Powertionism in International Criminal Justice


– Uppsala, Sweden

Series: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Corrections
BISAC: PHI000000; LAW026000; LAW111000

Powertionism is an innovative legal term coined by the author used to emphasize the greed of our governments. This greed is demonstrated through how such governments interpret international legal rules based on their agendas and their desire to pursue and strengthen their political, military, and economic interests. As a result, certain governments have adopted hypocritical, autocratic, egregious, and reductio ad absurdum standards, while other governments continue to suffer under the hegemonic policies of the former. Powertionism sings a song of superiority instead of one of multilateralism. The epidemic of powertionism first arose within the systems of international human rights law and international criminal justice when governments nominated themselves to be permanent members of the United Nations, Security Council, and NATO, and subsequently began imposing hypocritical sanctions upon other states. The existence of a number of brutal wars in different regions implies the expansion of hedonistic powertionism which has spawned from the concealed and cruel political interests at the national and international levels. The deceitful justification of the notion of powertionism prevents populations across the globe from attaining their substantive cultural, ethnic, and universal natural rights.

Malekian, the author of the book, illuminates the truth relating to the objectives of governments working to conceal the true nature and impact of their deadly weapons as a result of the punitive or deluded decisions made by NATO or others. We are compelled to promote accurate values of human rights in order to prevent large-scale massacres resulting from powertionist, oppressive, and unilateral judgments. We can no longer ethically consent to the domination of power, the waging of proxy wars, and the ambiguous incitement of the commission of international crimes by permitting the chauvinistic policies of powertionist governments.

Table of Contents


Chapter I Legalising Powertionism in International Criminal Law
1. Moving Towards Powertionism
2. Cultivation of Powertionism
3. Powertionism Controlling the General Assembly
4. Powertionism Influencing Resolutions
5. Powertionism Controlling the Power of the Secretary General
6. Charter Legalising Powertionism
7. Authorising Utilitarian Power
8. Powertionists Adopting Criminal Resolutions
9. Powertionists Using Sanctions as Weapons
10. Powertionists Violating Visibility and Invisibility
11. Powertionism against the Balance of Power

Chapter II Masking the Theory of Powertionism in International Criminal Justice
1. Egging the Idea of Criminal Justice
2. Commanding Putative NATO Decisions
3. Powertionist Criminalisation
4. Maximising the Theory of Powertionism
5. Prejudicial Powertionism
6. Powertionism Employing Criminal Cooperative Bodies
7. Affirmative Powertionists within Organisations
8. Ventriloquist Politicians of Powertionist Governments
9. Powertionists’ Lies to Victims
10. Double Standard of Judgments
11. Powertionists Reductio ad absurdum Convincing Opponents
12. Powertionists’ Evaluation of Criminal Justice
13. Philosophical Moral Understanding

Chapter III Powertionism Committing Obvious Criminal Violations
1. Egoistic Powertionist Criminality
2. Puppets of Powertionist Governments
3. International Criminalisation of Genocide
4. Powertionism Comprised of Several Heads
5. Powertionism versus Powertionism
6. Powertionist Terrorist Governments
7. Powertionism Destroying Evidence of the Killing of Children
8. Powertionism Omitting the Rights of Children
9. Powertionism Disregarding the Human Race
10. Human Rights Justice and Injustice
11. Individualist Interpretation of the Law
12. Immorality of Criminal Reactions

Chapter IV Powertionist Riddle-Reasoning Relating to International Criminal Intrigues
1. Reasons Creating Protection
2. Powertionist Traders of Weapons
3. Capacity of the Puzzles of Powertionists
4. Duration of the Riddle of Powertionists
5. A Riddle without any Particular Blush
6. Powertionists Controlling the Reasoning for Bulletins
7. Subversive Train of Powertionism
8. Powertionism Leading Governments to War
9. Mischievous Psychological Criminal Justice
10. Industry of Powertionist Governments

Chapter V Moral Philosophy of Powertionism Contrary to International Criminal Justice
1. Postponement of Criminal Justice
2. Variation of the Moral Statute of Powertionism
3. Targets of Powertionist Governments
4. Opposition of Powertionist Governments to the Truth
5. Powertionism as De Lege Lata
6. Rights to Criminalise other Governments or Bodies
7. Intentional Inability to Understand Morality
8. Powertionism Disgracing International Criminal Justice
9. Ignoring the Polarity of the Moral Virtue of Criminal Justice
10. Dismemberment of the Skeleton of Justice

Chapter VI Powertionism beyond the Norms of International Criminal Justice
1. Powertionist Opposition to Criminal Justice
2. Operation Outside of Criminal Statutes
3. Powertionist National Antagonism in Cambodia
4. Powertionist Empire Promoting a Collective Mind
5. Governments in the Company of Evil Authorities
6. Powertionist Killing Grounds of Core Crimes
7. Powertionists Misrepresenting Humanitarian Assistance
8. Powertionism Encouraging Membership for Nuclear Bombs
9. Powertionist Elephants in Scandinavia
10. Powertionism Lecturing Human Rights
11. Utopic Propaganda Power

Chapter VII ‘Massive Killing’ of Children with Powertionist Military Arms
1. Mass Killing Theory
2. Rejecting Philosophical Reasoning to Support Children
3. Children under Powertionist Military Forces
4. Gifts of Powertionist Sight
5. Leaders Supporting the Murder of Children
6. Powertionism Encouraging Military Aggression
7. Powertionism Generating Hostilities
8. Misrepresentation of Human Rights Values
9. Legacy of Powertionism for Children

Chapter VIII Methods of Powertionist Judgments
1. Cathartic Methods of Powertionist Justice
2. Powertionist Domestic Justice
3. Controlling the Substantive Norms of Justice
4. Criminal Conspiracy Orchestrated by Powertionist Governments
5. Malicious Political Interests
6. Intentional Confusion Regarding the Jurisprudence of Law
7. Invisible Totalitarian Power of NATO
8. Expanding NATO Based on Powertionist Lies
9. Proxy Wars Waged by NATO against the ICJ
10. Politicians Aiding NATO

Chapter IX Logical Basis of Hedonistic Powertionism
1. Hedonistic Powertionist Policies
2. Maximum Pleasure of Unilateralism
3. Inquiry into Our Own Conducts
4. Autocratic Powertionism
5. Nourishing Our Collective Judgments
6. Powertionist Governments against the ICC
7. Powertionist International Criminal Lawyers
8. Perpetual Powertionist Wars
9. Powertionists Gaining Power at Any Cost
10. Powertionism Controlling Currency
11. Metaphor of the Rubicon
12. Charlatan Nature of Powertionism

Chapter X Conclusion



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