Non-linear Cooperative Effects in Open Quantum Systems: Entanglement and Second Order Coherence


Series: Physics Research and Technology
BISAC: SCI057000

This monograph, “Non-linear Cooperative Effects in Open Quantum Systems: Entanglement and Second Order Coherence” is dedicated to the large auditory of specialists interested in the modern approaches in quantum open systems, cooperative phenomena between excited atoms and the field of the non-linear interaction. Special attention is dedicated to the problems of non-linear interaction with vacuum fields and thermostat with finite temperature, but quantum aspects of laser generation of light in non-linear interaction with finite numbers of cavity modes remain the center of attention.

In many situations, the limit to the traditional cooperative phenomena of open quantum systems and thermodynamics are taken into consideration. As the book contains the class of non-linear effects of generations of the particle in such cooperative phenomena, the author’s aim was to describe squeezed problems and affect entanglement between the generation photons and phonons in cooperative processes. The new phenomenon of cooperative emission in the single- and two-quantum processes are carefully described for large audiences of specialists in the field of quantum optics and condensed matter physics, chemistry and biology.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents




1 Models of Two-Quantum Interaction of Non-Equilibrium System
with Bath

2 Methods of Elimination of Boson Field Operators in Two-quantum Interaction with vacuum and squeezed Bath

3 Elimination of Boson Field Operators in Nonlinear Interaction of Small System with Thermal Bath

4 Procedure of Elimination of bi-Boson Atomic (or Field) Operators in the ”Good” (or ”Bad”) Cavity Limit

5 Representation of Photon Correlation Functions through Atomic Correlations

6 Fokker-Planck equations and their steady state solutions. Induced phase transitions

7 Two-quantum Superradiance and its mutual Interaction with Single-Photon Superfluorescence

8 Cooperative Two-quantum Lasing and Steady State Solution of Master Equations

9 Nonlinear Effects in Cooperative Second Order Phase Transitions



Click here to read the book review by – Aurelian Isar, MChief of Theoretical Physics Lab, IFIN, IFA, Magurele, Bucharest, Romanian

Audience: Engineers, students and professors interested in the non-linear cooperative phenomena in modern physics could find an effective microscopic approach to thes problems. The book describes the class of cooperative phenomena which includes non-linear interaction between the light and radiators, super-radiance, cooperative two mode aspect laser emission, the nonlinear generation of Cooper pairs in superconductivity. The specific quantum entanglement proprieties of these types of non-linearity in interaction with the vacuum are proposed for quantum control with the external field.

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