couples Counseling 171
William A. Lambos and William G. Emener

Chapter 62 Cognitive Therapy of Eating Disorders on Control and Worry 173
Sandra Sassaroli and Giovanni Maria Ruggiero

Chapter 63 Cognitive-Behavioral and Neuropsychological Models of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 175
Claudio Sica, Luigi Rocco Chiri, Dean McKay and Marta Ghisi

Chapter 64 Cognitive-Behavioural Indicators of Substance Abuse 177
Samuel Pombo, Filipe Barbosa, Marco Torrado and Nuno Félix da Costa

Chapter 65 Consciousness, Attention and Meaning 179
Giorgio Marchetti

Chapter 66 Contemporary Sport Psychology 181
Robert Schinke

Chapter 67 Depression, Subjective Well-Being and Individual Aspirations of College Students 183
Ferenc Margitics and Zsuzsa Pauwlik

Chapter 68 Emotional Intelligence: Theoretical and Cultural Perspectives 185
Robert J. Emmerling, Vinod K. Shanwal and Manas K. Mandal

Chapter 69 Managing Interpersonal Sensitivity: Knowing When — and When Not — To Understand Others 187
Jessi L. Smith, William Ickes, Judith A. Hall and Sara Hodges

Chapter 70 Maternal Sensitivity: A Scientific Foundation for Practice 189
Deborah Winders Davis and M. Cynthia Logsdon

Chapter 71 Mental Health and Some Sociocultural Issues in Deaf People 191
Benito Daniel Estrada Aranda

Chapter 72 Multiple Facets of Anger: Getting Mad or Restoring Justice? 193
Farzaneh Pahlavan

Chapter 73 My Loving Relationships 195
William G. Emener and William A. Lambos

Chapter 74 New Hope for Mental Disturbances 197
Vladimir Lerner and Chanoch Miodownik

Chapter 75 Our Loving Relationship 199
William G. Emener and William A. Lambos

Chapter 76 Perchance to Dream: The Frontiers of Dream Psychology 201
Stanley Krippner and Debbie Joffe Ellis

Chapter 77 Personality and Individual Differences: Theory, Assessment, and Application 203
Simon Boag and Niko Tiliopoulos

Chapter 78 Perspectives on Cognition and Action in Sport 205
Duarte Araujo, Hubert Ripoll and Markus Raab

Chapter 79 Problems of Developmental Instruction: A Theoretical and Experimental Psychological Study 207
V. V. Davydov

Chapter 80 Psychological Approaches to Sustainability: Current Trends in Theory, Research and Applications 209
Victor Corral-Verdugo, Cirilo H. Garcia-Cadena and Martha Frias-Armenta

Chapter 81 Psychology and the Church 211
Mark. R. McMinn and Amy W. Dominguez

Chapter 82 Traffic Psychology: An International Perspective 213
Dwight Hennessy

Chapter 83 War and Suicide 215
Leo Sher and Alexander Vilens

Chapter 84 War: An Introduction to Theories and Research on Collective Violence 217
Tor G. Jakobsen

Chapter 85 Rumination and Avoidance in Depression: The Relationship Between Rumination, Avoidance and Depression in Depressed Inpatients 219
Filip Raes, Heleen Vandromme and Dirk Hermans

Chapter 86 The Spectrum of Self-Harm In Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Moving Toward an Integrative Model of Pathogenic Mechanisms 221
Christa D. Labouliere and Marc S. Karverh

Chapter 87 Modeling of Dyslexia: Is a Unitary Model of Dyslexia Possible? 223
Timothy C. Papadopoulos, George K. Georgiou and Sotirios Douklias

Chapter 88 Overgeneral Attachment Memory: Overgeneral Attachment-Related Autobiographical Memory in Children 225
Jessica L. Borelli, Daryn H. David, Michael J. Crowley and Linda C. Mayes

Chapter 89 Depression and a Parenting Intervention: Can Caregiver Depression Bring a Good Parenting Intervention Down? The Case of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy 227
Mark Scholes, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck and Rae Thomas

Chapter 90 The Role of Negative Affective Valence in Return of Fear 229
Inneke Kerkhof, Debora Vansteenwegen, Tom Beckers, Trinette Dirikx, Frank Baeyens, Rudi D’Hooge and Dirk Hermans

Chapter 91 The Neuropsychology of Alcoholism 231
J. Uekermann and I. Daum

Chapter 92 Perception Without Awareness: The Qualitative Differences Approach 233
Juan J. Ortells, María T. Daza, Carmen Noguera, Encarna Carmona, Elaine Fox and María J. F. Abad

Chapter 93 Intrapsychic Factors Contributing to Adolescent Depression 235
Lisa C. Milne and Philip Greenway

Chapter 94 A Hermeneutic Approach to Culture and Psychotherapy 237
John Chambers Christopher, Gary Foster and Susan James

Chapter 95 Adolescent Brain Development, Behavior, Premorbid Psychosis and Risk for Schizophrenia: A Review of Structural and Functional MRI Studies 239
Ozgur Oner, Haluk Ozbay and Kerim M. Munir

Chapter 96 The Association of Visuospatial Memory and Working Memory with Adolescent Onset Schizophrenia 241
Alasdair Vance

Chapter 97 Psychotic Symptoms in Children and Adolescents 243
Michelle Harley, Aileen Murtagh, Ian Kelleher and Mary Cannon

Chapter 98 Psychoanalytical Teamwork on Schizophrenic Young Patients in a Day-hospital (Revisiting Some Developmental Pre-conditions for Patient’s Subjective Appropriation) 245
Bernard Penot

Chapter 99 Treatment Approaches to Aggressive Behavior in Schizophrenia 247
Jan Volavka

Chapter 100 Body Image Deviation in Chronic Schizophrenia: A New Research 249
Reiko Koide and Akira Tamaoka

Chapter 101 Sex Differences in Aggressive and Delinquent Behavior in Schizotypal Adolescents 251
Amanda McMillan and Elaine Walker

Chapter 102 Fetal Origins of Antisocial Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia: Evidence from the Dutch Hunger Winter 255
Richard Neugebauer and Ezra Susser

Chapter 103 Self-Concept Disturbances in Eating-Disordered Female Students Compared to Normal Controls 257
Laurence Claes, Joke Simons and Walter Vandereycken

Chapter 104 Linking Student Behaviours and Attitudes Towards Information and Communication Technology with Learning Processes, Teacher Instruction and Classroom Environment 259
Robert F. Cavanagh and Joseph T. Romanoski

Chapter 105 Social Anxiety in the College Student Population: The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity 261
Angela Sailer and Holly Hazlett-Stevens

Chapter 106 Test Anxiety and Its Consequences on Academic Performance among University Students 263
Mohd Ariff Bin Kassim, Siti Rosmaini Bt Mohd Hanafi and Dawson R. Hancock

Chapter 107 Writing your Way to Health? The Effects of Disclosure of Past Stressful Events in German Students 265
Lisette Morris, Annedore Linkemann and Birgit Kröner-Herwig

Chapter 108 Stress Among Students in Developing Countries – An Overview 267
Shashidhar Acharya

Chapter 109 Coping, Mental Health Status, and Current Life Regret in College Women Who Differ in their Lifetime Pregnancy Status: A Resilience Perspective 269
Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Theresa Rehm, Michelle Breland and Alexis Inabinet

Chapter 110 Gender Differences in Proneness to Depression among Hungarian College Students 271
Ferenc Margitics and Zsuzsa Pauwlik

Chapter 111 An Intervention Programme for the Improvement of Students’ Academic Goals 273
Antonio Valle, Ramón G. Cabanach, Susana Rodríguez, Isabel Piñeiro, María García and Ingrid Mosquera

Chapter 112 The Impact of a Lecture Series on Alcohol and Tobacco Use in Pharmacy Students 275
Arjun P. Dutta, Bisrat Hailemeskel, Monika N. Daftary and Anthony Wutoh

Chapter 113 Burden of Syndromal Antisocial Behavior in Adulthood 277
Risë B. Goldstein and Bridget F. Grant

Chapter 114 Antisocial Behavior in Children with ADHD: Causes and Treatment 279
Efrosini Kalyva

Chapter 115 Vicious Dog Ownership: Is it a Thin Slice of Antisocial Personality? 281
Laurie L. Ragatz, Allison M. Schenk and William J. Fremouw

Chapter 116 Adolescent Substance Use Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Literature Review 283
Robert Eme

Chapter 117 Perverted Justice: A Content Analysis of the Language Used by Offenders Detected Attempting to Solicit Children for Sex 285
Vincent Egan, James Hoskinson and David Shewan

Chapter 118 Is Developmentally Informed Therapy for Persons with ID and Criminal Personality/Offenses Relevant? 287
Lino Faccini

Chapter 119 Cocaine-Dependent Patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder, Cocaine-Dependence and Treatment Outcomes 289
Nena Messina, David Farabee and Richard Rawson

Chapter 120 Delinquency and Antisocial Behaviour among High Risk Young People in Adolescence 291
Patrick McCrystal and Kareena McAloney

Chapter 121 Genetic Epidemiology of Borderline Personality Disorder 293
Marijn A. Distel, Timothy J. Trull and Dorret I. Boomsma

Chapter 122 Correlates and Course of Recovery in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder – A Review 295
Willem H. J. Martens

Chapter 123 Neuropsychobiology, Comorbidity and Dimensional Models in Borderline Personality Disorder: Critical Issues for Treatment 297
Bernardo Dell’Osso, Heather Berlin, Marta Serati and Alfredo Carlo Altamura

Chapter 124 Neurobiology of Borderline Personality Disorder: Present State and Future Directions 299
Thomas Zetzsche, Thomas Frodl, Ulrich W. Preuss, Doerthe Seifert, Hans-Jürgen Möller and Eva Maria Meisenzahl

Chapter 125 Proving the Efficiency of Music Psychotherapy with Borderline Adolescents By Means of a Quasi-Experimental Design 301
Lony Schiltz

Chapter 126 A Dissociative Model of Borderline Personality Disorder 303
Colin A. Ross

Chapter 127 Borderline Symptomatology and Empathic Accuracy 305
William Schweinle, Judith M. Flury and William Ickes

Chapter 128 Patterns of Interpersonal Behaviors and Borderline Personality Characteristics 307
Glenn Shean and Kimberly Ryan

Chapter 129 Borderline Personality and Somatic Symptomatology 309
Randy A. Sansone and Lori A. Sansone

Chapter 130 Borderline Personality and Sexual Impulsivity 311
Randy A. Sansone and Lori A. Sansone

Chapter 131 An Historical Perspective of Body Image and Body Image Concerns among Male and Female Adolescents in Japan 313
Naomi Chisuwa and Jennifer A. O’Dea

Chapter 132 Body Image Among Aboriginal Children and Adolescents in Australia 315
Renata L. Cinelli and Jennifer A. O’Dea

Chapter 133 The Psychology of Body Image: Understanding Body Image Instability and Distortion 319
Jennifer S. Mills, Kaley Roosen and Rachel Vella-Zarb

Chapter 134 Measurement of the Perceptual Aspects of Body Image 321
Rick M. Gardner and Dana L. Brown

Chapter 135 Body Image and Cancer 323
Özen Önen Sertöz

Chapter 136 Beyond the Media: A Look at Other Socialisation Processes that Contribute to Body Image Problems and Dysfunctional Eating 325
Marion Kostanski

Chapter 137 Alexithymia, Body Image and Eating Disorders 327
Domenico De Berardis, Viviana Marasco, Daniela Campanella, Nicola Serroni, Mario Caltabiano, Luigi Olivieri, Carla Ranalli, Alessandro Carano, Tiziano Acciavatti, Giuseppe Di Iorio, Marilde Cavuto, Francesco Saverio Moschetta and Massimo Di Giannantonio

Chapter 138 A Meta-Analytic Review of Sociocultural Influences on Male Body Image 329
Bryan T. Karazsia and Kathryn Pieper

Chapter 139 Touch and Body: A Role for the Somatosensory Cortex in Establishing an Early Form of Identity (Review Article) 331
Michael Schaefer

Chapter 140 Nothing Compares to You: The Influence of Body Size of Models in Print Advertising and Body Comparison Processes on Women’s Body Image 333
Doeschka J. Anschutz, Tatjana Van Strien,Eni S. Becker and Rutger C. M. E. Engels

Chapter 141 Body Image in People of African Descent: A Systematic Review 335
D. Catherine Walker

Chapter 142 Low SES Children’s BMI Scores and their Perceived and Ideal Body Images: Intervention Implications 337
Simone Pettigrew, Melanie Pescud and Robert J. Donovan

Chapter 143 Theoretical and Methodological Considerations in Assessing Body Image among Children and Adolescents 339
Margaret Lawler and Elizabeth Nixon

Chapter 144 Issues Pertaining to Body Image Measurement in Exercise Research 341
Rebecca L. Bassett and Kathleen A. Martin Ginis

Chapter 145 Negative Body Image Perception and Associated Attitudes in Females 343
Tamara Y. Mousa and Rima H. Mashal

Chapter 146 Body Image in Young and Adult Women with Physical Disabilities 345
Nancy Xenakis and Judith Goldberg

Chapter 147 The Non Satisfied Patient in Aesthetic Surgery – Medical Attitude 347
Alberto Rancati, Maurizio Nava, Marcelo Irigo and Braulio Peralta

Chapter 148 Motivated Behaviors: The Interaction of Attention, Habituation and Memory 349
John W. Wright and Roberta V. Wiediger

Chapter 149 Attention and Motivation Interdependence in Self-regulation. A Neurocognitive Approach 351
M. Rosario Rueda, Alberto Acosta and Milagros Santonja

Chapter 150 The Motivational Function of Emotions: A “Feeling is for Doing” Perspective 353
Rob M. A. Nelissen and Marcel Zeelenberg

Chapter 151 Social Psychological Motivations and Foundations of Dietary Preference 355
Marc Stewart Wilson and Michael W. Allen

Chapter 152 Self-Determination Theory and the Theory of Planned Behavior: An Integrative Approach toward A More Complete Model of Motivation 357
Martin S. Hagger and Nikos L. D. Chatzisarantis

Chapter 153 Motivation and Risk Behaviors: A Self-Determination Perspective 359
Clayton Neighbors, Melissa A. Lewis, Nicole Fossos and Joel R. Grossbard

Chapter 154 A Motivational-Cognitive Model of Prospective Memory: The Influence of Goal Relevance 361
Suzanna L. Penningroth and Walter D. Scott

Chapter 155 The Role of Goal Facilitation and Goal Conflict in Motivation 363
Winifred A. Gebhardt

Chapter 156 The Implicit Nature of Goal-Directed Motivational Pursuits 365
Jay L. Wenger

Chapter 157 Procrastination and Motivations for Household Safety Behaviors: An Expectancy-Value Theory Perspective 367
Fuschia M. Sirois

Chapter 158 Stimulus and Information Seeking Behavior – A Comparative and Evolutionary Perspective 369
Wojciech Pisula

Chapter 159 Psychosocial Correlates of Personal Norms 371
K. P. H. Lemmens, R. A. C. Ruiter, I. J. T. Veldhuizen and H. P. Schaalma

Chapter 160 Strategies Involved in the Motivation of Individuals to Pursue Testing to Determine the Presence of HIV 373
Brad Donohue, Courtney Irwin, John Fordham and Daniel N. Allen

Chapter 161 Motivational Incontinence: Philosophical Views across the Gap between Normative Beliefs and Actions 375
Suzie Ferrie

Chapter 162 Community Psychoanalysis: Developing a Model of Psychoanalytically-Informed Community Crisis Intervention 377
Mark B. Borg, Jr.

Chapter 163 Social Representations: The Heart of Community Psychology 379
Inari Sakki, Raul Kassea, Teemu Vauhkonen and Anna-Maija Pirttilä-Backman

Chapter 164 Health, Social and Educational Impacts of Two Flood Disasters in England: Psychological Processes, Community Responses and Strategies 381
Bob Carroll, Ian Convery, Ruth Balogh, Hazel Morbey and Gonzalo Araoz

Chapter 165 How do we Teach them? Using Self-Help Support Groups to Promote Knowledge Translation 383
Ann Dadich

Chapter 166 The Promise and Challenge of Applying Community Psychology’s Praxis of Empowerment to the Burgeoning Field of Community-Based Conservation 385
Daniel A. DeCaro

Chapter 167 Family Psycho-Social Factors Impacting Parent’s Own Current Life Perception in Families of Children with Leukemia during their First Hospitalization 387
Marta Tremolada, Sabrina Bonichini, Marta Pillon and Modesto Carli

Chapter 168 The Quality of Participation in the Perception of Citizens: Findings from a Qualitative Study 389
Terri Mannarini and Angela Fedi

Chapter 169 School as a Resilient Context for Resilient African American Youth 391
Anne Gregory and Robert Jagers

Chapter 170 Meeting the Mental Health and Community Care Needs of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Switzerland: Integrating Social and Political Concerns in Clinical Practice 393
Betty Goguikian Ratcliff

Chapter 171 Aggressive Behavior of Drivers: A New Questionnaire Defining the difference between Hostile and Instrumental Behavior while Driving 395
Lipaz Shamoa-Nir and Meni Koslowsky

Chapter 172 The Rhizomatic Potential in/for/of Community Psychology 397
Mark B. Borg, Jr.

Chapter 173 Limits to General Expertise: A Study of in- and out-of-Field Graph Interpretation 399
Wolff-Michael Roth

Chapter 174 Conceptual Combination: Models, Theories, and Controversies 401
Bing Ran and P. Robert Duimering

Chapter 175 A Test of the Cognitive Theory of Obsessions: Study of Internal Structure and Validity of the Obsessive Beliefs Questionnaire in Italian Individuals 403
Stella Dorz, Caterina Novara, Massimiliano Pastore,Ezio Sanavio, Luigi Rocco Chiri and Claudio Sica

Chapter 176 Haptic Abilities in Infancy and Their Relation to Vision: A Review 405
Arlette Streri

Chapter 177 Emotional Modulation of Selective Attention: Experimental Evidence in Specific Phobia 407
Marlen Figueroa, Sonia Rodríguez-Ruiz, José L. Mata, Walter Machado-Pinheiro and Jaime Vila

Chapter 178 The Moderating Effect of Switching Costs in Consumers’ Relationship Dissolution: A Cross-Cultural Analysis 409
Carmen Antón Martín and Carmen Camarero Izquierdo

Chapter 179 Tripartite Concepts of Mind and Brain,with Special Emphasis on the Neuroevolutionary Postulates of Christfried Jakob and Paul MacLean 411
Lazaros C. Triarhou

Chapter 180 Category-Specific Semantics in Alzheimer’s Dementia and Normal Aging? 413
Keith R. Laws, Tim M. Gale, F. Javier Moreno-Martínez, Rebecca L. Adlington, Karen Irvine and Sunil Sthanakiya

Chapter 181 Preverbal Category Formation The Role of Real-World Experience 415
Birgit Träuble, Lysett Babocsai and Sabina Pauen

Chapter 182 Peripheral Responses Elicited By Motor Imagery: A Window on Central and Peripheral Nervous System Relationships through Motor Commands Inhibition. 417
C. Collet and A. Guillot

Chapter 183 Rationality: The Desire for an Absolute without a Cause 419
Todd McElroy, Jacob Conrad and Dominic Mascari

Chapter 184 The Cognitive Effects of Anxiety on Sexual Arousal 423
Philippe Kempeneers, Romain Pallincourt and Sylvie Blairy

Chapter 185 Experiencing Loneliness in Childhood: Consequences for Psychosocial Adjustment, School Adjustment, and Academic Performance 427
Lucy R. Betts and Anna S. A. Bicknell

Chapter 186 Ageing and Psychological Well-Being 429
Juan Carlos Meléndez-Moral

Chapter 187 Loneliness in Sexual Offenders 431
Emily Blake and Theresa A. Gannon

Chapter 188 Loneliness and Life: From Beginning to End 433
Ami Rokach

Chapter 189 The Experience of Loneliness while Studying Abroad 435
Holly A. Hunley

Chapter 190 Denying the Need to Belong: How Social Exclusion Impairs Human Functioning and How People Can Protect against It 437
Richard S. Pond, Jr., Joseph Brey and C. Nathan DeWall

Chapter 191 Sexual Alienation: A Review of Factors Influencing the Loneliness of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adolescents 439
Bradley J. Bond

Chapter 191 Being Lonely in a Crowd: Population Density Contributes to Perceived Loneliness in China 441
Zhenzhu Yue, Cong Feng, Xinyue Zhou and Ding-Guo Gao

Chapter 193 Coping with Genetic Risk: Imposing Control on the Uncertainty of Risk 443
Holly Etchegary

Chapter 194 Self-Handicapping as an Anticipatory Self-Protection Strategy 445
Sean M. McCrea, Andrea L. Myers and Edward R. Hirt

Chapter 195 Automatic Optimism The Role of Desire in Judgments About the Likelihood of Future Events 447
Heather C. Lench, Shane W. Bench, Sarah A. Flores and Peter H. Ditto

Chapter 196 Social Identities, Prejudices and Symbolic Boundaries: Contributions from Sociocultural Psychology 449
Ana Flávia do Amaral Madureira

Chapter 197 Who Is Supporting East European Immigrants in Portugal? An Exploratory Study of Their Social Networks 451
Liliana Sousa and Madalena Alarcã,

Chapter 198 Where Fantasy Meets Reality: Media Exposure, Relationship Beliefs and Standards, and the Moderating Effect of a Current Relationship 453
Bjarne M. Holmes and Kimberly R. Johnson

Chapter 199 The Relationship between Gender and Depression, Self-Esteem, Hopelessness, Submissive Acts, Guilt, Shame and Anger in Adolescents 455
Erol Özmen, Dilek Özmen, Aynur Çakmakçı Çetinkaya, E. Oryal Taşkın and Pınar Erbay Dündar

Chapter 200 Effects of Gender-Related Images on Beverages Intake for Young Japanese Men and Women 457
Kumi Hirokawaand Kazuko Yamazawa

Chapter 201 Outside the Laboratory: The Linguistic Intergroup Bias in a Natural Multiple-Comparison Setting 459
Monica Rubini, Anna Rita Graziani and Silvia Moscatelli

Chapter 202 Alienation, Inaction, and Engagement in Political Decision-Making: Passive War Opponents Actively Avoid News of the War and Are Motivated to Derogate Protestors 461
Winnifred R. Louis, Fiona Kate Barlow and Deborah J. Terry

Chapter 203 The Social Psychology of Urban Legends 463
David Main and Sandy Hobbs

Chapter 204 Socio-Cultural Factors that Affect the Traditional Edirne House 465
Nevnihal Erdoğan and Damla Atik

Chapter 205 Social Representations of Religion of Maltese University Students 467
Mary Anne Lauri, Josef Lauri and Bart Duriez

Chapter 206 Self-Stereotyping and Sun Sign: Further Evidence that Astrology-Related Beliefs Influence the Self-Concept 469
Michael Riketta

Chapter 207 Values and Fear of Crime 471
Silvia Russo and Michele Roccato

Chapter 208 Social Physique Anxiety, Body Image, Disability,and Physical Activity 473
Jeffrey J. Martin

Chapter 209 Social Anxiety and Psychosis 475
Erguvan Tugba Ozel-Kizil and Bora Baskak

Chapter 210 The Relationship between Social Anxiety and Drinking Behaviour: A Review of the Literature 477
Annette Raber and Penelope A. Hasking

Chapter 211 Social Anxiety is Contagious 479
Anna Park, Nicole Sharp and William Ickes

Chapter 212 The Relationship between Social Physique Anxiety and Exercise Behavior: Does the Fulfillment of Basic Psychological Needs Matter? 481
Diane E. Mack, Philip M. Wilson, Benjamin D. Sylvester, J. Paige Gregson, Susanna Cheung and Samuel Rimmer

Chapter 213 Social Anxiety and Cardiovascular Reactivity: An Interpretation in Terms of Differential Effort Mobilization 483
Margit Gramer

Chapter 214 Why Is the Anxiety Level of Japanese People High? A Cross-Cultural Study on Anxiety and System Trust among Japan, China, and The United States 485
Yumiko Nara

Chapter 215 The Cognitive Etiology of Social Anxiety Disorder 487
Iulian Iancu and Damian Barenboim

Chapter 217 Social Anxiety in the College Student Population: The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity 489
Angela Sailer and Holly Hazlett-Stevens

Chapter 217 Fluent Speakers’ Advice for Communicating with People who Stutter: The Concept of Mutual Help and its Effects on Successful Stuttering Management 491
Stephanie Hughes, Rodney Gabel and Farzan Irani

Chapter 218 Stereotypes as Attributions 493
Mark J. Brandt and Christine Reyna

Chapter 219 Public Attitudes toward Cluttering and Stuttering in Four Countries 495
Kenneth O. St. Louis, Yulia Filatova, Mehmet Coşkun, Seyhun Topbaş, Sertan Özdemir, Dobrinka Georgieva, Elise McCaffrey and Reshella D. George

Chapter 220 The Formation of Stereotypes in Children: Evidence from age and Race Studies 497
Denise Davidson, Vanessa R. Raschke and Sandra B. Vanegas

Chapter 221 Bayesian Racism: A Modern Expression of Contemporary Prejudice 499
Eric Luis Uhlmann and Victoria L. Brescoll

Chapter 222 Stereotypes on the Brain: Using Event-Related Brain Potentials to Investigate Stereotyping 501
Silvia Tomelleri and Luigi Castelli

Chapter 223 Do Managers’ Perceptions Coincide with Established Stereotyping of Older Workers’ Capabilities 503
Trude Furunes and Reidar J. Mykletun

Chapter 224 Ads and Sports: Stereotypical Scenes 505
Stephane Heas, D. Bodin, L. Robene and J. Blumrodt

Chapter 225 Psychological Implications of Stereotyping American Indiansthrough the use of Native-Themed Mascots, Nicknames, and Logos 507
Jesse A. Steinfeldt, Paul Hagan and M. Clint Steinfeldt

Chapter 226 The Complex Role of Motivation in Stereotyping and Stereotype Threat Effects 509
Lisa R. Grimm and Julie Milligan Hughes

Chapter 227 Ambivalence in Stereotypes and Attitudes: The Implications of Possessing Positive and Negative Perceptions 511
Kimberley A. Clow and Rosemary Ricciardelli

Chapter 228 Epilepsy: Myths, Stereotypes and Stigma 513
Jane McCagh

Chapter 229 Stereotypes Toward Food and Eating Behavior 515
Atsushi Kimura, Yuji Wada and Takashi Oka

Chapter 230 Gender Stereotypes and Mental Rotation: The Role of Self-Belief 517
Angelica Moè

Chapter 231 When Stereotypes become Life Threatening: Knowledge and Attitudes about HIV/AIDS among Older Women and the Health Care Providers who Treat Them 519
Jennifer Hillman and Molly Beiler

Chapter 232 An Analysis of Response Time Characteristics with Strength and Reversibility of Stereotypes for Determining Optimum Control Position on a Horizontal Display 521
Alan H. S. Chan

Chapter 233 A Frenchman, An Englishman, and A German…Stereotypes in Humorous Texts 523
Arthur Asa Berger

Chapter 234 A Stochastic Model of Prospective Memory 525
Jack D. Arnal and James M. Lampinen

Chapter 235 Predicting Where Fly Balls Will Land: Lack of Conscious Awareness of How We Navigate to Catch Baseballs 527
Dennis M. Shaffer, Andrew B. Maynor, April Utt and Bethany A. Briley

Chapter 236 Cognitive Processes in Communication between Pilots and Air Traffic Control 529
Alice F. Healy, Vivian I. Schneider and Immanuel Barshi

Chapter 237 The Effect of Visuo-Spatial Attention on Long-Term Memory Encoding 531
Stephan Josef Stegt and Cristina Massen

Chapter 238 Exposure to Ambiguous Tone Sequences Induces Short-Term Plasticity of Pitch Perception 533
Annemarie Seither-Preisler, Linda Johnson, Erich Preisler, Stefan Seither and Bernd Lütkenhöner

Chapter 239 The Interaction of Automatic Processes and Cognitive Resources in Reading: A Compensatory Framework 535
Jeffrey J. Walczyk, Min Wei, Peijia Zha and Diana A. Griffith-Ross

Chapter 240 A Motivational-Cognitive Approach to Prospective Memory 537
Suzanna L. Penningroth and Walter D. Scott

Chapter 241 Laboratory Memory Tasks and Autobiographical Recollection: Cognitive and Neurofunctional Evidence for Differential Forms of Episodic Memory 539
Martina Piefke

Chapter 242 A Comparative Neuropsychological Approach to Cognitive Assessment in Clinical Populations 541
Isabelle Boutet, Cary Kogan and Norton W. Milgram

Chapter 243 The Mechanisms of Masked Semantic Priming: A State of the Art 543
Eva Van den Bussche and Bert Reynvoet

Chapter 244 The Role of Alleles 4 and 2 of the APOE Gene and Cognitive Tests in the Early Conversion of Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer Dementia 545
Ana Barabash, Alberto Marcos, Inés Ancin, Blanca M. Vazquez, Pedro Gil, Cristina Fernández, Juan José López-Ibor
and José Antonio Cabranes

Chapter 245 How Dyslexic Teenagers Cope at School: Could a New Measure Be Helpful in Screening those in Difficulty? 547
Neil Alexander-Passe

Chapter 246 Interest and Motivation: A Cultural-Historical and Discursive Psychological Approach 549
Wolff-Michael Roth and Pei-Ling Hsu

Chapter 247 Reading Fluency and Dyslexia: Innovative Developments in the Role of Associative Learning and Repetitive Exposure in Skill Acquisition 551
Sebastián Aravena and Jurgen Tijms

Chapter 248 Cultural Influences on the Learning of Science: An African Perspective 553
Fred N. Keraro and Mark I.O. Okere

Chapter 249 Non-Linear Dynamic Modeling of Microdevelopmental Processes of Students’ Conceptual Change in Science 555
Li Sha and Xiufeng Liu

Chapter 250 Phonology, Discrepancy, Instruction and Dyslexia: Adversaries or Allies? 557
Peter Brooks and John Everatt

Chapter 251 Dyslexia and Loss of the Learning Dialogue 559
Neil Alexander-Passe and Bob Zimmer

Chapter 252 Cognitive Load Theory and Instructional Design: An Outline of the Theory and Reflections on a Need for New Directions to Cater for Individual Differences and Motivation 561
Wayne Michael Leahy

Chapter 253 Attitude towards School, Motivation, Emotions and Academic Achievement 563
Angelica Moè, Francesca Pazzaglia, Patrizio Tressoldi and Cristina Toso

Chapter 254 Individual Differences in Attitude to School and Social Reputation among Peers: Implications for Behavioural Adjustment in Educational Settings 565
Estefanía Estévez and Nicholas Emler

Chapter 255 Dyslexia as a Syndrome: Don’t Let ‘Reading Disability’ Steal the Show 567
Tim Miles

Chapter 256 Gender-Motivated Bias Crimes: Examining Why Situational Variables are Important in the Labeling of Hate Crimes 569
H. Colleen Sinclair and Jordan T. Hertl

Chapter 257 Toward a Psychological Construct of Enmity 571
Christopher R. Jones and Chris Loersch

Chapter 258 Hate, Revenge and Forgiveness: A Healthy, Ego-Strengthening Alternative to the Experience of Offense 573
Patrick F. Cioni

Chapter 259 Do You Hate Me? Have I Hurt You?: Defenses against Growth, Separation, and Individuation That Create Interpretive Enactments Part One: Fender Benders and the Shared Defensive Systems of Less Difficult Patients 575
Robert Waska

Chapter 260 Do You Hate Me? Have I Hurt You?: Defenses against Growth, Separation, and Individuation That Create Interpretive Enactments Part Two: Pit Stops and the Shared Defensive Systems of More Difficult Patients 577
Robert Waska

Chapter 261 Hate and Love Scripts – Common Elements 579
Barbara Gawda

Chapter 262 Hate: No Choice Agent Simulations 581
Krzysztof Kulakowski, Malgorzata J. Krawczyk and Przemyslaw Gawroński

Chapter 263 The Influence of Prenatal Mother-Child Attachment on the Attachment at the Age of 6 Months and Its Objectivation by the Intrauterine Fetal Activity 583
Helmut Niederhofer and Alfons Reiter

Chapter 264 Mother-Infant Interaction in Cultural Context: A Study of Nicaraguan and Italian Families 585
Ughetta Moscardino, Sabrina Bonichini and Cristina Valduga

Chapter 265 Fussy Mothers and Fuzzy Boundaries –Relationships in Families with Overweight Children 587
Laurel D. Edmunds

Chapter 266 Maternal Sensitivity and the Characteristics of Child-Directed Speech 589
Leila Paavola, Kaarina Kemppinen and Sari Kunnari

Chapter 267 Recruitment and Relationships: Research with Stigmatized and Socially Isolated Mothers 591
Nicole L. Letourneau, Linda A. Duffett-Leger and Catherine S. Young

Chapter 268 Shifting Patterns of Parenting Styles between Dyadic and Family Settings: The Role of Marital Distress 593
Allison F. Lauretti and James P. McHale

Chapter 269 The Interrelations of Perceptions of Family Adaptability and Cohesion, Self-Esteem and Anxiety/Depression in Late Adolescence 595
Rapson Gomez and Suzanne McLaren

Chapter 270 Communicative Functions of Emotions in Sibling Relationships 597
Nazan Aksan, H.H. Goldsmith, Marilyn J. Essex and Deborah Lowe Vandell

Chapter 271 Childhood Sibling Relationship Quality and Achievement Outcomes in University Students: Mediation by Psychological Distress and Personal Mastery 599
Amy Kraft, Charles Stayton, Arthi Satyanarayan and Linda J. Luecken

Chapter 272 Linking Children’s Personal Characteristics, Externalizing Behavior and Relationships in Family and Social Environments: Some Developmental Cascades 601
I. Roskam, J.C. Meunier, M. Stievenart and G. Van De Moortele

Chapter 273 Prevention of the Negative Effects of Marital Conflict: A Child-Oriented Program 603
Patricia M. Mitchell, Kathleen P. McCoy, E. Mark Cummings, W. Brad Faircloth and Jennifer S. Cummings

Chapter 274 Psychological Processes Affecting Post-Divorce Paternal Functioning 605
Nehami Baum

Chapter 275 Big, Buff and Dependent: Exercise Dependence, Muscle Dysmorphia and Anabolic Steroid Use in Bodybuilders 607
Dave Smith, Bruce Hale, Deborah Rhea, Tracy Olrich and Kevan Collier

Chapter 276 Seeking Safety Therapy for Men: Clinical and Research Experiences 609
Lisa M. Najavits, Martha Schmitz, Kay M. Johnson, Cary Smith, Terry North, Nancy Hamilton, Robyn Walser, Kevin Reeder, Sonya Norman and Kendall Wilkins

Chapter 277 Relationship between Personality Scales of Impulsiveness and Discounting of Monetary Gains and Losses in Smokers and Never Smokers 611
Taiki Takahashi, Hidemi Oono, Yu Ohmura, Nozomi Kitamura and Mark Radford

Chapter 278 Sexual Abuse in Men with Substance Use Problems: Assessment and Treatment Issues 613
Christine M. Courbasson, Jim Cullen and Karolina Konieczna

Chapter 279 Explaining Type 2 Diabetes: Comparing Patients’and Physicians’ Models in Mexico 615
Raminta Daniulaityte, Javier E. García de Alba García and Ana L. Salcedo Rocha

Chapter 280 Cognitive Dysfunction in Cocaine Abuse: Evidence for Impairments in Impulse Control and Decision-Making 617
Laurie M. Rilling and Bryon Adinoff

Chapter 281 Current Controversies in the Assessment and Treatment of Heroin Addiction 619
Robert J. Craig

Chapter 282 New Research on Methamphetamine Abuse (Gender Differences in Methamphetamine Effects: Review of Animal and Human Studies) 621
Bin Liu and Dean E. Dluzen

Chapter 283 Social Norms and Areca Quid Chewing in Taiwanese Adolescents – A Preliminary Study 623
Shih-Ming Li and Jehn-Shyun Huang

Chapter 284 For the Health of It: A Brief Version of the Situational Humor Response Questionnaire (Martin & Lefcourt, 1984) 625
Dave Korotkov, Ian Fraser, Mihailo Perunovic and Marvin Claybourn

Chapter 285 Developments in Cultural Competency Research 627
Georgia Michalopoulou, Pamela Falzarano, Cynthia Arfken and David Rosenberg

Chapter 286 The Dynamics of Pain and Affect: Toward a Salient Phenotype for Chronic Pain 629
Patrick H. Finan and Howard Tennen

Chapter 287 Hypnosis as an Adjunct to Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Intervention for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia 631
Antoni Castel Rosalía Cascón and Maria Rull

Chapter 288 Can Technology Improve the Treatment of Chronic Insomnia? A Review of Best Practices 633
Norah Vincent

Chapter 289 Benefit Finding Predicts Improved Emotional Health Following Cardiac Rehabilitation 635
Bruce W. Smith, Paulette J. Christopher, Laura E. Bouldin, Erin M. Tooley, Jennifer F. Bernard and J. Alexis Ortiz

Chapter 290 Negotiating Blame as a Fat Child’s Parent: A Case Study 637
Riina Kokkonen

Chapter 291 Trust in Health Care: Conceptual Issues and Empirical Research 639
Rocio Garcia-Retamero and Yasmina Okan

Chapter 292 Improving the Public Health Impact of Internet-Delivered Interventions 641
Rik Crutzen

Chapter 293 Leisure and Depression in Midlife: A Taiwanese National Survey of Middle-Aged Adults 643
Luo Lu

Chapter 294 Following the Life-Course of an Expectation: A Case Study Examining the Exchange of Expectations in a Homeless Shelter in New York City 645
Mark B. Borg, Jr. and Leroy Porter

Chapter 295 Exploring the Black Box of Trust on Outcomes: The Case of Patient-Physician Encounters 647
Yin-Yang Lee and Julia L. Lin

Chapter 296 Expectations in a Time of Self-Doubt 649
A. Ralph Barlow and Pastor Emeritus

Chapter 297 Coping with the Expectation of Social Acceptance 651
C. Nathan DeWall, Richard S. Pond, Jr. and Ian Bonser

Chapter 298 Group Hardiness: A Response to the Stresses of Complex Adaptive Systems 653
Joshua L. Ray and Donde Ashmos Plowman

Chapter 299 The Influence of Expectations on Recovery, Quality of Life,and Treatment Satisfaction in Surgical Patients 655
Maren Weiss, Michael Siassi, Werner Hohenberger and Friedrich Lösel

Chapter 300 Future from the Past: The Mistakes of Futurology 657
A. V. Yurevich

Chapter 301 A Christian Perspective on Hope, Expectancies and Therapy 659
Thomas V. Frederick

Chapter 302 Human Antidepressants and the Old Song-and-Dance Routines: Zeroing in on the Life-Course (and Lack Thereof) of Expectations in Clinical Practice 661
Mark B. Borg, Jr.

Chapter 303 The Psychology of Denial in the Political Context: The Case of Torture 663
Daryn Reicherter, Alexandra Aylward, Ami Student and Cheryl Koopman

Chapter 304 Repression: Finding Our Way in the Maze of Questionnaires 665
Bert Garssen

Chapter 305 Hidden Curriculum in Education and the Social Psychology of Denial: Global Multicultural Education for Social Transformation 667
Beth Salyers and Greg Wiggan

Chapter 306 Repression Questionnaires Compared 669
Bert Garssen, Margot Remie and Marije van der Lee

Chapter 307 Where Are All the Black Male Students? African Americans’ School Achievement, the Social Psychology of Denial, and Arts Education as a Mediating Influence 671
Calvin W. Walton and Greg Wiggan

Chapter 308 High Denial and Moderate Acceptance Led to Success and Reduced Guilt 673
Marilyn Lanza and Scott Prunier

Chapter 309 The Conditional Adjustment Hypothesis: Two Ways of Dealing with Dissonance 675
Tor G. Jakobsen

Chapter 310 Exploring the Usefulness of “Denial” as a Concept for Understanding Chronic Illness and Disability 677
Sally Lindsay

Chapter 311 Child and Adolescent Personality Development and Assessment: A Developmental Psychopathology Approach 679
Tina D. Du Rocher Schudlich, Ryan C. Erps, Britnee Davenport and Alyssa Hertel

Chapter 312 Integrating Evidence-Based Treatment into an Attachment Guided Curriculum in a Therapeutic Preschool: Initial Findings 681
Karen Stubenbort, Veronica Trybalski and Krista Zaccagni

Chapter 313 Assessing Individuals for Team Worthiness”: Investigating the Intersection of the Big Five Personality Factors, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Teamwork Aptitude 683
Janet L. Kottke and Shinko Kimura

Chapter 314 Personality Traits and Daily Moods 685
Cristina Ottaviani, David Shapiro, Iris Goldstein and Valerie Gofman

Chapter 315 Weight? Wait! Importance Weighting of Satisfaction Scores in Quality of Life Assessment 687
Chia-huei Wu

Chapter 316 A Psycho-Social Approach to Meanings and Functions of Trait Labels 689
Astrid Mignon and Patrick Mollaret

Chapter 317 Comparing the Psychometric Properties of the Common Items in the Short and Abbreviated Versions of the Junior Eysenck Personality Questionnaires: A Mean and Covariance Structures Analysis Approach 691
Rapson Gomez and Andre Gomez

Chapter 318 Successful Psychopathy: Unresolved Issues and Future Directions 693
Kristin Landfield, Meredith Jones and Scott Lilienfeld

Chapter 319 Score Reliability in Personality Research 695
Matt Vassar, Denna L. Wheeler and Jody A. Worley

Chapter 320 Restyling Personality Assessments 697
Willem K. B. Hofstee

Chapter 321 Theory and Practice in the Use and Interpretation of Likert-Type Scales within a Cross-Cultural Context 699
Boaz Shulruf

Chapter 321 Construct and Response Bias Correlates in Summated Scale Definitions of Personality Traits 701
John T. Kulas and Alicia A. Stachowski

Chapter 323 Academic and Everyday Procrastination and their Relation to the Five-Factor Model 703
Gidi Rubenstein

Chapter 324 Personality and Attitude Toward Dreams 705
Barbara Szmigielska and Małgorzata Hołda

Chapter 325 Social Dominance Orientation, Ambivalent Sexism, and Abortion: Explaining Pro-choice and Pro-life Attitudes 707
Danny Osborne and Paul G. Davies

Chapter 326 Factor Structure, Sex Effects and Differential Item Functioning of the Junior Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Revised – Abbreviated: A Multiple-Indicators Multiple-Causes Approach 709
Rapson Gomez and Andre Gomez

Chapter 327 Online Collaborative Learning: The Challenge of Change 711
Baruch Offir, Ingrid Barth and Orit Zeichner

Chapter 328 The Influence of Personality and Symptoms Severity on Functioning in Patients with Schizophrenia 713
Ana Fresan, María García-Anaya, Rogelio Apiquian and Humberto Nicolini

Chapter 329 Circumventing Self-Reflection When Measuring Emotions: The Implicit Positive and Negative Affect Test (IPANAT) 715
Markus Quirin, Miguel Kazén and Julius Kuhl

Chapter 330 Structured MMPI-2 Client Feedback in the Identification of Potential Supplemental Targets of Change 717
Alan R. King and Joseph C. Miller

Chapter 331 Beyond the Traits of the Five Factor Model: Using Deviant Personality Traits to Predict Deviant Behavior in Organizations 719
James M. LeBreton and Jane Wu

Chapter 332 On the Test-Retest Reliability of the Autobiographical Memory Test 721
Filip Raes, J. Mark G. Williams and Dirk Hermans

Chapter 333 Trait Anger, Anger Expression, and Themes of Anger Incidents in Contemporary Undergraduate Students 723
Sandra P. Thomas

Chapter 334 Social Anxiety in the College Student Population: The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity 725
Angela Sailer and Holly Hazlett-Stevens

Chapter 335 Coping, Mental Health Status, and Current Life Regretin College Women Who Differ in their Lifetime Pregnancy Status: A Resilience Perspective 727
Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Theresa Rehm,Michelle Breland and Alexis Inabinet

Chapter 336 Sexual Behavioral Determinants and Risk Perception Related to HIV among College Students 729
Su-I Hou and Joseph M. Wisenbaker

Chapter 337 The Impact of a Lecture Series on Alcohol and Tobacco Usein Pharmacy Students 731
Arjun P. Dutta, Bisrat Hailemeskel, Monika N. Daftary and Anthony Wutoh

Chapter 338 The Gould versus Heckhausen and Schulz Debate in the Light of Control Processes among Chinese Students 733
Wan-chi Wong, Yin Li and Ji-liang Shen

Chapter 339 Writing your Way to Health? The Effects of Disclosure of Past Stressful Events in German Students 735
Lisette Morris, Annedore Linkemann and Birgit Kröner-Herwig

Chapter 340 Test Anxiety and Its Consequences on Academic Performance among University Students 737
Mohd Ariff Bin Kassim, Siti Rosmaini Bt. Mohd Hanafi and Dawson R. Hancock

Chapter 341 The Prevalence of Depression among Female University Students and Related Factors 739
Fernando L. Vázquez, Ángela Torres, María López, Vanessa Blanco and Patricia Otero

Chapter 342 Relationships between Mood, Coping and Stress Symptoms among Students who Work in Schools 741
Dafna Kariv and Tali Heiman

Chapter 343 Examining Anger Expression Reactions and Anger Control Behaviors of Turkish Students 743
Ibrahim Kisac

Chapter 344 Coronary Pressure Measurement in Decision Making for Equivocal Left Main Coronary Artery Disease 745
Kohichiro Iwasaki

Chapter 345 Antiterrorist Emergency Ventilation: System, Strategy and Decision-making 747
Xianting Li, Hao Cai and Lina Zhao

Chapter 346 Decision-Making in a Structured Connectionist Agent Architecture 749
Carter Wendelken and Lokendra Shastri

Chapter 347 Cognitive Dysfunction in Cocaine Abuse: Evidence for Impairments in Impulse Control and Decision-Making 751
Laurie M. Rilling and Bryon Adinoff

Chapter 348 Expert Systems, GIS, and Spatial Decision Making: Current Practices and New Trends 753
Khalid Eldrandaly

Chapter 349 Development of Response Inhibition and Decision-Making across Childhood: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective 755
Wery P. M. van den Wildenberg and Eveline A. Crone

Chapter 350 Enabling Pregnant Women to Participate in Informed Decision-Making Regarding their Labour Analgesia 757
Camille Raynes-Greenow, Christine Roberts and Natasha Nassar

Chapter 351 Adolescent Decision-Making about Substance Use: A Video-Based Assessment 759
Kristen G. Anderson and Sara J. Parent

Chapter 352 Interprofessional Decision Making in Elderly Care: Morality, Criteria and Help Allocation 761
Pirjo Nikander

Chapter 353 Analysing the Effects of Mortality Salience on Prejudice and Decision-Taking 763
Agustin Echebarria- Echabe and Francisco J. Valencia Gárate

Chapter 354 Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: The Case of Professional Nurses in Primary Health Care Facilities in the Free State Province, South Africa 765
Michelle Engelbrecht, Henriëtte van den Berg and Coen Bester

Chapter 355 Burnout and the Antithesis of Burnout: Developing Positive Interventions for the Well-Being of Chinese Teachers in Hong Kong 767
David W. Chan

Chapter 356 Reducing Burnout through Support in the Workplace and the Family Domain 769
Lieke L. ten Brummelhuis

Chapter 357 The Role of Personality and Coping Style in Burnout Development: A Study on Need for Recovery from Work 771
Marc van Veldhoven and Geertje van Daalen

Chapter 358 Whose Exhaustion is Greater than Whose? Burnout in Colorectal Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons and Colorectal Nurse Specialists Working in the National Health Service 773
A. Sharma, L. G.Walker and J. R. T. Monson

Chapter 359 The Role of Achievement and Social Strategies and of Work-Life Areas in Job Burnout 775
Hely Innanen, Aino Juvakka and Katariina Salmela-Aro

Chapter 360 Secondary Traumatization – Just Another Form of Burnout? 777
Judith Daniels

Chapter 361 Emotional Openness as a Protective Factor Against Burnout 779
Philippe A. Genoud and Michaël Reicherts

Chapter 362 Influence of Emotional Labor in Demanding Classroom Situations on Health and Well-Being of Teachers 781
Anja Philipp and Heinz Schüpbach

Chapter 363 The Influence of Social Competence on Occupational Stress of Nursing Home Staff Caring for Dementia Patients 783
J. Haberstroh, J. Franzmann, K. Krause and J. Pantel

Chapter 364 Family Violence Therapists: Personal and Social Resources, Role Competence, Secondary Traumatization, and Burnout 785
Anat Ben-Porat and Haya Itzhaky

Chapter 365 Relationship Between Desire for Control and Job Control and their Effects on Job Burnout in Health-Care Personnel 787
Marcel Lourel, Farida Mouda, Maude Paltrier and Sandra Chevaleyre

Chapter 366 Dimensions of Teacher Burnout and Relations with Perceived School Context 789
Einar M. Skaalvik and Sidsel Skaalvik

Chapter 367 Hospital Pharmacists’ Job Stresses: Managerial Recommendation for Professional Work Health 791
Blossom Yen-Ju Lin, Ying-Chen Yeh and Wen-Hung Lin

Chapter 368 `Male Depression´ in Male Adolescents: A German Community Study 793
A. M. Möller-Leimküher, J. Heller and N. C. Paulus

Chapter 369 Psychological Aspects of Burnout among Staffs in Long-Term Care Homes 795
Jin Narumoto

Chapter 370 Burnout Among French High-School Students 797
Sandra Zakari, Vera Walburg and Henri Chabrol

Chapter 371 The Contribution of Personality to Positive Psychology 799
Ashley B. Love and Mark D. Holder

Chapter 372 Study of Male Body Image and Factors in the Development of Eating Disorders in Fraternity and Non-Fraternity Males 801
Kylee K. Ferris and F. Richard Ferraro

Chapter 373 Efficacy at Fulfilling the Need for Closure: The Construct and Its Measurement 803
Yoram Bar-Tal and Małgorzata Kossowska

Chapter 374 Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Traits: Their Relationship with Childhood Abuse Experiences in a Student Population in Japan 805
Hiromi Igarashi, Chieko Hasui, Masayo Uji, Masahiro Shono, Toshiaki Nagata, Zi Chen and Toshinori Kitamura

Chapter 375 The Imaginary Companion Experience in Adults: Asset, Disorder or Personality Feature? 807
Lino Faccini

Chapter 376 How “To Be or Not To Be”: The Answer is in Identity 809
Lino Faccini

Chapter 377 Is Developmentally Informed Therapy for Persons with ID and Criminal Personality/Offenses Relevant? 811
Lino Faccini

Chapter 378 Aggregating Personality Constructs to Second-Order Categories for Acquiring Insights to a Field of Fragmentation: The Case of Entrepreneurship Research 813
Joakim Wincent and Daniel Örtqvist

Chapter 379 Personality Traits and Lay Conceptions of Intelligence 815
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Georgia Dissou, Adrian Furnham and Amber Bales

Chapter 380 Personality Traits and Daily Moods 817
Cristina Ottaviani, David Shapiro, Iris Goldstein and Valerie Gofman

Chapter 381 Addiction: Frontal Personality Change but Not Personality Disorder Comorbidity Implications for Treatment of Addictive Disorders 819
Eduardo J. Pedrero-Pérez, Ana López-Durán and Alvaro Olivar-Arroyo

Chapter 382 Circadian Preference and Personality: A Minireview 821
Lorenzo Tonetti

Chapter 383 The Imaginary Companion Experience in Adults: Asset, Disorder or Personality Feature? 823
Lino Faccini

Chapter 384 Schizotypal Personality Traits: Auditory Hallucination-like Experiences and Atypical Hemispheric Lateralization 825
Tomohisa Asai, Eriko Sugimori and YoshihikoTanno

Chapter 385 Genetics of Personalitity Disorders 827
Gonzalo Haro, Ernesto Tarragón, César Mateu, Ana Benito and Cecilio Álamo

Chapter 386 Structural and Functional Neuroimaging Studies of the Anxiety-Related Personality Trait: Implications for the Neurobiological Basis of Human Anxious Personality 829
Yuko Hakamata and Toshiya Inada

Chapter 387 Too Much of a Good Thing?: Optimistic or Pessimistic Personality Traits 833
Francine Conway and Laura Kelly

Chapter 388 Illness Recognition and Beliefs about Treatment for Schizophrenia in a Community Sample of Mexico City: Differences According to Personality Traits 835
Ana Fresán and Rebeca Robles-García

Chapter 389 Personality Traits: Reflections in the Brain 837
Feryal Cam Celikel

Chapter 390 The Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease: The Impact of Personality Traits on Own Stress Perception and in Evaluating Cognitive and Functional Impairment of Their Relatives 839
Marco Vista, Lucia Picchi and Monica Mazzoni

Chapter 391 Communicating Empathies in Interpersonal Relationships 841
Grace Anderson and Howard Giles

Chapter 392 Interpersonal Representations: Their Structure, Content, and Nature 843
Shanhong Luo

Chapter 393 Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Interpersonal Relationships: The Case For a Systemic Intervention 845
Danielle Black, Amanda Uliaszek, Alison Lewis and Richard Zinbarg

Chapter 394 Another Kind of “Interpersonal” Relationship: Humans, Companion Animals, and Attachment Theory 847
Jeffrey D. Green, Maureen A. Mathews and Craig A. Foster

Chapter 395 The Role of Oxytocin in the Pathophysiology of Attachment 849
Marazziti Donatella, Catena Dell’Osso Mari, Consoli Giorgio and Baroni Stefano

Chapter 396 Identity Exploration and Commitment Associations with Gender Differences in Emerging Adults’ Romantic Relationship Intimacy 851
H. Durell Johnson, Kristen A. Loff, George Bell, Evelyn Brady, Erin A. Grogan, Elizabeth Yale, Robert J. Foley and Trishia A. Pilosi

Chapter 397 Development of an Interview for Assessing Relationship Quality: Preliminary Support for Reliability, Convergent and Divergent Validity, and Incremental Utility 853
Erika Lawrence, Robin A. Barry, Rebecca L. Brock, Amie Langer, Eunyoe Ro, Mali Bunde, Emily Fazio, Lorin Mulryan, Sara Hunt, Lisa Madsen and Sandra Dzankovic

Chapter 398 Assessing Relationship Quality: Development of an Interview and Implications for Couple Assessment and Intervention 855
Erika Lawrence, Rebecca L. Brock, Robin A. Barry, Amie Langer and Mali Bunde

Chapter 399 The Tendency to Forgive in Premarital Couples: Reciprocating the Partner or Reproducing Parental Dispositions? 857
F. Giorgia Paleari, Silvia Donato, Raffaella Iafrate and Camillo Regalia

Chapter 400 Is the Serotonergic System Altered in Romantic Love? A Literature Review and Research Suggestions 859
Sandra J. E. Langeslag

Chapter 401 Update on Pheromone Research 861
Donatella Marazziti, Irene Masala, Stefano Baroni, Michela Picchetti, Antonello Veltri and Mario Catena Dell’Osso

Chapter 402 Normal and Obsessional Jealousy: An Italian Study 863
Donatella Marazziti, Marina Carlini, Francesca Golia, Stefano Baroni, Giorgio Consoli and Mario Catena Dell’Osso

Chapter 403 Jealousy, Serotonin and Subthreshold Psychopathology 865
Donatella Marazziti, Francesca Golia, Marina Carlini, Stefano Baroni, Irene Masala, Mario Catena Dell’Osso and Giorgio Consoli

Chapter 404 Advances in Dyadic and Social Network Analyses for Longitudinal Data: Developmental Implications and Applications 867
William J. Burk, Danielle Popp and Brett Laursen

Chapter 405 Mother-Infant Interaction in Cultural Context: A Study of Nicaraguan and Italian Families 869
Ughetta Moscardino, Sabrina Bonichini and Cristina Valduga

Chapter 406 “It’s Saturday…I’m Going out with My Friends”: Spending Time Together in Adolescent Stories 871
Emanuela Rabaglietti and Silvia Ciairano

Chapter 407 Prevention of the Negative Effects of Marital Conflict: A Child-Oriented Program 873
Patricia M. Mitchell, Kathleen P. McCoy, E. Mark Cummings, W. Brad Faircloth and Jennifer S. Cummings

Chapter 408 Mother-Infant Bonds: The Effects of Maternal Depression on the Maternal-Child Relationship 875
Deana B. Davalos, Alana M. Campbell and Amanda L. Pala

Chapter 409 Social Networks and Psychosocial Functioning among Children and Adolescents Coping with Sickle Cell Disease: An Overview of Barriers, Considerations, and Best Practices 877
Rebecca H. Foster, HaNa Kim, Robbie Casper, Alma Morgan, Wanda Brice and Marilyn Stern

Chapter 410 Parenting and Children’s Involvement in Bullying at School 879
Ken Rigby

Chapter 411 Neurobiology of Social Bonding 881
Donatella Marazziti, Alessandro Del Debbio, Isabella Roncaglia, Carolina Bianchi and Liliana Dell’Osso

Chapter 412 Cooperative and Non-cooperative Behavior in Pairs of Children: The Reciprocal Effects of Social Interaction in the Ongoing Construction of a Play Sequence 883
Emanuela Rabaglietti, Fabrizia Giannottaand Silvia Ciairano

Chapter 413 Social Relationships and Physical Health: Are We Better or Worse off because of Our Relationships? 885
Julianne Holt-Lunstad and Briahna Bushman

Chapter 414 Living in Discrepant Worlds: Exploring the Cultural Context of Sexuality among Turkish and Moroccan Male Adolescents 887
Barbara C. Schouten and Chana van der Velden

Chapter 415 HIV/AIDS Prevention on Mexican Adolescents: The Synthesis of two Theories Considering the Interpersonal, Individual, and Psychological Influences 889
Raquel A. Benavides-Torres, Georgina M. Núñez Rocha, Esther C. Gallegos Cabriales, Claude Bonazzo, Yolanda Flores-Peña, Francisco R. Guzmán Facudo and Karla Selene López García

Chapter 416 Adolescents with Cancer: Adjustment and Supportive Care Needs 891
Luisa M. Massimo

Chapter 417 The Quality of Caring Relationships 893
Tineke A. Abma, Barth Oeseburg, Guy A. M. Widdershoven and Marian Verkerk

Chapter 418 An Attachment-Based Pathways Model Depicting the Psychology of Therapeutic Relationships 895
Geoff Goodman

Chapter 419 A Study of the Relationship between Self-conscious Affects, Coping Styles, and Depressive Reaction after a Negative Life Event 897
Masayo Uji, Toshinori Kitamura and Toshiaki Nagata

Chapter 420 The Neuropsychology of Passionate Love 899
Elaine Hatfield and Richard L. Rapson

Chapter 421 Women, Substance Use and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 901
Christine M. Courbasson and Irina Schelkanova

Chapter 422 Self-Narrative and the Construction of Identity in Asian American Young Adults 903
Qi Wang, Jessie Bee Kim Koh, Yan-Xiang Amber Liang, Yexin Jessica Li and Sean Lindsey

Chapter 423 Sexual Abuse in Men with Substance Use Problems: Assessment and Treatment Issues 905
Christine M. Courbasson, Jim Cullen and Karolina Konieczna

Chapter 424 Construct and Criterion Validity of an Objective Measure of Respondents’ Subjectively Accepted Level of Risk in Road Traffic 907
Andreas Hergovich, Martin E. Arendasy, Markus Sommer and Bettina Bognar

Chapter 425 The Psychological Disturbances of War-Traumatized Adolescents in Rural and Urban Areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it’s Correlation with Poverty and Hopelessness 909
Mevludin Hasanović, Edin Haračić, Šemsa Ahmetspahić,Sanja Kurtović and Hajrudin Haračić

Chapter 426 What the Spiritual and Religious Traditions Offer Psychologists 911
Thomas G. Plante

Chapter 427 An Attachment-Based Pathways Model Depicting the Psychology of Therapeutic Relationships 913
Geoff Goodman

Chapter 428 Modalities of Emotion Regulation Following Negative Life Events in Adulthood and Old Age 915
Olimpia Matarazzo

Chapter 429 An Assessment of an Instrument with Which to Conduct Internal Audits 917
Mohd Ariff Bin Kasim, Siti Rosmaini Bt Mohd Hanafi, Asmah Abdul Aziz and Dawson R. Hancock

Chapter 430 Recruitment and Relationships: Research with Stigmatized and Socially Isolated Mothers 919
Nicole L. Letourneau, Linda A. Duffett-Leger and Katherine Young

Chapter 431 A Study of the Relationship between Self-Conscious Affects, Coping Styles, and Depressive Reaction after a Negative Life Event 921
Masayo Uji, Toshinori Kitamura and Toshiaki Nagata

Chapter 432 The Workplace Affective Commitment Multidimensional Questionnaire: Factor Structure and Measurement Invariance 923
Alexandre J. S. Morin, Isabelle Madore, Julien Morizot, Jean-Sébastien Boudrias and Michel Tremblay

Chapter 433 Is Caring for the Elderly a Health Risk? A Qualitative Study on Work Experience, Coping and Health Behaviours of Nurses 925
Brigitte Jenull, Ingrid Salem and Eva Brunner

Chapter 434 Psycholinguistic Challenges in Processing Arabic Language 927
Raphiq Ibrahim

Chapter 435 The Context of Domestic Violence: Social and Contextual Factors Associated with Partner Violence against Women 929
Enrique Gracia

Chapter 436 Extraversion and Suicidal Behavior 933
David Lester

Chapter 437 Alcohol Related Experiences – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 935
Karin Helmersson Bergmark

Chapter 438 Physiological Assessment of Forgiveness, Grudges, and Revenge: Theories, Research Methods, and Implications 937
Everett L. Worthington and Goli Sotoohi

Chapter 439 Application of LCA to a Comparison of the Global Warming Potential of Industrial and Artisanal Fishing in the State of Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) 939
D. P. Souza, K. R. A. Nunes, R. Valle, A. M. Carneiro and F. M. Mendonça

Chapter 440 The Effect of Sexually Explicit Rap Music on Sexual Attitudes, Norms, and Behaviors 941
Lucrezia M. Alcorn and Anthony F. Lemieux

Chapter 441 Treatments for Cystic Fibrosis: The Role of Adherence, Importance and Burden 943
Lynn B. Myers

Chapter 442 The Relationship between Adolescents’ Music Video Viewing and Risky Driving: A Two Wave Panel Survey 945
Kathleen Beullens, Keith Roe and Jan Van den Bulck

Chapter 443 Individuals with Eating Disorders and Stress 947
Christine Courbasson and Jenany Jeyarajan

Chapter 444 Extraversion and the Autonomic Nervous System: An Alternative to Eysenck’s Theory 949
David Lester

Chapter 445 Extraversion and Interviewing for Employment 951
Joshua Fogel and Mayer Schneider

Chapter 446 The Influence of Gender Stereotypes on Causal Attributions about Successful Leadership 953
R. Garcia-Retamero, S. M. Müller and E. López-Zafra

Chapter 447 Athlete Performance, Coping and Anxiety: Clinical Issues for the Consultant 955
Thomas W. Miller

Chapter 448 Cultural Factors Influencing Olive Oil Purchase Behaviour: Empirical Analysis Using Scanner Data 957
Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad, Francisco J. Martínez-López and Juan Antonio Mondéjar-Jiménez

Chapter 449 Family Stress and Psychological Adjustment among Welfare and Non Welfare Immigrants 959
Gila Markovizky, Doron Hadas and Miri Sarid

Chapter 450 The Effects of Postpartum Depression on the Mother-Infant Relationship and Child Development 961
Deana B. Davalos, Alana M. Campbell and Amanda L. Pala

Chapter 451 Treating a Clinical Sample of Highly Gifted Underachievers with Music Therapy an Exploratory Study 963
Lony Schiltz-Ludwig

Chapter 452 Marital Patterns and Psychological Adjustment among Immigrants from Ethiopia and FSU 965
Gila Markovitzky and Hadas Doron

Chapter 453 Family Stress and Psychological Adjustmentamong Welfare and Non Welfare Immigrants 967
Gila Markovizky, Hadas Doron and Miri Sarid

Chapter 454 Memory for Object Location: Encoding Strategies in Children 969
Annalisa Lucidi, Clelia Rossi-Arnaud, Laura Pieroni and Vincenzo Cestari

Chapter 455 Prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress and Emotional and Behavioral Problems among Israeli Adolescents Exposed to Ongoing Terrorism 971
Orna Braun-Lewensohn, Smadar Celestin-Westreich, Leon-Patrice Celestin, Dominique Verté and Ingrid Ponjaert-Kristoffersen

Chapter 456 Extending the Stressor-Strain Perspective: A Review and Elaboration of the Possibility to Reverse Causality in Role Stress Models 973
Daniel Örtqvist and Joakim Wincent

Chapter 457 Role Stress in Flexible and Creative Roles: Some Suggestions on How to Identify Positive Consequences 975
Joakim Wincent and Daniel Örtqvist

Chapter 458 The Role of Contextual Cues and Logical Training in Differentiating Conditional from Biconditional Statements in Inference Task 977
Olimpia Matarazzo and Ivana Baldassarre

Chapter 459 A Theoritical Review of Psychosocial Stress and Health 979
Yin Paradies

Chapter 460 Empathy: Reflexions on a Concept 981
C. Boulanger and C. Lançon

Chapter 461 Organizational Safety Climate: Impact of Gender on Perception of Workplace Safety 983
Seth Ayim Gyekye and Simo Salminen

Chapter 462 His, Her and Their Perceptions of Family Life: A Comparative Analysis of Fathers, Mothers, and Adolescents 985
Liat Kulik

Chapter 463 Case-Based Reasoning: A Theory for Learning through Problem-Solving 987
Michael Gr. Voskoglou

Chapter 464 Extraversion and Perceived Energy: Direct and Indirect Impacts on Stress and Health 989
Dave Korotkov

Chapter 465 Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment: The Effect of Gender 991
Norazah Mohd Suki and Norbayah Mohd Suki

Chapter 466 The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Nursing: An Overview 993
José María Augusto Landa and Esther López-Zafra

Chapter 467 The Role of Dispositional Optimism in Health Related Quality of Life among Health Care Professionals with Musculoskeletal Pain 995
George N. Lyrakos and Georgia Kostopanagiotou

Chapter 468 Method for Developing a Scale to Evaluate Maternal Psychological Status with Regard to Children’s Oral Care 997
Naoki Kakudate

Chapter 469 Moderating Effect of Concern for Face on Help Seeking Intention Who Experienced Intimate Partner Violence during Pregnancy: A Retrospective Cross-sectional Study 999
Ying Lau

Chapter 470 Correlates of Antenatal Depressive Symptomatologyamong Chinese Women: A Longitudinal Study 1001
Ying Lau

Chapter 471 New Model for Bilingual Minds in Sociolinguistic Variation Situations: Interacting Social and Linguistic Constraints 1003
Rania Habib

Chapter 472 I Wouldn’t Really Call it News: Audience Consumption of Physical Activity Research in the News Media 1005
Guy Faulkner, Vanessa Richichi, Stephannie C. Roy and Sara-Jane Finlay

Chapter 473 An Ecological Interpretation of Teacher and Teaching Schemas as Cognitively Constructed by Candidates in Training 1007
Calliope Haritos

Chapter 474 Analysis of the Genetics of Behaviour Using Animal Models 1009
M. Murphy, Y. M. Wilson, A. J. Lawrence, T. C. Brodnicki and M. C. Jawahar

Chapter 475 Symbolic Persuasion and the Social Politics of Everyday Life 1011
Hugh M. Lewis

Chapter 476 Reflections on the Past and Explorations of the Future: Understanding Food Consumption in Romantic Relationships 1013
Jennifer Bonds-Raacke

Chapter 477 Aggressive Behavior of Drivers: A New Questionnaire Defining the Difference between Hostile and Instrumental Behavior While Driving 1015
Lipaz Shamoa-Nir and Meni Koslowsky

Chapter 478 Religiosity and Youth Destructive Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis 1017
Jerf W. K. Yeung, Howard Chi-ho Cheng, Freeman K. H. Chan and Yuk-chung Chan

Chapter 479 MMPI-2 Correlates of PTSD among Gulf War Combat Veterans 1019
Shenell D. Evans, Samuel T. Gontkovsky and William R. Leber

Chapter 480 Cognitive Issues in Idiopathic Epilepsy 1021
Sherifa A. Hamed

Chapter 481 Cultural Variation in Nightmare: A Content Analysis 1023
Kuang-ming Wu and Ruth Chu-lien Chao

Chapter 482 Health-Related Internet Discussion Groups as a Source of Social Support 1025
Craig D. Murray, Rachel van Schaick and Jezz Fox

Chapter 483 Metaphorical Sentence Processing and Topic Abstractness 1027
Xu Xu and Lisa Paulson

Chapter 484 Structuring Thought: Four Unique Methods and the Challenge of Synthesis 1029
Michael J. Hogan and Zachary Stein

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