Positive Psychology and School Leadership: The New Science of Positive Educational Leadership


Jolanta Burke, PhD (Author)
Maynooth University

Series: Psychology Research Progress

This is an essential guide for all school leaders, aspiring school leaders and leadership educators to help them incorporate positive psychology in their practice. It provides teaching professionals with the necessary knowledge to understand the gap that currently exists in educational leadership along with a starting point to address it. Research indicates that less than 10% of texts in educational leadership convey positive aspects of leadership. Therefore, we know more about problems, deviance and disengagement, than how to create a positive climate in schools, and help teachers to thrive and to achieve their optimal human potential. This accessible, evidence-based guide to fostering trust, authenticity, growing leadership wisdom, spotting employees’ potential, strength-based leadership, developing team’s resilience, psychological capital, job crafting, positive identities and many more, is an invaluable resource and must-read for all teaching professionals.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction
What is positive psychology?
Positive psychology and organisations
Outline of the book

Chapter 2: Developing self
Mindful leadership
Exploring your authentic self
Developing wisdom
Becoming a positively deviant leader

Chapter 3: Developing Individuals

Leading with strengths
Minding your team’s Psychological Capital (PsyCap)
Meaning making and job crafting
Spotting psychological potential

Chapter 4 Developing teams
Engaging with Appreciative Inquiry in schools
Developing team trust
Nurturing high-quality connections
Managing inclusion

Chapter 5: Happy teams
Becoming a champion of well-being
Practicing emotional agility
Supporting positive stress in schools
Positive psychology coaching for school leaders

Chapter 6: Managing full engagement
Keeping your team engaged
Practicing flow-inducing leadership
Managing team’s virtuousness
Passionately gritty engagement

Chapter 7: Creating positive culture
Psychological Safety
Mindsets: Setting your team up for success
Developing positive energy networks

Chapter 8: Helping team bounce back
Developing team’s resilience
Creating high levels of courage and vitality
Positive conflict management
Learning to grow after adversity

Chapter 9: Positive practices
Creating positive identities
Practicing forgiveness, compassion and kindness
Developing a gratitude attitude
Staying curious

Chapter 10: Whole school approach to building positive schools.


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