Peopling of the Americas, Currents, Canoes, and DNA


Barbara Bennett Peterson, PhD – University of Hawaii, Hawaii, USA

Series: Focus on Civilizations and Cultures
BISAC: POL040010

This book provides an answer to the question ‘Who are the Native Americans?’ Their origins are significant in world history because they suggest early globalization. ‘Peopling of the Americas, Currents, Canoes, and DNA’ explains that cultural diffusion from the Old World to the New World is a reality and a concept no longer to be marginalized. Peoples of many ethnic backgrounds entered the Americas from many parts of the globe very early in our history. Seen from this perspective, America is not really a new country, but has a long and rich pre-history revealed to us through archaeology and skull morphology research and most recently by DNA and genetic studies. Science, especially genetics, has meshed with cultural history to create this book explaining multiple origins of Native Americans.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Migration Routes to the Americas Across Both Oceans

Chapter 2. The Chinese Colonized the Americas By Sea Before Columbus

Chapter 3. Indians of Southeast Asia Expand Trading Networks to the Americas

Chapter 4. Indo-China as a Cultural Influence on the Americas and the Resulting Cultural Blends of Numerous Cultures

Chapter 5. Japanese Contacts by Sea with the Americas Before Columbus

Chapter 6. Polynesian Migrations to the Americas Before Columbus

Chapter 7. Migrations of Africans to the Americas

Chapter 8. Atlantic Migrations to the New World

Chapter 9. Bringing Evidences Together: Proving Pre-Columbian Contact Based on DNA Evidence

Chapter 10. Epilogue



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