Progress in PET Radiopharmaceuticals (Quality Control and Theranostics)


Series: New Developments in Medical Research
BISAC: MED080000

This book describes classical and potential PET radiopharmaceuticals (PET-RPs) which can provide high-resolution 5D images in-vivo to simultaneously diagnose and treat the patient. This novel (theranostic) approach avoids futile therapies, unnecessary radiation exposure, and saves a lot of time, money, and energy.

The most significant challenge is to properly build Cyclotron & PET RPs labs. Existing books offer insufficient knowledge to accomplish the full potential of these highly specialized, expansive, and sophisticated labs, demanding in-depth knowledge, confidence, cooperation, a mutual understanding, adjustment, time management, team effort, patience, resilience, and dedication.

A systematic approach is provided to integrate Cyclotron and PET-RPS labs, run the cyclotron properly, resolve technical problems efficiently, and maintain quality control (QC) without being exposed to an unnecessary radiation hazard due to repetitive run failure, innocence, ignorance, negligence, misconception, misunderstanding, and/or overconfidence. Described QC experiments can be globally reproduced in other labs.

The contents provided are thought-provoking and motivate cyclotron engineers, basic scientists, radiopharmaceutical scientists, radiopharmacists, and physicians to develop novel PET-RPs in this challenging the era of Nanotheranostics.

The most recent knowledge of potential PET-RPs in the early theranostics of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, drug addiction, obesity, neurobehavioral disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic inflammatory illnesses is provided with currently limited treatment options.

This unique, informative, and timely released book will act as a helpful guide; it is an applied textbook for basic biomedical students, scientists, researchers, teachers, doctors, administrators, and affiliated staff involved in current and future development of novel PET-RPs to accomplish personalized theranostics. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About this Book

About the Author

Ten Commandments


Commonly Used PET Radionuclides in Nuclear Medicine

Commonly Used PET Radiopharmaceuticals for Diagnostic & Theranostic Applications


Part 1: Recent Trends in Cyclotron & PET Radiopharmaceutical Labs

Chapter 1. Basic Requirements of Quality Control in Cyclotron & PET RPs Lab

Chapter 2. Cleaning Cyclotron and PET-Radiopharmaceutical Labs

Chapter 3. Cyclotron and PET Imaging (Basic Principles)

Chapter 4. Radiation Safety and Qaulity Control in Cyclotron Lab

Chapter 5. Purification and Quality Control of PET radiochemicals

Chapter 6. Quality Control of PET Radiopharmaceuticals with Chromatographic Analyses

Chapter 7. Spectroscopic Analyses of PET Radiopharmaceuticals

Chapter 8. Quality Control and System Performance in Cyclotron & PET Radiopharmaceutical Lab

Chapter 9. Quality Control of PET Radiopharmaceuticals with Special Reference to 18FdG

Part 2: Recent PET Biomarkers in Personalized Diagnosis and Theranostics

Chapter 10. Recent Developments in PET Radiopharmaceuticals for Evidence-Based Personalzed Medicine (EBPM)

Chapter 11. 18FdG-PET Neuroimaging

Chapter 12. 18FdG-PET Neuroimaging in Alzheimer’s disease

Chapter 13. Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease

Chapter 14. 18FdG-PET Neuroimaging in Drug Addiction

Chapter 15. PET Imaging with 18F-DOPA and 18FdG in Parkinson’s disease

Chapter 16. PET Radiopharmaceuticals in Evidence-Based Personalized Theranostics

Chapter 17. Recent Trends in PET Biomarkers for Personalized Theranostics

Chapter 18. Translational Multimodality Neuroimaging for Personalized Theranostics

Part 3: Translational Fusion Imaging Research (Personalized Theranostics)

Chapter 19. Quality Control and System Performance for Siemens R-4 Micro-Positron Emission Tomography (microPET) Imaging System

Chapter 20. SPECT Imaging in CNS Disorders

Chapter 21. PET Imaging in Translational Medicine

Chapter 22. Recent Trends in PET Radiopharmaceuticals Research for Diagnostics and Theranostics



“This book is a thoroughly compiled addition to the existing literature in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, their quality control and personalized theranostics in various disease conditions. It will serve as a reference book for both basic scientists and clinicians as well as for the new comers in this field undergoing training. PET imaging is a very specialized and technologically advanced area that provides spatiotemporal information and significantly contributes to decision making in complex disease conditions like cancer, brain disorders and cardiovascular problems. Author of this book, Professor Sushil K. Sharma, an expert in the field of neurosciences and medical radiopharmaceutical technology has shared his own personal experience, elaborated findings of others and given a lucid account of fundamentals of PET radiopharmaceuticals and their applications to both basic and clinical research.” – Vijay L. Kumar, Department of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

This unique, informative, and timely released book will be a helpful guide, and applied text book for basic biomedical students, scientists, researchers, teachers, doctors, administrators, and affiliated staff, involved in current and future development of novel PET-RPs to accomplish the ultimate goal of EBPT

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