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Nova Excerpts: Environmental Sciences is a compilation of Abstracts and Introductions from a wide variety of Environmental Science books Nova has published over the years. Each excerpt includes the title of the original book where the original content was published should readers be interested in learning more. Nova Excerpts is published simultaneously in both print and digital formats.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Climate Policies from a Classical-Liberal Point of View: A Selected Overview
(Karl Farmer)

Chapter 2. Climate-Resilient Insurance to Compensate Caribbean Countries for Loss and Damage
from Extreme Weather Events
(Don Charles)

Chapter 3. Bioaugmentation Technology to Remove Oil from Oily Wastewater Using Isolated Actinobacteria
(Souptik Bhattacharya, Ankita Mazumder, Dwaipayan Sen and Chiranjib Bhattacharjee)

Chapter 4. Controlling Flower Opening of Cut Rose by Light Environment
(Takanori Horibe)

Chapter 5. Plant Biodiversity in Turkey
(Metin Turan, Parisa Bolouri, Sanem Argin, Dilara Birinci, Idil Yilmaz, Yagmur Turker, Hazal Yilmaz, Ramazan Cakmakci, Nuran Hijazi, Nilda Ersoy, Ramazan Suleyman Gokturk, Ibrahim Baktir, Ertan Yildirim, Melek Ekinci, Duran Katar and Nimet Katar)

Chapter 6. Plasma Membrane Lipids and Plant Adaptation to Salt Stress
(Mohamed Magdy F. Mansour, Karima Hamid A. Salama, Amal A. Morsy and Mannal M. Emam)

Chapter 7. Odisha: Land of Serene and Diverse Socio-Agrarian Ecosystem
(Usha Das, Subhashisa Praharaj and Souvik Ghosh)

Chapter 8. Potentials of SBR Membrane Bioreactor Applied to Treat Domestic Wastewater in Developing Countries – An Overview
(Thanh-Son Bui and Khac-Uan Do)

Chapter 9. Development of SBR-MBR Technology for Treating Domestic Wastewater – A Case Study in Vietnam
(Thanh-Son Bui, Ngoc-Thuy Vu and Khac-Uan Do)

Chapter 10. Impact of Environmental Toxicants, Viruses and Parasitism on Honey Bees
(Amanda Somers, KiriLi N. Stauch, Timothy E. Black and Charles I. Abramson)

Chapter 11. Synergistic Interactions of Grassland Fragmentation, Fire and Invasive Woody Plants in the Argentine Pampas
(Alejandra L. Yezzi, Ana J. Nebbia and Sergio M. Zalba)

Chapter 12. Fire in European Grasslands: A Management Tool or a Threatening Factor?
(Orsolya Valkó)

Chapter 13. Advanced Modeling of Persistent Organic Pollutant (POPs) Patterns in Biomatrices
(Gordana Jovanović, Snježana Herceg Romanić and Andreja Stojić)

Chapter 14. “The One Health” a Methodological Approach to Study the Vulnerability and Effects of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Coatzacoalcos Veracruz, Mexico
(Donaji J. Gonzalez-Mille, Omar Cruz-Santiago, César A. Ilizaliturri-Hernández, Guillermo Espinosa-Reyes, Nadia A. Pelallo-Martínez, Antonio Trejo-Acevedo, Marco Sánchez-Guerra, Jesús Mejía-Saavedra and Fernando Díaz-Barriga)

Chapter 15. Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.): Potential for Nutritional Breeding
(Sarah E. Powers and Dil Thavarajah)

Chapter 16. Identification of Plant Programmed Cell Death
(Aslıhan Çetinbaş-Genç and Filiz Vardar)

Chapter 17. Soil Microbial Communities in Urban Environment
(Andrey Gorovtsov, Vishnu Rajput, Elizaveta Pulikova, Artem Gerasimenko, Fedor Ivanov, Nikita Vasilchenko, Aleksander Demidov, Hanuman Jatav and Tatiana Minkina)

Chapter 18. Problem Finding Guide for Sustainable Operation of Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants
(Başak Kılıç Taşeli)

Chapter 19. Advanced Control Algorithms and Software Solutions for Monitoring and Data Acquisition
in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
(Dan Selişteanu, Emil Petre, Ion-Marian Popescu and Monica Roman)

Chapter 20. Geomorphosites of the North of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain)
(Salvador Beato Bergua, Miguel Ángel Poblete Piedrabuena and José Luis Marino Alfonso)

Chapter 21. The Evolution of the Landscape in Fuerteventura and Its Recent Deterioration
(Salvador Beato Bergua, Miguel Ángel Poblete Piedrabuena and José Luis Marino Alfonso)

Chapter 22. Aldehyde Dehydrogenases of Plants: An Enzyme Superfamily with Multifaced Biochemical and Physiological Functions
(Naïm Stiti and Dorothea Bartels)

Chapter 23. Rhizosphere Microbes and Plant Immunity
(Shyamalina Haldar and Sanghamitra Sengupta)

Chapter 24. Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Factors Affecting the Large Forest Fire Danger in Turkey
(İsmet Daşdemir, Fuat Aydın and Mertol Ertuğrul)

Chapter 25. Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Resilient Cities
(Cihan Turhan, Ali Serdar Atalay and Gulden Gokcen Akkurt)

Chapter 26. Landscape Metrics to Analyze the Changes in the Paraguay/Jauquara Basin, Mato Grosso State – Brazil
(Angélica Aparecida Dourado da Costa, Edinéia Aparecida dos Santos Galvanin, Elisa Hardt Alves Vieira, Sandra Mara Alves da Silva Neves, Gustavo Alencar Silva and Jesã Pereira Kreitlow)

Chapter 27. Tourism and Natural Environment at Ramsar Sites in Serbia – Towards a Symbiotic Relationship and Sustainable Management
(Jovana Brankov and Ana Milanović Pešić)

Chapter 28. The Uncertain Future of Identity Politics and Conservation Policy in the Brazilian Amazon: Political Ecology and Relational Perspectives
(Scott William Hoefle)

Chapter 29. The Management of Green Spaces in Addis Ababa in the Context of Climate Change
(Alberto Gianoli, Somesh Sharma and Gezahegne Gebremeskel Kibret)

Chapter 30. Evaluation of the Relative Labilities of Copper, Lead, and Mercury in Sediment Samples Collected from Watercourses with Different Types of Waters in the Amazon Basin, Brazil
(Bruno Cesar Prior Rocha, Luiz Fabrício Zara, André Henrique Rosa, Paula Chiachia Pasta, Valber de Albuquerque Pedrosa, Margarida Juri Saeki, Marco Antonio Utrera Martines, Ézio Sargentini Júnior and Gustavo Rocha de Castro)

Chapter 31. Water Pollution Arising from the Chemical Industry and Its Impact on Environmental
and Human Health
(Nitin Kumar Sharma, Manjula Nair and Dinesh Kumar)

Chapter 32. Soil Bacterial Diversity in Turfgrass Ecosystems of Northwest China Using High-Throughput Sequencing Technology
(Yingying Cao, Tuo Yao and Weibing Zhang)

Chapter 33. Molecular Genetic and Microanalytic Advances in Soil Microbial Ecology Research
(O. Roger Anderson)

Chapter 34. Application of Plant Diversity through Complex Agroforestry on Three Land Use System
(A. Sudomo and D. Maharani)

Chapter 35. Application of Amomum Cardamomum Willd Based Agroforestry Private Forests: Lessons Learned and Development Strategic from East Priangan, West Java Province, Indonesia
(A. Sudomo)

Chapter 36. Review of the Status of the Cyprinid Fishes in Bulgaria
(Desislava Al. Rozdina and Galerida N. Raikova)

Chapter 37. Geopolitics, Territorial Governance and the Making of Water Supply System: The Case of Cold War Hong Kong, 1949-1979
(Nelson K. Lee and Sam C. W. Choi)

Chapter 38. Bioethanol Production from Populus Species: Insight from Nucleotide Variation
to Biomass Characteristics
(Sebastián Sepúlveda and Fernando P. Guerra)

Chapter 39. Historical Ecology to Inform Restoration of Oak Savanna in Michigan
(Isaac Hayford and Sophan Chhin)

Chapter 40. Coniferous Forest Ecosystems (With a Reference to Soil Mesofauna): A Literature Review
(Peter Čuchta)

Chapter 41. City Gulls and Their Rural Neighbours: Changes in Escape and Agonistic Behaviour along a Rural-To-Urban Gradient
(Olga Pavlova and Torsten Wronski)

Chapter 42. A Comprehensive Study of the Statistical Effects of Maize Harvesting on Water Quality in Ecuadorian Soils from 2012 to 2016
(Juan Gaibor-Chávez, Elizabeth Bravo-Velásquez, M. Fierro-Bósquez, V. Gonzalez-Rivera, E. Cortez -Rojas, Diego T. Santos and Daniel Arias-Toro)

Chapter 43. Hydrochemical Study at Águas De Santa Bárbara Spa, São Paulo State, Brazil
(Daniel Marcos Bonotto and Gabrielle Roveratti)

Chapter 44. Chitosan Immobilization on Solid Supports for Waste Water Treatment: Experimental Data and Recent Trends
(Juliana Q. Albarelli, Diego T. Santos, Rodrigo S. Vieira and Marisa M. Beppu)

Chapter 45. An Approach to Depicture Groundwater Recharge Potential Sites in English Bazar Block (Malda District), West Bengal Using GIS Techniques
(Paban Ghosh and Kabita Lepcha)

Chapter 46. Natural Disturbances (With a Special Reference to Windthrow): A Literature Review
(Peter Čuchta)

Chapter 47. Control Measures to Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Rock Blasting in Mines Near to Urban Areas
(Leandro de Vilhena Costa, Diego T. Santos and Lais Gonçalves Pereira)


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