New Steps in Chemical and Biochemical Physics. Pure and Applied Science


Editors: Eli M. Pearce and Gerald Kirshenbaum (Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Brooklyn, NY), G.E. Zaikov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia)

Series: Physics Research and Technology

This book reviews new information in chemical and biochemical physics, including research on polymers in polluted atmospheres, free radical and ion-radical conversions initiated by nitrogen oxides, selective catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons, the mechanism of the ethylbenzene oxidation with dioxygen, catalyzed by cobalt complexes, measurements of the total phenol type antioxidant content in berry, fruit and vegetable juice mixes, as well as some applications of nanocarbon materials for novel devices, functionalization of some oligomers in the presence of different catalytic systems and others.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Polymers in Polluted Atmosphere. Free Radical and Ion-Radical Conversions Initiated by Nitrogen Oxides, pp. 1-24
(E. Ya. Davydov, G. B. Pariiskii, I. S. Gaponova, T. V. Pokholok, G. E. Zaikov)

Chapter 2. Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrocarbons. New Prospects, pp. 25-70
(L.I. Matienko, L. A. Mosolova, G. E. Zaikov)

Chapter 3. The Mechanism of the Ethylbenzene Oxidation with Dioxygen, Catalyzed by Cobalt Complexes, pp. 71-86
(L.I. Matienko, L.A. Mosolova)

Chapter 4. Measurements of the Total Phenol Type Antioxidant Content in Berry, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Mixes, pp. 87-94
(Misin V.M., Sazhina N.N., Zav’alov A.Yu)

Chapter 5. Some Applications of Nanocarbon Materials for Novel Devices, pp. 95-106
(Z.A. Mansurov)

Chapter 6. Functionalization of Isobutylene Oligomers and 1,2-Polybutadiene with Methyldiazoacetate in Presence of Catalytic System Cu(OAc)2-2,4-lut-ZnCl2, pp. 107-114
(R.M. Sultanova, R.Z. Biglova, T.A. Yangirov, et al.)

Chapter 7. Cu(OAc)2-2,4-Lut-ZnCl2 – Efficient Catalyst of Functionalization of Isobutylene Oligomers and 1,2-Polybutadiene with Methyldiazoacetate, pp. 115-122
(R.Z. Biglova, R.M. Sultanova, T.A. Yangirov, et al.)

Chapter 8. Hyaluronan – A High-Molar-Mass Messenger Reporting on the Status of Synovial Joints: Part I. Physiological Status, pp. 123-136
(Grigorij Kogan, Ladislav Šoltés)

Chapter 9. Hyaluronan – A High-Molar-Mass Messenger Reporting on the Status of Synovial Joints: Part II. Pathophysiological Status, pp. 137-152
(Ladislav Šoltés)

Chapter 10. Effects of Biogenic Transition Metal Ions Zn(II) and Mn(II) on Hyaluronan Degradation by Action of Ascorbate Plus Cu(II) Ions, pp. 153-160
(K. Valachová, L. Šoltés)

Chapter 11. Correlation between Conformational Rigidity and Membrane Properties of Polyheteroarylenes, pp. 161-202
(Inga A. Ronova, Alexei R. Khokhlov, Alexander Yu. Alentiev, Maria Bruma )

Chapter 12. The Effect of Brominated Fire Retardants on the Properties of Thermoplstic Elastomers based on PP and EPDM, pp. 203-208
(N. A. Khalturinskii, D. D. Novikov, L. A. Zhorina, et al.

Chapter 13. Dependence of Thermodynamic Characteristics upon Spatial-Energy Parameter of Free Atoms, pp. 209-226
(G.А. Коrablev, G.Е. Zaikov)

Chapter 14. The Structure of Polystyrene Films Modified by the Incorporation of Fullerenes, pp. 227-234
(Olga V. Alekseeva, Nadezhda A. Bagrovskaya, et al.)

Chapter 15. Prof. Elena Borisovna Burlakova, pp. 235-238
(G.E. Zaikov, V.I. Naydich)

Index pp.239-250

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