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Nova Excerpts: Earth Sciences is a compilation of Abstracts and Introductions from a wide variety of Earth Science books Nova has published over the years. Each excerpt includes the title of the original book where the original content was published should readers be interested in learning more. Nova Excerpts is published simultaneously in both print and digital formats.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Experimental Steps for Calibrating a Radon Meter for Use in Environmental Studies
(Eder Queiroz Barbosa and Daniel Marcos Bonotto)

Chapter 2. The Influence of Regional and Global Geophysical Characteristics on the Volumetric Activity of Radon in Gorno-Altaisk (Russia)
(Alexander V. Shitov)

Chapter 3. Features of Radon Distribution over Kimberlite Pipes of the Arkhangelsk Diamondiferous Province: Possible Directions for the Study of the Structure Near-Pipe Space and Development of the Emanometric Method for the Search for Kimberlites
(Evgeny Yu. Yakovlev, Sergey V. Druzhinin, Sergey B. Zykov and Elena N. Zykova)

Chapter 4. Study of Fault Traces in Taiwan Using Soil-Gas Geochemistry: An Overview
(Vivek Walia, Arvind Kumar, Ching-Chou Fu, Wei-Li Hong and Tsanyao Frank Yang)

Chapter 5. Radon Exposure and Measurement
(Tayseer Alnaggar)

Chapter 6. Estimation of Radon Activity in Soil and Exhalation of Radon from Soil in Bakreswar-Tantloi Geothermal Region of West Bengal and Jharkhand, India
(Saheli Chowdhury, Chiranjib Barman, Argha Deb, Sibaji Raha, Debasis Ghose and Bikash Sinha)

Chapter 7. Radon Based Biometric Characterization for Person Identification
(Jitendra P. Chaudhari and Hiren K. Mewada)

Chapter 8. Radon Exposure: Health Effects and Protection
(Esra Kavaz and Neslihan Ekinci)

Chapter 9. Estimation of Radon and Environmental Radioactivity
(Pankaj Bala, Vinod Kumar and Rohit Mehra)

Chapter 10. Dynamics of 222RN and 220RN Decay Products and Their Deposition Based Measurement Technique
(Rosaline Mishra)

Chapter 11. Radon Risk and Remediation: A Psychological Perspective
(David Hevey)

Chapter 12. Indoor Radon Gas and Assessment of Health Risk
(Mahshid Shahbazi Sehrani, Mohsen Mirmohammadi and Siamak Boudaghpour)

Chapter 13. A Proposal for Actuation with Measurements of Radon Activity Concentrations in Working Places
(Martín Sánchez, M. J. Nuevo and J. de la Torre Pérez)

Chapter 14. Role of Radon as a Precursor to Earthquakes: An Appraisal
(Rajib Biswas)

Chapter 15. Natural Radioactivity Survey on Rocks Found on Jammu – Kashmir National Highway, Himalayas, India
(Ajay Kumar and Sumit Sharma)

Chapter 16. Seasonal Variation Analysis of Soil Radon Data
(Hari Prasad Jaishi, Sanjay Singh and Ramesh Chandra Tiwari)

Chapter 17. Analysis of Meteorological Influence on Exhalation of 222Rn and 220Rn Gases at Mat Fault
(T. Thuamthansanga, R. C. Tiwari, B. K. Sahoo and D. Datta)

Chapter 18. Radon Testing and Mitigation in Schools of Shillong City, Meghalaya
(Devesh Walia, Deveshwori Maibam, Yubaraj Sharma and Atul Saxena)

Chapter 19. Calibration Factor for LR-115 Type II Detector for Soil-Gas Radon Measurement
(Devesh Walia, Atul Saxena, Deveshwori Maibam and Yubaraj Sharma)

Chapter 20. Atmospheric Corrosion in the Canary Islands
(J. J. Santana, V. F. Mena-González, H. C. Vasconcelos, S. González and R. M. Souto)

Chapter 21. Perspectives of Atmospheric Sciences in the Azores: History of Meteorology and Climate Change
(Maria Gabriela Meirelles and Fernanda Rosário Silva Carvalho)

Chapter 22. Bioglass Prepared via a Mineral Water-Assisted Sol-Gel Route
(H. C. Vasconcelos, R. Coutinho, P. Freire, A. C. Farias, M. C. Gonçalves and A. Silva Pinto)

Chapter 23. The Red Sea: A Newborn Ocean
(Laura Pinarelli)

Chapter 24. Mineral Resources in the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden: Polymetallic-Barite Mineralizations at Wadi Masilah Basin (Yemen)
(Laura Pinarelli and Mohamed A. Mattash)

Chapter 25. Current Status of the Sudanese Red Sea Fisheries Resource Management
(Omyma Karrar)

Chapter 26. Dating the Last Deglaciation: Geochronologic Methods Used to Assign Temporal Constraints to the Retreat of Late Pleistocene Ice Sheets
(Ken Munyikwa)

Chapter 27. The Influence of Deglaciations in the Mid-Latitude European Climate
(Gloria M. Martin-Garcia)

Chapter 28. Deglaciation of the Late Weichselian Barents Sea Ice Sheet
(Ivar O. Murdmaa and Elena V. Ivanova)

Chapter 29. Introduction: The Andes: Geography, Diversity, and Sociocultural Impacts
(Casey D. Allen)

Chapter 30. Droughts and Floods in Northern Argentinean Patagonia
(M. H. González, P. E. Romero and E. M. Garbarini)

Chapter 31. Statistical Evaluation of Experimental Models for the Prediction of Snow in the Central Andes
(N. K. Bisero and M. H. González)

Chapter 32. Palpa and Lucanas: Cultural Development Under Changing Climatic Conditions on the Western Slope of the Andes in Southern Peru
(Johny Isla and Markus Reindel)

Chapter 33. The Yungas of the South Andes and Their Key Role for the Onset of Early Pre-Columbian Villages
(Julián Salazar)

Chapter 34. Trading Up: Interregional Exchange and Inter-Household Wealth Differentiation in Two Highland Bolivian Villages
(Christine D. Beaule and Alana N. DeLoge)

Chapter 35. Piassaba Broom Production and Fiber Harvest Amid Challenging Conditions in the Lower Andes: A Case from Peru
(James W. Penn, Jr.)


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