Neutron Star Crust


Carlos Bertulani (Editor)
Texas A&M University Commerce Commerce, TX, USA

Jorge Piekarewicz (Editor)
Florida State University, FL, USA

Series: Space Science, Exploration and Policies

Neutron stars are gold mines for the study of nuclear systems under extreme conditions of density and isospin asymmetry. Spanning many orders of magnitude in density and pressure, neutron stars display exotic phases that cannot be realized under normal laboratory conditions. Whereas the most common perception of a neutron star is that of a uniform system of neutrons packed to densities that may exceed that of normal nuclei, the reality is far more complex and much more interesting. To illustrate this more exciting reality, the editors of this book contacted leaders in the field of neutron-star physics with expertise ranging from nuclear structure to stellar dynamics. They asked each expert to communicate the successes of the past and the challenges of the future in a way that will continue to foster dialogue and promote collaborations between the astrophysics and the nuclear physics communities. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



1. Neutron star crust and molecular dynamics simulation
(C. J. Horowitz, J. Hughto, A. Schneider, and D. K. Berry)

2. Nuclear pasta in supernovae and neutron stars
(G. Watanabe and T. Maruyama)

3. Terrestrial and astrophysical superfluidity: cold atoms and neutron matter
(A. Gezerlis and J. Carlson)

4. Pairing correlations and thermodynamic properties of inner crust matter
(J. Margueron and N. Sandulescu)

5. The crust of spinning-down neutron stars
(R. Negreiros, S. Schramm, and F. Weber)

6. Influence of the nuclear symmetry energy on the structure and composition of the outer crust
(X. Roca-Maza, J. Piekarewicz, T. Garc´ýa-G´alvez, and M. Centelles)

7. Equation of state for proto-neutron star
(G. Shen)

8. From nuclei to nuclear pasta
(C.O. Dorso, P.A. G´ýmenez-Molinelli, and J.A. L´opez)

9. The structure of the neutron star crust within a semi-microscopic energy density functional method
(M. Baldo and E.E. Saperstein)

10. The inner crust and its structure
(D.P. Menezes, S.S. Avancini, C. Providˆencia, and M.D. Alloy)

11. Neutron-star crusts and finite nuclei
(S. Goriely, J. M. Pearson, and N. Chamel)

12. The nuclear symmetry energy, the inner crust, and global neutron star modeling
(W.G. Newton, M. Gearheart, J. Hooker, and Bao-An Li)

13. Neutron starquakes and the dynamic crust

14. Thermal and transport properties of the neutron star inner crust
(D. Page and S. Reddy)

15. Quantum description of the low-density inner crust: finite size effects and linear response, superfluidity, vortices
(P. Avogadro, F. Barranco, R.A. Broglia, and E. Vigezzi)


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