Organ Donation and Transplantation – An Interdisciplinary Approach


Mary Anne Lauri (Editor)
Department of Psychology, University of Malta, Rectorate, Malta

Series: Organ Transplantation Research Horizons
BISAC: MED085070

This book brings together researchers from three different continents who present different perspectives on the complex issue of organ donation. Several important authors have contributed to this edited book on organ donation discussing the phenomenon from different aspects, particularly the psychological, medico-legal, religious and communications perspectives. Some of the authors have not only studied these questions academically, but they themselves are live organ donors or organ recipients as well.

The chapters by Cole, Camilleri-Zahra, Schweda and Wolhke, Siegel, Anker and Jansen give importance to the voice of organ donors, recipients and their families. They discuss the dilemmas which donors, recipients and their families face when they come to learn that a family member needs an organ transplant, and the subsequent difficult decisions that have to be made by the recipients, possible donors and family members. The phases before and after the donation of organs are as important as the donation itself. Fear, guilt and other strong emotions are intrinsic to the donation process both in live donation as well as in cadaveric donation.

The psychological and health challenges presented by organ donation, discussed by Lauri, Moloney, Walker and Charlton, Shanteau and Hyde, are compounded by legal, religious and cultural issues, which will also be discussed in different chapters of the book by Ellul, Borg and Reinhart. Finally, the chapters by Alvaro, Feeley and Yang discuss how the media can influence and inform public attitudes towards organ donation and discuss how it can help increase the number of organ donors. This book is meant for those who, in some way, come in contact with people who need an organ transplant and those who have to help people come to reach informed decisions. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical )

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Medico-Legal Aspects of Organ Donation
(Bridget Ellul, University of Malta, Malta)
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Chapter 2: Live Donation and the Experience of the Donor: A Personal Perspective
(Maureen Cole, University of Malta, Malta)

Chapter 3: Motivations for Donating a Kidney Whilst Still Alive: A Social Psychological Perspective of Altruism
(Amy Camilleri-Zahra, University of Malta, Malta)

Chapter 4: Understanding Decisions to Communicate Organ Donation Wishes: A Narrative Review
(Melissa K. Hyde, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia)

Chapter 5: Organ Donation Behavior: Why the Shortage of Organs?
(James Shanteau, Kansas State University, Kansas, USA)

Chapter 6: Love is All You Need: Organ Donation in the Teachings of Different Religions
(Joseph Borg, University of Malta, Malta)

Chapter 7: Illuminating the Psychological Processes Associated with Renal Failure Diagnosis and Living Donation Considerations: An Application of Goal Disruption Theory
(Jason T. Siegel, Claremont Graduate University, California, USA)

Chapter 8: I Do but I Don’t…. The Yes, but Factor in Organ Donation and Transplantation
(Gail Moloney, Iain Walker and Tegan Charlton, Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia, and others)

Chapter 9: Building Trust to Encourage Donors: Examining Ways to Increase Donation among African Americans
(Amber Marie Reinhart, University of Missouri, St Louis, USA)

Chapter 10: Lasting Bonds and New Connections: Public Views on the Donor-Recipient-Relation and their Implications for the Ethics of Organ Transplantation
(Mark Schweda and Sabine Wöhlke, University Medical Centre, Gottingeen, Germany)

Chapter 11: Critical Conversations: Organ Procurement Coordinators’ Interpersonal Communication during Donation Requests
(Ashley Anker, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, New York, USA)

Chapter 12: Organ Donation in the Netherlands: The Shortage of Donors and a New Way to Improve the Donation Rate
(Nichon E. Jansen, Dutch Transplant Foundation, Leiden, The Netherlands)

Chapter 13: Metaphors of Organ Donation, Social Representations of the Body and the Opt-Out System
(Mary Anne Lauri, University of Malta, Malta)

Chapter 14: Organ Donation Media Campaigns: Key Considerations for Improving Campaign Effectiveness
(Eusebio M. Alvaro, Claremont Graduate University, California, USA)

Chapter 15: Promoting Organ Donation through Communication Campaigns
(Thomas Hugh Feeley and Z. Janet Yang, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, New York, USA)


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