Progress in Monomers, Oligomers, Polymers, Composites and Nanocomposites


Editors: Richard A. Pethrick (Univ. of Stritchclyde, Glasgow Scotland, UK) G.E. Zaikov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia) J. Pielichowski (Dir. of Polymer Science Dept., Cracow Univ. of Technology, Poland)

Series: Polymer Science and Technology

Knowledge is the foundation for mankind’s most successful ventures. Today there is a visible shift in science, where people have shifted from chemistry to biology, and from biology to medicine. Everybody wishes to be wealthy and healthy. Jonathan Swift once said, “Everybody wants to live longer but nobody wants to be old.”
Still, the role of polymer chemistry (pure and applied sciences) is very prominent in the world of science today, but it is heading away from polymers and polymer blends towards composites and nanocomposites. It allows for the creation of new materials with unique properties and new possibilities. This a second edition on this subject.
If we measure the world’s production of materials by volume and not by weight, then we find that it equals the production of iron, cast, steel, and colored metals together. This volume equals 250-270 million cubic metric of material per year. It is important to note that the rate of production of polymers is overcoming the rate of production of metals by 30-40%. Mankind used to live in the Stone Age, then the Iron Age, then the Bronze Age, and now it has come to be the Age of Polymers (leaning heavily towards composites and nanocomposites.) There are reviews and essays, according to the opinions of editors, that are helping to further develop polymer science and assist in solving practical applications (new materials with improved properties).

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Table of Contents


1. G.À. Korablev, G.Å. Zaikov “Activation energy of molecule and atom diffusion in bio-systems”;pp. 1-15

2. G.À. Korablev, G.Å. Zaikov “Spatial-energy parameter as a materialized analog of wave function;pp. 17-35

3. R.R. Usmanova, G.E. Zaikov, I.G. Ibragimov “Research of the mechanism of the motion to liguids in new device for cleanings industrial effluent”;pp. 37-43

4. G.M. Magomedov “Relaxation and structural properties of the anisotropic polymer composites”;pp. 45-48

5. B. Mashukova, T. Borukaev “The influence of polyazomethines on basis of 4,4/-diaminotriphenylmethane on physicomechanical properties of polybutyleneterepphthalate”;pp. 49-56

6. I.Yu. Yevchuk, G.G. Midyana, R.G. Makitra, G.E. Zaikov, G.I. Khovanets’, O.Ya. Palchykova “ Regularities of organic solvents penetration into tetrafluoroethylene-propylene copolymer”;pp. 57-68

7. N.Sh. Lebedeva, N.A. Pavlycheva, A.I. Vyugin, Å.V. Parfenyuk, V.P. Kulinich, G.P. Shaposhnikov “Crystallohydrates of carboxy- and sulfo-substituted cobalt(II)phthalocyanines”;pp. 69-79

8. S.Yu. Khashirova, A.M. Esmurziev, Y.A. Malkanduev “Modification of cellulose by the biocidal polyelectrolyte”;pp. 81-85

9. R.A. Haraeva, O.R. Ashibokova, G.B. Shustov, A.M. Haraev, A.A. Ñhaika “Synthesis, properties and application poliethersulphons and polietherketons”;pp. 87-93

10. Z.T. Alakaeva, T.A. Borukaev, A.K. Mikitaev “The receipt of polybutyleneterephthalat, which is stable for high temperatures”;pp. 93-98

11. G.B. Shustov, M.L. Sherieva, Z.L. Beslaneeva “Bio- and photodestroyed polymeric compositions on the basis of polythene of high density and corn starch”;pp. 99-106

12. Khashirova S.Yu., Guppoev T.B., Pekar S.S., Uzdenov R.A., Malkanduev Y.A. “The study of interaction between the biocide polyelectrolyte and the bacterial cell with help of scanning probe microscopy”;pp. 107-111

13. V. Kablov, D. Kondrutsky, M. Sudnitsina “Synthesis and properties of phosphorus-containing polypeptides for effective ion-exchange materials of improved capacity”;pp. 113-123

14. O.A. Legonkova “Physical and mechanical properties of highly filled polymer composites”;pp. 125-137

15. A.V.Babkin., D.A. Frolov, U.A. Sangalov, E.S. Titova,V.U. Dmitriev, G.E. Zaikov “Quantum-chemical calculation of isoolefines”;pp. 139-151

16. S.V.Kolesov, À.I. Vorobyeva, S.S. Zlotsky, À.R. Khamidullina, Å.À. Brusentsova, R.R. Muslukhov, L.V. Spirikhin, G.Å. Zaikov “Radical copolymerization of styrene with C2-methyl-2-vinyl-1,1-dichlorocyclopropane”;pp. 153-157

17. Yu.I. Musaev, E.B. Musaeva, V.A. Kvashin, A.B. Zhekamukhov, R.V. Pak “Stabilizing influence of th;pp. 159-165

18. I.A. Shogenov, G.K. Shurdumov, Z.A. Cherkesov “Studying of character of thermodynamics, kinetic and the mechanism of high-temperature interaction of components of systems Me2 WO4-WO3 – Me CL (Me – Li; Na, K, Rb, Cs) and search of ways of practical application of results of researches”;pp. 167-170

19. Kh.B. Kushkhov “The electrochemical synthesis of the tungsten carbide nanopowders and carbon nanotubes”;pp. 171-172

20. M.Kh. Ligidov, S.Yu. Khashirova, S.I. Pakhomov “The adsorption of the polyurethane on the surface of the iron oxide particles”;pp. 173-178

21. E.G. Rakov “Carbon nanotubes: manufacture, properties, applications”;pp. 179

22. S. Rakovsky, G.E. Zaikov “Ozone applications”;pp. 181-239

23. A. K. Haghi, V. Mottaghitalab, M. Akbari “Electrospun Biodegradable and Biocompatible natural nanofibers: a detailed review”;pp. 241-277

24. A.K. Mikitaev, A.Yu. Bedanokov, M.A. Mikitaev “Polymeric nanocomposites based on the organomodified layered silicates: structure, manufacture and properties”;pp. 279-305

25. Yu.A. Mikheev, L.N. Guseva, Yu.A. Ershov and G.E. Zaikov “Optical spectra of individual molecules and phthalocyanines chromogenes UV-bands”;pp. 307-314

26. Yu.G. Medvedevskikh, G.I. Khovanets’, I.Yu. Yevchuk, G.E. Zaikov “Kinitic model of copolymerization at linear chain termination”315-321

27. A.K. Panov, T.G. Beloborodova, T.A. Anasova, G.E. Zaikov “Extrusion heads used in manufacturing polymeric casings for preventing pipes from corrosion”;pp. 323-330

28. A.A. Panov, T.G. Beloborodova, T.A. Anasova, G.E. Zaikov “Plant used for manufacturing building tile on the basis of polymer materials;pp. 331-334

29. A.A. Panov, T.G. Beloborodova, A.K. Panov, G.E. Zaikov “Constructions of multi-jet extrusion heads for manufacturing profile articles”;pp. 335-341

30. Kozlov G.V., Burya A.I., Yanovskii Yu.G., Zaikov G.E. “The nanoadhesion influence on structure and properties of particulate-filled polymer nanocomposites”;pp. 343-359

31. J. A. Djamanbaev, Ch. Kamchybekova, J. A. Abdurashitova, G. E. Zaikov “Pharmacological premises of the creation new antitumor preparations of the class of nitrosoalkylurea”;pp. 361-364

32. Novakov I.A., Rakhimova N.A., Krasnov A.P., Zubavichus Y.V., Ivanov V.B. “Influence of 1.1.5-trihydroperfluoropentanol on the structure and properties of polycaproamide systems”;pp. 365-376


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