Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on “Physics, Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications”


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Series: Materials Science and Technologies
BISAC: TEC021000

The developed original principles and approaches for advanced materials and composites (ferro-piezoelectrics, nanostructures, functional materials and polymeric structures etc.) defines the main achievements and directions of modern natural and technical sciences, technologies, techniques and industry. Direct improvement of the materials and devices characteristics are based on numerous chemical, physical and mechanical studies, modern numerical approaches and methods of mathematical modeling and physical experiment.

These PHENMA 2018 proceedings are devoted to development and solution of different actual problems into framework of the above-mentioned scientific directions. The proposed book presents interesting original results in theoretical, computational and experimental methods, which allow manufacturing nano-materials and composites (for example, ferro-piezoelectrical and environmentally-friendly), and other materials in different scale levels with before given and improved properties. The materials could be obtained due to reprocessing natural materials, wasters, fruits and plants.

These proceedings also discuss results of mathematical modeling and experimental studies of advanced devices (piezoelectric transducers, energy-harvesters, different sensors, medical devices etc.). The presented studies are based on the new generation nano-materials, ferro-piezoelectrics and other structure-sensitive materials with special properties. The book treats promising modern nano- and microstructure techniques for manufacture of different novel materials (for example, nanostructures) and devices, which are very important for educational purposes and industry, unification and development of various expertises, designs and analyzes.

The book presents new results of internationally recognized scientific teams in different areas of materials science, condensed matter physics, physical and mechanical theory and experiment, processing techniques and engineering of advanced materials and composites, numerical methods and numerous applications. These results are devoted to R&D of advanced piezo-ferroelectrics, nanostructures, other promising materials and composites with specific properties, based on the developed processing techniques and modern approaches of chemistry, physics, mechanics and materials science, and also wide spectrum of applications including industry and marketing. The book presents a wide spectrum of results, obtained on the base of original mathematical models, physical experiments, computer modeling, and nano- and piezoelectric applications. This collection presents 50 selected reports of the 2018 International Conference on “Physics, Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications” (PHENMA 2018, August 9-11, 2018, Busan, South Korea).

The book is addressed to students, post-graduate students, scientists and engineers, investigating and developing a new generation of nano-materials and nano-composites, piezo-ferroelectrics, other advanced materials with structure-sensitive properties, and also different devices, manufactured on their base and used in numerous applications in various areas of science, technique and technology. The book presents new research methods and scientific results in the condensed matter physics, materials science, physical and mechanical experiment, processing techniques and engineering of nanomaterials, piezoelectrics and other advanced materials and composites, numerical methods, and also different applications and developed devices.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1. Processing Techniques

Chapter 1. Structural Features of Nanocomposite Ion-Plasma Deposited Coatings Containing Aluminum

Chapter 2. Organic Coatings Formation Conditions and Protective Properties in Sulphuric Acid

Chapter 3. Role of Surface Alloying of Powder Particles on the Temperature of Sintering of Piezoceramics

Chapter 4. Influence Composition Analysis on the Process of Making Sugar Cane Husks and Coal Briquette as Alternative Fuel

Chapter 5. Physical and Mechanical Properties of Concrete Based on Technogenic Raw Materials for Creating Monolithic Structures

Chapter 6. Design of Centrifugal Casting Machine Horizontal to Casting Aluminum in Laboratory Scale

Chapter 7. Effect of Pressure Loads and Duration on Squeeze Casting to the Hardness and Toughness of Bolt and Nut from Composite Al 6061 – Bottom Ash

Chapter 8. Dimensional Changes of Aluminum 6061 – Bottom Ash Coal Composite Casted by Squeeze Casting and T6 Heat Treatment

Chapter 9. Effect of Composition and Temperature of Casting Composite Al-Bottom Ash on the Transformation of Grain Size for the Footstep Product

Chapter 10. Analysis of Motorcycle Foot Step in a Grain Deformation and Microstructure of Aluminum-Bottom Ash Coal Composite with T6 Heat Treatment

Chapter 11. Effect of Cooling Media and Temperature in T6 Heat Treatment for the Propeller Prototype from Composite Al-Bottom Ash on the Transformation of Form and Dimensional Change

Part 2. Physics

Chapter 12. Layer Analysis of Photoinduced Light Scattering Excited in LiNbO3 Single Crystals

Chapter 13. Interrelation between Optical and Radiation Resistance of LiNbO3:ZnО Single Crystals

Chapter 14. Influence of Dopants on the Peculiarities of Forming of Complex Defects in a Homogeneously Doped Crystal LiNbO3 : Mg (5.05 mol%) : Fe (0.009 mol%)

Chapter 15. The Influence of Hyper-Hardening on the Structure and Properties of Ceramic Solid Solutions Li0.12Na0.88TayNb1-yO3

Chapter 16. Investigation of Mechanical Stresses in Thin Chromium Films on Sapphire Substrate

Chapter 17. UHF Radiation Properties of PCR-13 Piezoceramics

Chapter 18. Electromagnetic Field of Piezoceramic Resonator on Microstrip Line with the Gap

Chapter 19. Features of the Microstructure of Ferroelectric-Soft Materials Based on PZT

Chapter 20. Materials for Surface Acoustic Wave Devices: Aspects for Development

Chapter 21. Microstructure Analysis of Hypoeutectic Al-Cu Alloy

Chapter 22. Experimental Study of Optical Interference Meter for Small Displacements

Part 3. Mechanics

Chapter 23. Influence of Viscoelastic Properties of a Polymeric Matrix on the Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics of Composite Cylindrical Shell

Chapter 24. Reduction of Stresses in the Shell by the Plastic Change of its Form

Chapter 25. Modeling of Dynamic Processes in Wall Construction with Defect in the Form of Crack

Chapter 26. Computational and Experimental Approach to the Evaluation of the Properties of Concrete Cylindrical Tube Based on the Vibrodiagnostic Method

Chapter 27. Expanding Additive to Repair Compositions for Restoration of Power Line Supports

Chapter 28. Development of a Method for the Analysis of Stability and Diagnostics of the Integral Construction by the Integral Index

Chapter 29. Calculation of Stresses and Deformations in Masonry with Various Types of Bricks

Chapter 30. Features of the Interference Patterns, Generated by Laser Interferometer, by Using Different Types of Beam-splitters

Chapter 31. Identification of the Properties of Layered Inhomogeneous Media Based on Neural Network Technologies

Chapter 32. Indenter Selection for the Nanoindentation Tests of the Two-layer Coatings

Chapter 33. The Effect of the Curvature of Geometric Concentrator on Reducing Stress Concentration

Chapter 34. Contact Approach of Elastic Bodies and Effects of Material Properties on its Features

Part 4. Applications

Chapter 35. Mathematical Modeling of Optoacoustic Transformation in Moving Fluid in
the Presence of Nanoscale Objects as Contrast Agents

Chapter 36. Application of the Optoacoustic Method for Model Calculation of Non-Aggregated Erythrocytes and Determination of Hematocrit

Chapter 37. Condition of Absolute Stability of Control System for Deformation of Electromagnetoelastic Actuator for Nanotechnology

Chapter 38. Investigation of the Output Characteristics of Cantilever Type PEG with Proof Mass and Active Fixing under Low-frequency Harmonic Loading

Chapter 39. Characteristics of UV Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors Based on Zinc Oxide

Chapter 40. UV Photodetector Based on ZnO Film as an External Impedance for SAW Sensor

Chapter 41. Simulation of the Work of Flat Jack in Large Displacements

Chapter 42. Utilization of Glass Waste as a Raw Material Making of Electrical Components and Engineering Construction

Chapter 43. Theoretical Study of the Extrusion Process of Biomass

Part 5. Industry and Management

Chapter 44. Variable Selection in Data Envelopment Analysis Using Stepwise Modeling Approach: A Case Study of Tourism Sector in Indonesia

Chapter 45. Development of Creative Industry in Indonesia Based on Local Culture

Chapter 46. Redesign Work Environment with Ergonomics Interventions to Decrease Fatigue and Increase Production Output at Batik Home Industry “Cahaya Sari” in Sragen, Central Java

Chapter 47. Is it Really Bright Color Dominating the Facade/Exterior of Houses in Surabaya Indonesia?

Chapter 48. Noise Level Control due to Transportation Activities in Educational Facilities

Chapter 49. Study of Water Resources Utilization as Alternative Electricity in Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Chapter 50. Web-Application Development for Network Access to the FEM Modules of the ACELAN Package


Keywords: Advanced materials and composites with special properties, theory, experiment, physical and computer modeling, nano-, micro- and macrostructure, phase composition, manufacture, structure-sensitive properties, physical-mechanical properties, applications, industry, management

The book can ground some University special courses in the fields of Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, Physical and Mechanical Experiment, Processing Techniques and Engineering of Nanomaterials, Piezoelectrics, other Advanced Materials and Composites, Numerical Methods and also different applications, developed devices and products. Researchers, engineers, students, post-graduate students and their teachers, scientists and engineers, taking part in R&D of nanomaterials and structures, piezoelectrics and ferromagnetics, other advanced materials and promising devices can discovery many interesting methods, approaches and results, obtained by modern science. The presented processing technologies, materials and applications could be interesting for industries. The presented approaches, methods and models of management are important for corresponding scientific and educational directions.

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