Naval Actions of the War of 1812


James Barnes

Series: American History, Culture and Literature
BISAC: HIS036040

Naval Actions of the War of 1812 was previously published in 1896 to study the condition of affairs that led up to the declaration of the second war against Great Britain. Although England, it must be confessed, had plenty of fighting on her hands and troubles enough at home, she had not forgotten the chagrin and disappointments caused by the loss of the American colonies through a mistaken enforcement of high-handedness. And it was this same tendency that brought to her vaunted and successful navy as great an overthrow as their arms had received on land some thirty-seven years previously.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


I. The United States frigate Constitution, on July 17th, 1812, falls in with a British squadron, but escapes, owing to the masterly seamanship of Captain Isaac Hull

II. The Constitution, under command of Captain Hull, captures the British frigate Guerrière, under command of Captain Richard Dacres, August 19th, 1812 35

III. The United States sloop of war Wasp, Captain Jacob Jones, captures the English sloop of war Frolic, October 18th, 1812; both vessels taken on the same day by the English seventy-four Poictiers

IV. October 25th, 1812, the British frigate Macedonian, commanded by John S. Carden, is captured by the United States frigate, under command of Stephen Decatur; the prize is brought to port

V. Captain Wm. Bainbridge, in the Constitution, captures the British frigate Java off the coast of Brazil, December 29th, 1812; the Java is set fire to and blows up

VI. Gallant action of the privateer schooner Comet, of 14 guns, against three English vessels and one Portuguese, January 14th, 1813

VII. The United States sloop of war Hornet, Captain James Lawrence, takes the British brig Peacock; the latter sinks after the action, February 24th, 1813

VIII. The United States frigate Chesapeake is captured by the English frigate Shannon after a gallant defence, June 1st, 1813

IX. The United States brig Enterprise, commanded by William Burrows, captures H. B. M. sloop of war Boxer, September 5th, 1813; Burrows killed during the action

X. On September 10th, 1813, the American fleet on Lake Erie, under the command of Oliver Hazard Perry, captures the entire English naval force under Commodore Barclay

XI. The American privateer brig General Armstrong, of 9 guns and 90 men, repulses a boat attack in the harbor of Fayal, the British suffering a terrific loss, September 27th, 1813

XII. March 28th, 1814, the United States frigate Essex, under Captain David Porter, is captured by two English vessels, the Phoebe and the Cherub, in the harbor of Valparaiso

XIII. The United States sloop of war Peacock, commanded by Captain Warrington, takes the British sloop of war L’Epervier on April 29th, 1814

XIV. The United States sloop of war Wasp, under command of Captain Blakeley, captures the British sloop of war Reindeer, June 28th, 1814. The Wasp engages the British sloop of war Avon on the 1st of September; the English vessel sinks after the Wasp is driven off by a superior fore

XV. September 11th, the American forces on Lake Champlain, under Captain Macdonough, capture the English squadron, under Captain Downey, causing the evacuation of New York State by the British

XVI. The United States frigate President, under command of Captain Decatur, is taken by a British squadron after a long chase, during which the President completely disabled one of her antagonists, January 15th, 1815

XVII. February 20th, 1815, the Constitution, under Captain Stewart, engages and captures two English vessels that prove to be the Cyane and the Levant; one of her prizes is retaken, and the Constitution again has a narrow escape

XVIII. The British brig of war Penguin surrenders to the United States brig Hornet, commanded by Captain James Biddle; the Penguin sinks immediately after the accident, March 23d, 1815

XIX. The chase of the Hornet, sloop of war, by the Cornwallis, a British line-of-battle ship

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