Positive Youth Development: Evaluation and Future Directions in a Chinese Context


Daniel T.L. Shek (Editor)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, P.R.C.
Hing Keung Ma (Editor)
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, P.R.C.
Joav Merrick (Editor)
Ministry of Social Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel

Series: Health and Human Development

With growing adolescent developmental problems such as substance abuse, mental health problems and school violence, many primary prevention programs targeting specific adolescent developmental problems and positive youth development programs have been designed in the West. In contrast, there are very few systematic and multi-year positive youth development programs in Hong Kong. To promote holistic development among adolescents the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust approved a grant to launch a project entitled “P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood: A Jockey Club Youth Enhancement Scheme” and invited academics of five universities to form a Research Team with the Chinese University of Hong Kong as the lead institution to develop a multi-year universal positive youth development program to promote holistic adolescent development in Hong Kong. This book highlights some of the latest research in the area of positive youth development.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(Donald E Greydanus)pp.1-4


Promoting positive development in Chinese adolescents
(Daniel TL Shek, Hing Keung Ma and Joav Merrick) pp.7-14


Chapter 1. First year evaluation findings
(Daniel TL Shek)pp.17-28

Chapter 2. Qualitative evaluation based on the perceptions of the program implementers
(Daniel TL Shek and Rachel CF Sun)pp.29-42

Chapter 3. Evaluation using student weekly diaries
(Daniel TL Shek and Ching Man Lam)pp.43-54

Chapter 4. Interim evaluation of the secondary 2 program: Insights based on the full implementation phase
(Daniel TL Shek, Rachel CF Sun and Suet Yan Tam)pp.55-68

Chapter 5. Interim evaluation of the secondary 3 program: Insights based on the experimental implementation phase
(Daniel TL Shek and Rachel CF Sun)pp.69-82

Chapter 6. Process evaluation of the secondary 2 curriculum with findings based on the full implementation phase
(Daniel TL Shek and Rachel CF Sun)pp.83-94

Chapter 7. Process evaluation of the implementation of the secondary 3 program in the experimental implementation phase
(Daniel TL Shek, Rachel CF Sun and Catalina SM Ng) pp.95-108

Chapter 8. Process evaluation of program implementation based on the co-walker scheme
(Daniel TL Shek, Rachel CF Sun, Cathy NK Hang and Christina YP Tang)pp.109-120

Chapter 9. Evaluation of positive youth development programs for students with greater psychosocial needs
(Daniel TL Shek and Rachel CF Sun)pp.121-134


Chapter 10. Positive youth development and prevention programs in adolescence in the Chinese culture: Where should we go?
(Daniel TL Shek, Hing Keung and Joav Merrick)pp.137-144


Chapter 11. Observation, response and suggestion
(Daniel TL Shek) pp.147-150

Chapter 12. Professional and comprehensive training for the positive youth development program implementers
(Yammy LY Chak) pp.151-154

Chapter 13. Response from a youth worker
(Howard CH Cheng)pp.155-158

Chapter 14. Adolescent medicine point of view
(Patrick Cheung)pp.159-162

Chapter 15. Response from educational psychology
(Eadaoin Hui)pp.163-166

Chapter 16. Response of a family counseling educator
(Ching Man Lam)pp.167-170

Chapter 17. A reflection on teaching the P.A.T.H.S. curriculum: A humanistic approach
(Patrick SY Lau)pp.171-174

Chapter 18
Confu, Chinese belief and positive development
Tak Yan Lee pp.175-178

Chapter 19. Positive development in the context of Confu, Tao and nursing
(Leung Luk)pp.179-182

Chapter 20. Adolescence from a development perspective
(Hing Keung Ma)pp.183-186

Chapter 21. Human ecology aspects
(Rachel CF Sun)pp.187-190

Chapter 22. Key stakeholders of their own development
(Sandra KM Tsang)pp.191-194

Chapter 23. New morbidities in adolescence
(Winnie Tse)pp.195-198


Chapter 24. About the editors pp.201-202

Chapter 25. About the Department of Applied Social Science pp.203-204

Chapter 26. About the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Israel pp.205-208

Chapter 27. About the Health and Human Development Book Series pp.209-210

VI. INDEX pp.211-221


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