Primordial Space – The Metric Case


Bernd Schmeikal
Univ. Doz., University of Vienna

Series: Space Science, Exploration and Policies
BISAC: SCI005000

This book is a ricochet against mainstream physics. It sprang out of the idea that outer symmetries of space-time are the same as inner symmetries of matter. In other words, the standard model of physics is a space-time group. This book is about structures and phenomena that are lying hidden underneath the surface of space-time. It begins with a few biographic events, Majoranas legacy, the philosophy of Gerhard Frey and some related anthropological topics which have to do with high energy physics.

It continues with a reconstruction of the theorem by Banach and Tarski in Minkowski space. We are making acquaintance with the standard model as a property of space-time. So we are challenging quite unusual actions such as penetration of quarks by a probe. We propose to apply a penetrating function D. Then, measure and basis are connected with the axiom of choice. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface xi
Chapter 1 Root of Foreword pp.1-8
Chapter 2 Begin pp.9-10
Chapter 3 Reality of Primordial Space pp.11-14
Chapter 4 Majoranas Legacy pp.15-22
Chapter 5 Primordial Thought pp.23-24
Chapter 6 The Philosophy of Gerhard Frey 25-32
Chapter 7 Cultural Mystic Systems pp.33-38
Chapter 8 Perceiving No Spatial Extension pp.39-40
Chapter 9 Construction of Metaphysics pp.41-42
Chapter 10 Metaphysics of Construction pp.43-44
Chapter 11 Self Relation Field pp.45-46
Chapter 12 Odd Parity Field pp.47-48
Chapter 13 Pulsating Zimzum with Measure pp.49-52
Chapter 14 Phenomenology of Primordial Fields pp.53-54
Chapter 15 Theorem by Banach and Tarski in Minkowski Space pp.55-58
Chapter 16 Fractal Strong Force pp.59-62
Chapter 17 Primordial relation between quark and neutrino pp.63-64
Chapter 18 Escape from Chaos pp.65-72
Chapter 19 The Appearance of Orientation pp.73-76
Chapter 20 Orientation in the Pauli Algebra pp.77-80
Chapter 21 Priming Orientation pp.81-86
Chapter 22 Reorientation of Space-Time Algebra pp.87-94
Chapter 23 Decomposition of Exponential Maps pp.95-98
Chapter 24 Isotropic Fields and Spinors pp.99-106
Chapter 25 Isotropic Fields In Cl3,1 pp.107-110
Chapter 26 Inner and Outer pp.111-118
Chapter 27 Lorentz Transformation by Isospin pp.119-130
Chapter 28 Topological Defects and Conformal Lorentz Transformations pp.131-134
Chapter 29 Conformal Time-Space pp.135-156
Chapter 30 Timespace Analysis pp.157-164
Chapter 31 Phenomenology of Timewrap and Structure Waves pp.165-170
Chapter 32 Consequence for Cosmology pp.171-172
Chapter 33 The Old Unified Motion pp.173-174
Chapter 34 The Dirac Equation pp.175-178
Chapter 35 Self-Interacting Pure States pp.179-182
Chapter 36 Origin of Chaotic Motion pp.183-184
Chapter 37 Quark on Travel pp.185-188
Chapter 38 Conformal Maps for Moving Flavour pp.189-192
Chapter 39 Translation Split of an Inner State pp.193-196
Chapter 40 Translating in the Euclidean Plane pp.197-198
Chapter 41 Translating Primitive Idempotent pp.199-204
Chapter 42 Force-Sustained Places pp.205-208
Chapter 43 Quaternion Solitons and Strings pp.209-218
Chapter 44 Isospin Deconvolution of Solitons pp.219-222
Chapter 45 The Photon Singularity pp.223-226
Chapter 46 Primordial Matter pp.227-236
Chapter 47 Topological Discontinuities of Quarks pp.237-242
Chapter 48 Topological Evolution of Particles pp.243-243-258
Chapter 49 Strong Force Topological Torsion pp.259-264
Chapter 50 Dark Van Der Waals Gas pp.265-272
Chapter 51 Topological Time pp.273-276
Chapter 52 Coming Developments pp.277-286
Chapter 53 Pre-Geometric Observer Fields pp.287-290
Chapter 54 Reference Frames of Awareness pp.291-298
Chapter 55 The Category of Consciousness pp.299-306
Toolbox pp.307-308
Toolbox 1 Quaternions pp.309-316
Toolbox 2 Rings pp.317-322
Toolbox 3 Tensor- and Graßmann Algebra pp.323-324
Toolbox 4 Clifford Algebra pp.325-340
Toolbox 5 Higher Spin in the Minkowski Algebra pp.341-344
Toolbox 6 Grade Equivalence in Cl3,1 pp.345-350
Toolbox 7 Higher Spin Isotropic Direction Fields pp.351-354
Toolbox 8 Matrix Representation of Cl4,1 pp.355-358
Toolbox 9 Topological Evolution pp.359-368
Literature pp.369-376
Index pp.377-387

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