Phenomenology of the Ball Lightning and its Relevance for Other Enigmas of Nature


E. Lozneanu and M. Sanduloviciu
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Iasi, Romania

Series: Physics Research and Technology
BISAC: SCI055000

One of the most astonishing phenomena occasionally revealed by the Nature is ball lightning. Observed during thunderstorms it appears as a free-floating spherical or nearly spherical luminous gaseous body the lifetime of which substantially surpasses the duration of its emergence. Each year, hundreds of eyewitness accounts of such strange events are reported to local journals, police and even military authorities. Appearing randomly, their scientific investigation is very difficult. So, the elucidation of its genuine origin remained one of the most intriguing and enduring challenges of the contemporary science. This book presents current research in the phenomenology of ball lightning and its relevance for other enigmas of nature. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Ball lightning models: short review

2. Experiments potentially informative for the ball lightning genesis

3. Current status of the concept of self-organization

4. Experimental device and results

5. Conceptual model of the ball lightning

6. Explanation of the ball lightning observational characteristics

7. Self-organization and the origin of UFOs

8. Dynamical self-organization and the origin of life

9. Biophoton emission and intercellular communication

10. Final remarks



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