Progress in Microscale and Nanoscale Thermal and Fluid Sciences


Lixin Cheng (Editor)
Department of Engineering and Mathematics, Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

Series: Mechanical Engineering Theory and Applications
BISAC: SCI050000

Applications of microscale and nanoscale thermal and fluid transport phenomena involved in traditional industries and highly specialized fields such as bioengineering, micro-fabricated fluidic systems, microelectronics, aerospace technology, micro heat pipes, chips cooling etc. have been becoming especially important since the late 20th century. However, microscale and nanoscale thermal and fluid transport phenomena are quite different from those of conventional scale or macroscale.

Quite a few studies have been conducted to understand the very complex phenomena involved at microscale and nanoscale. New methods have been applied to measure the basic physical parameters at microscale and are continuously under development. New prediction methods have also been developed to cover both macroscale and microscale channels and are being continuously under investigation. New theories and mechanisms are also urgently needed for the fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena at microscale and nanoscale.

There are many issues to be clarified from both theoretical and applied aspects in the microscale and nanoscale thermal and fluid transport phenomena. Furthermore, Interdisciplinary research areas are also rapidly under development. For example, as a new research frontier of nanotechnology, the research of nanofluid two-phase flow and thermal physics is rapidly growing, however, it has also posed new challenges as there are quite contradictory results in the available research. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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Chapter 1 – Coupled Electrohydrodynamic-Dielectrophoretic Micropumping of Colloidal Suspensions in a Microchannel (pp. 1-20)
Guoliang He and Dong Liu

Chapter 2 – Onset of Nucleate Boiling and Critical Heat Flux with Boiling Water in Microchannels (pp. 21-44)
R. R. Bhide, S. G. Singh, Vijay S. Duryodhan, Arunkumar Sridharan and Amit Agrawal

Chapter 3 – Melting Effect on Natural Convection about Axisymmetric Stagnation Point on a Surface in Porous Media with Soret and Dufour Effects and Temperature-Dependent Viscosity (pp. 45-66)
M. Modather, M. Abdou and Ali J. Chamkha

Chapter 4 – Pushing the Limits of Liquid Cooling: Design and Analysis of a Direct Liquid Cooling System for Power Modules (pp. 67-74)
Matt Reeves, Jesus Moreno, Peter Beucher, Sy-Jenq Loong and David Bono

Chapter 5 – MHD Stagnation Point Flow of a Non-Newtonian Nanofluid (pp. 75-94)
Rama Subba Reddy Gorla and M. F. El-Amin

Chapter 6 – Non-Darcy Natural Convection of a Nanofluid about a Permeable Vertical Cone Embedded in a Porous Medium (pp. 95-112)
Ali J. Chamkha, A. M. Rashad and Abdelraheem M. Aly

Chapter 7 – Effects of Partial Slip on Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer Past a Stretching Circular Cylinder in a Nanofluid (pp. 113-132)
Swati Mukhopadhyay, Iswar Chandra Mondal and Rama Subba Reddy Gorla

Chapter 8 – MHD Natural Convective Flow of a Particulate Suspension through a Vertical Channel at Asymmetric Thermal Boundary Conditions with Heat Generation or Absorption (pp. 133-168)
Ali J. Chamkha

Chapter 9 – Slip Flow in the Hydrodynamic Entrance Region of Microchannels (pp. 169-186)
Pamela Vocale and Marco Spiga

Chapter 10 – Combined Interplay of Steric Effects and Asymmetric Zeta Potential on Electrokinetic Transport of Non-Newtonian Fluids through Narrow Confinements: Studies on Streaming Potential (pp. 187-204)
Ranabir Dey, Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty and Suman Chakraborty

Chapter 11 – Effect of Aspect Ratio of Rectangular Microchannels on the Axial Back Conduction in its Solid Substrate (pp. 205-224)
Manoj Kumar Moharana and Sameer Khandekar

Chapter 12 – Rayleigh Surface Acoustic Wave Compatibility with Microdroplet Polymerase Chain Reaction (pp. 225-242)
Thibaut Roux-Marchand, Denis Beyssen, Frederic Sarry, Stéphanie Grandemange and Omar Elmazria

Chapter 13 – Heat-Transfer Analysis and Improved Mixing in Multifunctional Microreactor Using Sapphire Window and Infrared Thermography (pp. 243-262)
Houssein Ammar, Bertrand Garnier, Dounia Sediame, Ahmed Ould El Moctar and Hassan Peerhossaini

Chapter 14 – Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow at Microfluidic Junctions (pp. 263-276)
K. K. Singh, K. T. Shenoy, Hanmanth Rao and S. K. Ghosh

Chapter 15 – Numerical Simulations and Experimental Investigations of Two-Phase Flows in a Y-Y-Shaped Microreactor (pp. 277-290)
S. Mosler, N. Rajabi, M. Hoffmann, J. Müller and M. Schlüter


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