Neutron Stars: The Aspect of High Density Matter, Equations of State and Observables


Hiroshi Uechi (Editor)
Osaka Gakuin University, Osaka, Japan

Series: Space Science, Exploration and Policies, Physics Research and Technology

This book illustrates observed values and properties of neutron stars, field theoretical approaches of hadrons to high density matter, such as nuclear and hyperonic matter, signals of dynamical phenomena, hadronic and hadron-quark neutron stars, radiations from high density matter and supernova phenomena. However, it is not intended to report facts and results at front-line research fields, because numerous conference reports suffice the objectives. The purpose of editing the book is to review related areas of nuclear physics and astrophysics in terms of equations of state of high density matter so as to promote mutual understandings and their consistent progresses. It is focused on theoretical relations between equations of state (EOS) and observables. These topics of high density matter, which extend across many fields of physics, should be frequently reviewed for researchers and people in general. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Relations between Macroscopic and Microscopic Observables
(Hiroshi Uechi and Schun T. Uechi)

2. The High-Density Nuclear Equation of State in Relativistic Mean-Field Theory
(Brian D. Serot)

3. Quantum Hadrodynamics: Evolution and Revolution
(R. J. Furnstahl, Brian D. Serot)

4. Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model in Compact Stars
(Nobutoshi Yasutake)

5. The Relativistic (ó,ð,ù) Chiral Particle Approach
(Schun T. Uechi and Hiroshi Uechi)

6. Hadron and Hadron-Quark Compact Stars
(Hiroshi Uechi and Schun T. Uechi)

7. Signals of Dynamical Phenomena (meson condensations) and EOS of Neutron Stars
(Takumi Muto)

8. Mixed Phases During the Phase Transitions
(Toshitaka Tatsumi, Nobutoshi Yasutake and Toshiki Maruyama)
9. Magnetic Field and Quark Matter in the Core
(Toshitaka Tatsumi)
10. Gravitational Collapse of Massive Stars and EOS
(Shoichi Yamada)


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