Plant Flavonoids Affect Cancer Chemotherapeutic Efficacy: A Handbook for Doctors and Patients


Katrin Sak, M.Sc., Ph.D., Dip.Nut.Med. – Independent Senior Researcher, Estonia

Series: Nutrition and Diet Research Progress
BISAC: MED062000

Despite intensive work on molecular carcinogenic mechanisms and novel drug development, cancer has still remained an incurable disease. With the hope to gain therapeutic advantage or miracle cure, more than 50% of cancer patients consume various kinds of herbal supplements when undergoing chemotherapeutic treatment with antineoplastic agents.

However, numerous preclinical studies on combined treatment of various cancer cells with natural dietary flavonoids and chemotherapeutic drugs have revealed both desired (additive to synergistic) as well as undesired (antagonistic) interactions, meaning that coadministration of flavonoids and chemotherapeutic drugs can lead to both augmentation as well as abolishment of therapeutic efficacy. This book is the first one to systematically compile currently available information about the modulation of chemotherapeutic efficacy by flavonoids, hopefully being an assistant for cancer patients to make conscious choices in selecting proper plant products during chemotherapeutic treatment.
(Imprint: Nova Medicine and Health)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Overview of the Most Common Cancer Types

Chapter 2. Cancer Development Step By Step

Chapter 3. Conventional Chemotherapy and its Limitations

Chapter 4. Complex Mechanisms Of Cancer Drug Resistance: Possibilities for Intervention with natural Compounds

Chapter 5. Plant Flavonoids: Their Natural Sources, Bioavailability and Anticancer Properties

Chapter 6. Effects of Plant Flavonoids on Chemotherapeutic Efficacy of Cancer Drugs

Chapter 7. Conclusions and Further Perspectives to Improve Cancer Therapeutic Outcome

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This book provides supporting material for cancer patients who have decided to alter their diet and consume plant-derived dietary supplements, to do it in conscious and well-informed manner for the best therapeutic outcome. This book can be a good assistant also for medical doctors and dietary counselors who are everyday faced with multiple questions of patients about the utility of different herbal supplements, their suitability or contraindication during chemotherapeutic treatment regimens. In addition, this book clearly highlights the most attractive synergistic combinations of flavonoids and antineoplastic agents which are worth of urgent initiation of clinical trials by medical researchers and clinical scientists.

Keywords: Nutritional oncology, food and cancer, diet and cancer, plant-derived polyphenols, dietary flavonoids, cancer, cancer therapy, chemotherapy, cytotoxic drugs, alkylating drugs, platinum drugs, topoisomerase inhibitors, antimetabolites, microtubule targeting drugs, chemoresistance, chemosensitization

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