Physics Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries


Zachariah L. Ratcliff (Editor)
Owen D. McKay (Editor)

Series: Physics Research and Technology
BISAC: SCI055000

This new book compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of physics research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part 1 – Research Biographies

Tim Abram
Svetlana Avtaeva
Clayton Anderson de Azevedo Filho
Rosemary Bastian
Boris Vladimirovich Boshenyatov
Seongjae Cho
Alexander Trofimovich D’yachenko
Nathan Downs
Snežana Dragoviæ
Boxue Du
Ayah E. Elshahat
Zoltán Erdélyi
David R. Hansberry
Mariya Ivanova
Joon I. Jang
Alexander Valentinovich Kazansky
Lim, Ae Ran
Jian-Chiun Liou
Qihong Lou
Clovis Ryuichi Nakaie
Elisabeth S. Papazoglou
Vera N. Pozolotina
Tijana Prodanovic
Filippos Sofos
Masaru Tachibana
Hui-Fen Wu
Victor Yashunsky

Part 2 – Research Summaries on Physics

From the Inside of Quarks and Up to Beyond the Universe

Relativity, Gravitation, and Cosmology: New Developments

Advances in Polymer Latex Technology

Biodegradable Polymers and Sustainable Polymers (BIOPOL-2009)

Chemical Reactions in Gas, Liquid and Solid Phases: Synthesis, Properties and Application

Deposition of Polypyrrole Thin Films by Advanced Method – Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation

Linear Energy Relationships to Chemical Kinetics

Optoelectronics in Measurement of Physical Magnitudes

Physics and Technology of High Current Discharges in Dense Gas Media and Flows

Constructive Physics

Eulerian Codes for the Numerical Solution of the Kinetic Equations of Plasmas

Exact Treatment of Finite-Dimensional and Infinite-Dimensional Quantum Systems

Foundations and Applications of Variational and Perturbation Methods

Geometrization of Physical Quantities

Logarithmically Periodic Solids

Phase-Mode Transformation Matrix Application for Transmission Line and Electromagnetic Transient Analyses

Progress in Chaos and Complexity Research

Scalar Strong Interaction Hadron Theory

Synchronization in Complex Networks

The Dipole-Quadrupole Theory of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

Theory of Named Sets

Weighted Norm Inequalities for Integral Transforms with Product Kernels

Atomic Multinology

Group Theory Applied to Boundary Value Problems with Applications to Reactor Physics

Natural and Synthetic Nanotechnological Materials: Quantum Chemistry and Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy Data

Coherent Effects in Primary Visual Perception

Electron Beam Modification of Solids: Mechanisms, Common Features and Promising Applications

From Femto-to Attoscience and Beyond

High Nonlinearity Optical Fiber Technology

Nd: Yag Laser Treatment for Various Vascular Lesions

New Trends in Quantum Coherence and Nonlinear Optics (Horizons in World Physics, Volume 263)

Novel Usage of Erbium in Optical Communication Systems: From Fundamentals to Performance Characteristics

Optical and Electro-Optical Properties of Liquid Crystals: Nematic and Smectic Phases

Optical Fibers for Designing Multiple Applications

Optoelectronics in Measurement of Physical Magnitudes

Quantum Well Structures for Infrared Photodetection

Spectroscopic Analysis of Chemical Species in Carbon Plasmas Induced by High-Power IR CO2 Laser

Thulium-Doped Fiber Amplifier, Numerical and Experimental Approach

Acoustic Cavitation Theory and Equipment Design Principles for Industrial Applications of High-Intensity Ultrasound

Bosons After Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Field Theory

CA for Optimization

Chaos and Complexity Research Compendium. Volume 1

Chaos and Complexity Research Compendium Volume 2

Chaos and Complexity: New Research

Constructive Physics

Electromagnetic Mind Control: Fact or Fiction? A Scientific View

Focus for Excellence Laboratory Practice

Molecular Orbital Gap Studies in Tunneling Single Molecular Devices

Multistep Avalanche Chambers

Physics and Technology of High Current Discharges in Dense Gas Media and Flows

Quantum Mechanical Initial Conditions and Gravity (Copenhagen’s Illusions)

Symmetry and Its Breaking in Quantum Field Theory

Theoretical Estimation of Acidic Force of Linear Olefins of Cationic Polymerization

Quantum Brownian Motion in C-Numbers: Theory and Applications

Exchange Biased and Plain Superconducting Ferromagnetic Layered Hybrids

Superconducting Intercalated Graphite

A Viable New Paradigm For Quantum Reality

Crossing in Complexity: Interdisciplinary Application of Physics in Biological and Social Systems

Introduction to the Modal-Hamiltonian Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Lev Davidovich Landau and his Impact on Contemporary Theoretical Physics (Horizons in World Physics, Volume 264)

Progress in Chaos and Complexity Research

Selected Aspects of Theoretical Physics and Organic Chemistry

The Quantum Mechanical Framework Behind the End Results of the General Theory of Relativity: Matter is Built on a Universal Matter Architecture

Dynamical Self-Organization Acting as Physical Basis of the Ball Lightning Phenomenon

Extraterrestrial Lightning and Its Past and Future Investigation

Recent Studies of Schumann Resonance and ELF Transients

Educational Computer Simulations of Lightning and Associated Thunders

Lightning in Protoplanetary Disks

Ball Lightning as an Optical Incoherent Space Spherical Soliton

An Overview of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Research in Brazil in the Last Two Decades

Helium in the Terrestrial Upper Atmosphere: Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Its Emission in the Infrared Spectral Region

Helium in Metals-Diffusion and Equation of State

Release of Mantle Helium and Its Tectonic Implications

Elastic and Inelastic Processes with Spin-Polarized Metastable Helium Atoms in Gas Discharge

Effect of He Plasma Treatment on the Reactivity of Porous Methyl-doped Silicon Dioxide Layers

Lighter than Air Vehicles: Autonomous Airships for Bridge Monitoring

First-Principles Study of Helium Behavior in Nuclear Fuel Materials

Helium Thermodynamics, Analytical Model

Combining Helium with Antimatter: Antiprotonic Helium and Its Applications

Transient Modeling in Heterogeneous Combustion

Formation of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxins (PCDD), Dibenzofurans (PCDF) and Naphthalenes (PCN) in a Laboratory-Scale Waste Combustion Reactor

The Surface Chemical Reactivity of Combustion Particles

Traveling Wave Solutions of a Mathematical Model of the Heterogeneous Combustion

Characterization of Residential Coal Combustion: Products and in Situ Photo-Oxidation

Thermogravimetric Study of Two Non-Wood Biomasses Combustion

Combustion of Single Aluminum Droplet in Two-Phase Flow

Heterogeneous Combustion Synthesis

Thin Film Micro-Bolometers with Si-Ge Thermo-Sensing Films Deposited from Plasma Discharge

Investigations of Properties of High Temperature Superconducting Bolometers

Operating Uncooled Resistive Bolometers in a Closed-Loop Mode

A Security Camera as an Example for a THz Imaging Application

Noise Properties of High-Tc Superconducting Transition Edge Bolometers with Electrothermal Feedback

Comparative Investigation of Passive and Active Operating Modes for High-Tc Superconducting Transition Edge Bolometers with Electrothermal Feedback for Infrared Waves

Experimental Modelling Active Strong Electrothermal Feedback Mode for High-Tc Superconducting Bolometer on Silicon Nitride Membrane

Ybco Films On Srtio3 Substrates With Recordly Low 1/F Noise For Bolometer Applications

Absolute high-Tc superconducting radiometer with electrical-substitution for X-rays measurements

Asymmetric Electrostatic Forces and a New Electrostatic Generator

Corona Treatment of Polymer Films

Numerical Simulation for Electrostatic Field, Flow Field and Particle Behavior in a Wire-Plate Electrostatic Precipitator

ESD Protection Designs with Low-Capacitance Consideration for Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits

Food Industry Electrostatic Powder Coating

Electrostatic Capacitance Extraction of Arbitrary-Shaped Conducting Bodies using Method of Moments with Rectangular Subdomain Modeling

Electrostatics of Planar System of Conducting Strips

Review of Electroporation

Measurements on The Principal Electric Parameters of The Atmosphere

A Route to Molecular Electrostatics through Atomic Charges Generated by Means of Fast and Robust Empirical Schemes

Scalar Strong Interaction Hadron Theory(SSI) – Kaon and Pion Decay

Higgs Boson in Geometrical and Group Theories

Crystal Collimation for the LHC

Trilinear Higgs Boson Self-Couplings in the SM and the MSSM at ILC and CLIC Energies

Phenomenology of the Higgs Triplet Model

Higgs Mass and Quantum Geometry

Status of Higgs Boson Searches

Doubly-Charged Higgs Boson

Muon Colliders and Higgs Boson Physics

Analytical and Numerical Methods in the Linear Stability Study of Ideal Flows on a Sphere

Pure and Mixed Mathematics in the Work of Leonhard Euler

Applications of Computational Geometry to Problems of Political Competition

Coherence – Homotopies of Higher Order

Stable MFS-Based Solution to Singular and Non-Singular Inverse Problems for Two-Dimensional Helmholtz-Type Equations

Vandermonde Systems: Theory and Applications

A Comparative Study of Different Semilocal Convergence Results Applied to Kepler’s Equation

Discrete Maximum Principles for FEM Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Systems

Numerical Conformal Mappings for Waveguides

Computational Study of the 3D Affine Transformation

Distances Based on Neighborhood Sequences in the Triangular Grid

A Stream in the Study on Normality of Products

The Completion of Fuzzy Metric Spaces and of Other Related Structures

Homotopies and the Instability of Economic Equilibria

MinggenCui(1942-)Biographical Article

Manifolds on Continuum Mechanics

Analysis of Shell Structures Applying Triangular Finite Elements

Transport Control of Fluid and Solutes in Microchannels Using AC Field and Semiconductor Diodes

Continuum Description of Flow-like Landslide Dynamics

Examination of Cracks Based on Continuum-Mechanics
Review on Methodologies of Progressive Failure Analysis of Composite Laminates

Differential Form of Continuum Mechanics: Operators and Equations

Stress Dependent Morphogenesis Continuum Mechanics and System of Trusses

Nearest-Nodes Finite Element Method

Mesh Adaptation Algorithm Based Gradient of Strain Energy Density

The Natural Approach — an Appraisal in the Context of Continuum Mechanics

Selected topics of Mechanics of Solid Continuum

Pulse Structuring in Laser-Light Dynamics: From Weak to Strong Sideband Analyses

Pulse Structuring in Laser-Light Dynamics: From Weak to Strong Sideband Analyses

Rydberg Atoms, Molecules, Ionization, Radiation Trapping and Surface Physics in Laser Excited Dense Vapours of In and Ga Confined in Quartz Cells

Excitation of Atoms and Ions by Electron Impact

Polarization Dependent Effects in Optical Waveguides Containing Bragg Grating Structures

Fiber Bragg Gratings and their Applications as Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Time-Variant Signal Encryption by Dual Random Phase Encoding Setups Applied to Fiber Optic Links

Magnetism in Pure and Doped Manganese Clusters

Porous Silica for Solid-State Optical Devices

Pump to Signal Relative Intensity Noise Transfer in Optical Amplifiers and Lasers

Quantum Information Processing by Cavity QED under Dissipation

Influence of Electron Bound Dynamics on High Harmonic Generation (High Harmonic Generation from Molecular Systems in Excited Electronic States)

Universal Dynamical Decoherence Control of Multi-Partite Systems

Co-Precipitation Model Coupled with Predictive Model for the Removal of Arsenic from Ground and Surface Waters using Lanthanides

Experimental Studies and First Principles Calculations in Nuclear Fuel Alloys for Research Reactors

Radiation Damage and Recovery of Crystals: Frenkel vs. Schottky Defect Production

Fuel Restructuring and Actinide Radial Redistributions in Americium-Containing Uranium-Plutonium Mixed Oxide Fuels Irradiated in a Fast Reactor

Microstructural Characterization of Structural Materials of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor

Current Trends in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Fission Product Transport from Fuel to Primary Coolant of PWRs

Recent Advances in Molecular Dynamics Modelling of Radiation Effects in ¦Á-Zr.

Advances in Copper Laser Technology: Kinetic Enhancement

Merging Quantum Theory into Classical Physics

A Possible Scenario for Volumetric Display through Nanoparticle Suspensions

Statistical Properties of Nonlinear Phase Noise

Transmitted Intensity Disturbance for Air-Spaced Glan-Type Polarizing Prisms

Gain, Dispersion and Causality in Quasi-phase-matched Optical Parametric Amplification

Physical Origin of Nonlinear Phenomena in Optics

Analysis of Geometric Variations and Perturbations in High Index-contrast Waveguides, Coupled Mode and Perturbation Theories in Variation Matched Curvilinear Coordinates

Laser Processing of Metals using Femtosecond and Nanosecond Excimer Laser Irradiation

Fish Embryos as Model for Research of Biological Activity Mechanisms of Low Intensity Laser Radiation

Continuous-Wave Distributed FeedBack Quantum Cascade Laser Spectrometers for the Study of the Atmosphere

High-Speed Modulation of Semiconductor Lasers

Beam-Focused Broad-Area Distributed Bragg Reflector Laser Diodes

Cooling and Manipulating Atoms by Semiconductor Lasers

A Universal Jones Matrix Description for Systems Having Chromatic Dispersion with Polarization Mode Dispersion and Polarization Dependent Loss

Low-energy laser in Orthodontics

Semiconductor Laser and Endoscopy – A Combination for Minimally Invasive Therapy

A Comparative Study of Dry Etching of InPand, Fabrication and Characterization of InP-Based Semiconductor Lasers

Multiwavelength Optical Fiber Lasers and Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Ring Lasers

A Novel Single Shot Technique of Micro-Nano Patterning in Single Step Via Selective Laser Ablation

Computer Vision by Laser Metrology and Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence

Using Excimer Lasers for Microablation of Transparent Materials for Optoelectonic Applications

Schlieren Interferometry and Photodeflection Techniques as Diagnostic Tools in Laser Processing Analysis

Dynamic Alignment of Molecules in Intense Laser Fields of Femtosecond Duration

Laser Cleaning for Cultural Heritage

Study of the Laser Ablation and Flow Characteristics for Generating Nano-Particles

Four-wave-mixing-assisted Multi-wavelength Erbium Fiber Lasers

Widely Tunable Femtosecond Er:Fiber Lasers and Application

Low-dimensional Models for Characterizing Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

Bacterial Cell Interactions with Optical Fiber Surfaces

Single-Frequency Fiber Laser

Frequency Modulation (FM) Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers

Passively Mode-Locked Fiber Lasers with Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirrors

Fiber Laser Technology Must Be Better Focused

Entangled Photon Recovery Using a Ring Fiber Laser for Quantum Repeater Use

Using of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope in the Examination of Neural Network Underlying the Gaze and Posture Control

Nylon 6 Nanofiber Prepared by CO2 Laser Supersonic Drawing

Adaptive Interferometers – Techniques and Applications

Magnetic Components of Gravitational Waves and Response Functions of Interferometers

On the Condensed Matter Scheme for Emergent Gravity and Interferometry

Applications of Optical Interferometry to Engineering Measurements at Different Scales

Space-and-time current spectroscopy of wide-gap semiconductors

Semiconductor Optical Amplifier-Based Interferometric Switches: Overview and Characteristic Applications of Two Main Types

Heterodyne Interferometry for the Characterization of Optical Anisotropic Materials

Ultrasonic Laser Interferometry of Acoustic Fields in Inhomogeneous or Anisotropic Solids

Laser Detectors Based on Atomic Layer Thermopile Materials

Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging with Bonse-Hart Type Crystal X-ray Interferometer

Coherence Domain Path Length Resolved Approaches in Optical Doppler Flowmetry

Quantum Interferometer for Registration of Small Energy Release in Systems SQUID-magnetic Calorimeter

Scanning Laser Interferometer Based on Quasi-Homodyne Technique and its Applications in Measurement of Nano-level Vibration

Active Interferometers for All-Optical Information Processing

Fiber Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror with Polarization Control for Ultrafast All-Optical Signal Processing

An Application of Phase-Shifting Interferometer: In-situ Measurements of Photo-Induced Volume Changes, together with Measurements of Optical Absorption Coefficient in Chalcogenide Glasses

A Young Double-Slit Experiment Using A Single Electron Source

Single-Channel Incoherent Interferometer as a Tool for Recording Digital Holograms

Long-Period Fiber-Grating-Based Interferometers

Periodic Error in Heterodyne Interferometry: Examination and Elimination

Second Harmonic Generation of Light Pulses within Micro Ring Resonators for New Generation Interferometry

Determination of Dental Composites Properties by Using A Fizeau Fiber Interferometer

Application of the Koesters Interferometer in Electrochemistry

An Optical Interferometer for Measurement of the Condensation Rate of a Vapor in a Vapor-Liquid Nonequilibrium State

Evolution of Interferometers to Measure Parameters on Rough Surfaces

Moiré Interferometry Using Liquid Crystal Light Modulators

Fibre Coupled Dual Channel Heterodyne Vibrometer with Applications in Measurement of Magnetostriction Effects

Rare Earth Metals and their Complexes in Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Highly Efficient Electrophosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Iridium (III) Complexes Containing Carbazole Units

Characterization of Light-Emitting Conjugated Polymers by Electrochemical Methods

Basics of Light Emitting Diodes, Characterizations and Applications

Novel Applications of Absorbance Based Light Emitting Diode Optical Devices

Recent Progress of White Organic Light-Emitting Devices

Device Architectures for High Efficiency in Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes

New Conjugated Polyimides with Special Architecture: Photoluminescence of violet, blue and green polyimides in solution and in blend with poly (methylmethacrylate)

Laser Metrology Modeling for Object Contouring Based on Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence

Computational Study of Novel Tris-(5-aryl-8-hydroxyquinolato) Aluminum (III) Complexes with Use in Molecular Electronics

Utilizing LED Technology for Arthropod Pest Control

Nanostructured Nitride Light-Emitting Diodes

Electrophoretic Deposition: A Novel Route to Make Polymer Electronic Devices

A Tunnel Transit-Time Light Emitting Diode as a New Type of Si:Er LEDs with Impact Excitation of Er3+

Recent Progress in ZnTe-based green LED

Using Light-Emitting Diodes to Load Ions for Ion Trapping

Titania-Germanium Nanocomposite for Next Generation Light Emitting Diodes

Enhanced Extraction Efficiency of GaN-Based Vertical Type LED Using Cone-Shape Patterned Sapphire Substrate

Pseudo-Schottky Diodes: An Original Means of Improving Gas Sensor Applications Bases on Schottky Diodes

SiC Schottky Diodes

GaN-based Schottky Diodes

Multi-Layer Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes

Recent Progress of High Peak Power Solid State Lasers

Laser Annealing of Composite Materials with Metal Nanoparticles

Single Crystal Photo-Elastic Modulators

Diffractive Microoptics for Technological IR-Lasers

Micro- and Nanoscale Heat Transfer in Femtosecond Laser Processing of Metals

High Power Femtosecond Laser Machining of Metals in Ambient Medium

Femtolasers-Mediated Multiphoton Excitation Imaging of Bulk Ocular Tissues

Optical Properties of Rare Earth Ions Induced by Femtosecond Laser

Ytterbium Doped Materials for Femtosecond Lasers

Ultrafast Dynamics of Porphyrins in Higher Excited State

Femtosecond Excited-State Ultrafast Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems: Semiclassical Dynamics Simulations

High Intensity Laser-Matter Interactions: Measurements of Ion and Neutral Emission and Applications

Improved thermal model and its application in high-power laser ablation of target

Dynamics of Excitons Confined in Semiconductor Thin Films

High Power Long Pulse Width QCW Laser Diode Bars for Optical Pumping of Yb-er Glass Solid State Lasers

Double-Pulse Laser Ablation of Solid Targets in Ambient Gas: Mechanisms and Effects

Assessing Hunter-Gatherer Mobility in Cis-Baikal, Siberia using LA-ICP-MS: Methodological Correction for Laser Interactions with Calcium Phosphate Matrices and the Potential for Integrated LA-ICP-MS Sampling of Archaeological Skeletal Materials

Modeling of Laser Ablation Induced by Nanosecond and Femtosecond Laser Pulses

Fabrication of Silicon Nanocrystal Based Structures with Nanosecond Laser Ablation Processing in Liquid Media

Ho:YAG Laser Lithotripsy

Computer Modelling of Femtosecond Laser Ablation of Semiconductors and Dielectrics

Thermophysical Effects of Femtosecond Laser Ablation of Metal Target

Formation of Nanoparticles under Laser Ablation of Solids in Liquids

Nanodiamonds from Laser Ablation in Liquid
Computer Modeling of Nanostructuring on Materials with Tightly Focused Energy Deposition

Quantum Kinetics of Multiphoton Processes: Durations of Elementary Processes, Thresholds of Channels Opening and their Saturations

Two-Dimensional Periodic Nanoscale Patterning of the Solid Surfaces by Four-Beam Standing Wave Excimer Laser Lithography

ZnO Nanostructures Deposited by Laser Ablation

Diode Laser Forming of Steel Parts

Lasers and Lamps with Excitation by Background-Electron Multiplication Wave

Phase Transitions as Possible Sources of High Power Radiation

Application of Pulsed Laser Deposition for Putting Multi-Layer Coatings on the Inner Surfaces of Hollow Objects

Underground Cavity 3D Detection Using Laser System

Laser Cladding: An Overview

Laser Prototyping of Polymer-Based Nanoplasmonic Components

Structured Beams in Laser Refractography Applications

Optical Breakdown in Gases Induced by High-Power IRCO2 Laser Pulses

Machining Steel XC42 by High-Power Continuous CO2 Laser. Physical Process Description, Energetic And Thermal Modeling

Integrated Optical Ring Resonators: Modelling and Technologies

Vcsel Resonators

Microstub Resonators Based-Waveguides for Filtering and Multiplexing Devices

Development of Rain and Scintillation Models at Ku-Band in Southeast Asia Tropical Countries

Resonator for Selective Vortex Laser Beam Generation in End-Pumped Solid-State Lasers

Computational and Experimental Analysis of A Stable-Unstable Optical Resonator for A Diffusion Cooled CO2 Waveguide Laser

A Fractional Fourier Transform Theory of Optical Resonators

Nonlinear Coupling of Microring Resonators, Theory and Applications

Dynamics and Interactions of Gap Solitons in Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

Fiber Optic Sensors using Sol-Gel Derived Nanomaterials for Gas Sensing

Performance Monitoring in Advanced Optical Fiber Networks

High Nonlinearity Optical Fiber Technology for All-Optical Signal Processing Devices

An Overview of a Distributed Fiber Optic Crack Sensors

Optical Fiber Nanowires, Sub-wavelength Wires and Related Devices

Novel Chirped-Fiber Bragg Grating Based Filters

Installation of Optical Fiber Cables

Optical Fiber Displacement Sensor for Thin Film Stress Measurement

Fiber Optic Spectroscopy to study Neurovascular Coupling in Small Areas of the Rat Brain

Fiber-Optic Glucose Sensors

The High Velocity Impact of Carbon-Fibre Based Composite Materials

Progress in Organic Spintronics

Electrical Transport in Hydrogenated Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films

Development in Materials Processing of MgB2 – Microstructure, Chemical Doping and Critical Current Properties

Influence of Thermomechanical Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Weather Resistant Steel

Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid Behavior in Carbon Nanotubes; Theory and Solid State Spectroscopy

Quantum-Vacuum Effects and Quantum Coherence in Artificial Electromagnetic Materials

Development, Properties, Applications and Machinability of Superalloy Inconel

Zirconia and Allumina Bioceramic Biocompatibility

Platelet-Rich Plasma: Its Biological Properties and Applications

Biocompatibility Assessment of Gelatin Carriers Used in Corneal Endothelial Cell Delivery

The Thermoelectric Power, an Alternative Non-Destructive Method for the Characterization of Inconel 718

Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Analysis of the Microstructure of Ni2MnGa Shape Memory Alloys

Capacitor Discharge Welded Bars of Inconel 718 Superalloy under Fatigue

Biointegration of Novel Enabling Technologies

Aeronautical Superalloys Joined by Projection CDW Process

Emerging Concepts and Challenges in Nano Metal Oxide Thin Films

Spectroscopic Analysis of Chemical Species in Carbon Plasmas Induced by High-Power IR CO2 Laser

Induction Transformer Coupled Discharges: Investigation and Application

Features on the High Frequency Dielectric Response in Ferroelectric Materials

The Principle that Generates Configuration in Animate and Inanimate Systems – A Unified View

Computational Studies on Drag Reduction Effect by Surface Grooves

Current Limiting in Oxide Ceramic Structures

Characterisation of Silicide Thin Films for Semiconductor and Nanotechnology Electronics

Magnetically Modified Biological Materials as Perspective Adsorbents for Large-Scale Magnetic Separation Processes

Optimisation of Deposition Conditions for Functional Oxide Thin Films

Optical Waveguides Produced by Ion Implantation in Oxide Glasses

Thin Film Piezoelectric Response Coefficient Estimation Techniques

Plasma Technology: An Alternative to Conventional Chemical Processes for Hydrogen Production

Target-Plasma-Film interactions in high power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HPPMS)

Bose–Einstein Condensation in Nonlinear System

New Aspects of Relaxation Processes in Cryogenic Solids

Induction Transformer Coupled Discharges: Investigation and Application

P-type InGaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well Structures for Infrared Photodetection

A D-3He Spherical Tokamak Reactor with the Plasma Current Ramp-up by Vertical Field

5-Dimension Space-Time Field Theory and Realization of Matter

Chemical Physics of Phonons and Superconductivity: An Heuristic Approach

Description of the Ultraslow Light Phenomenon in Atomic Bose Condensates in the Framework of the Microscopic Approach

Energy Decay Mechanism of Quantum Grid Turbulence in He II Below 1 K

Dark Matter Haloes as Fruits of Merger Trees in a CDM Garden

Application of GEANT4 Code in Gamma Irradiation Processing

Stochastic Dynamic Systems with Long-Range Correlations: Basic Notions and Applications

Characterization of Laser-Driven Ion Emission

New Approach to Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates

Quantum Interference in the Time-of-Flight Distribution for Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates

On the Dynamics of Nonconservative Bose-Einstein Condensates in Trapped Dilute Gases

Elliptic Vortices in Self-Attractive Bose-Einstein Condensates

Classical Electrodynamics Analogy of Two-Dimensional Bose-Einstein Condensates

Matter Wave Dark Solitons in Optical Superlattices

Bright Matter Waves and Stable Atomic Mode-Locking in Bose-Einstein Condensates

On the Mathematical Description of the Effective Behaviour of One-Dimensional Bose-Einstein Condensates with Defects

Experimental Observation of Some Phenomena in Bose-Einstein Condensates

Bose-Fermi Mixtures of Ultracold Atoms

Control of the Sonic Boom Generated by a Flying Vehicle by Means of a Cryogenic Impact on the Flow Process

Liquid Oxygen Magnetohydrodynamics

Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Light Weight Alloys

Cryogenic Treatment and Fatigue Resistance

Application of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors at Cryogenic Temperatures

Cryogenic Grinding: Application for Structural Modification and Formulation Development of Drug Molecules

Improvements in Tolerance to Cryopreservation using Shoot-Tips of Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflorum Kitam.) from Genetically Modified Plants that Accumulate Trehalose

Cryogenics Vessels Thermal Profilng Using the Boubaker Polynomials Expansion Scheme Investigation

Solar Absorption Systems as the Foundation for the New Generation of Heat-Pumping, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Technologies

Causes and Failures and the New Prospects in the Field of Space Material Sciences

Modeling of Interaction Kinetics during Combustion Synthesis of Advanced Materials: Phase-Formation-Mechanism Maps

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