Philosophy and the Everyday Lives



Series: World Philosophy

BISAC: PHI000000

Studying philosophy means unraveling reality in all its aspects. By contextualizing today’s reality in its social, political, ecological, spiritual and also aesthetic context, the chapters in this edited volume present research findings complementing or even challenging ongoing scholarly discussions in philosophy and humanity. The chapters are divided into five sections based on the issues being discussed: (1) Law and Politics, (2) Economy, (3) Humanity and Wellbeing, (4) Rethinking Spirituality, and (5) Arts. Besides the obvious urgency to problematize these issues due to the dynamics of paradigm and theories in the field of philosophy, there will always be a need to constantly create new conversations. The wide variety of aspects of humanity that are being analyzed in the chapters are done by non-Westerns scholars, in this case Indonesian scholars, and this provides alternative ways of interpreting philosophical concepts in relation to everyday realities. The issues being discussed might seem universal as depicted in the choices of texts, which come from different countries. However, the specificity of each context contributes to a more complex discussion of various philosophical aspects. The readings and interpretations of the philosophical theories build a non-Western scholarship which is definitely needed to enrich the process of knowledge production in the humanities and social sciences. The multiplicity of the texts chosen as case studies in each chapter is the primary specialty of this edited volume since there are not a lot of projects that cover multiple issues coming from different locales in one book with an interdisciplinary approach.

Table of Contents

(Fristian Hadinata and James Farlow Mendrofa)

Law and Politics
Chapter 1. Sociological Jurisprudence: An Alternative to Seeking Justice and Certainty of Law Through Roscoe Pound’s Thinking
(Puri Rahayu Arinta, James Farlow Mendrofa, and Fristian Hadinata)

Chapter 2. Freedom of Judgment: The Relationship between Court Decisions and Legal Realism
(Isti Hanifah, James Farlow Mendrofa, andFristian Hadinata)

Chapter 3. Karl Marx’s Metaphysical System: A Conceptual Framework of Understanding the Political Situations of Indonesia
(Johanis Putratama Kamuri)

Chapter 4. Revitalizing the Liberal Finance System: Cryptocurrency Affirmation through the Concept of the Spontaneous Order by F. A Hayek
(Verdy S. Nugraha and Fristian Hadinata)

Chapter 5. A New Form of Capitalism: Freeware in the Network as a Manifestation of Information Exploitation
(Hisyam Ikhtiar Mulia and Fristian Hadinata)

Chapter 6. Philosophical Reflection of Disruptive Market Development on Human Mode of Relation
(Satya Anggara and Herdito Sandi Pratama)

Humanities and Wellbeing
Chapter 7. Critical Analysis on Well-Being of Disabled People Within Non-Monetary Area by Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach
(Fitrianingsih and Herdito Sandi Pratama

Chapter 8. Ecolinguistics as an Alternative Explanation for Ecological Problems: The Non-Balanced Relationship of Human Beings and Nature
(Unaqa Nur Azzahra, James Farlow Mendrofa, and Fristian Hadinata)

Chapter 9. Philosophical Analysis of Manual Technology Urgency in the Automation Era and its Relevance to Human Abilities
(Ahmad Haekal and Fristian Hadinata)

Rethinking Spirituality
Chapter 10. Plantinga’s Epistemic Externalism and The Problem of Divine Hiddenness in Theism: Knowledge About God as a Warranted Knowledge
(Samuel Vincenzo Jonathan and Herdito Sandi Pratama

Chapter 11. Augustine’s Scepticism as The Critique of Traditional Religion
(Annisa Amadea Svastika and Albertus Harsawibawa)

Chapter 12. Sufism Movement in Rifa’iyah Batik Art in Pekalongan-Batang In 1960-1980
(Adlien Fadila and Zeffry Al Katiri)

Chapter 13. Virtuality of Dance and the Paradox of Body Movement
(Trina Acacia, Embun Kenyowati and Ikhaputri Widhianti)


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