Natural Theology: The Atheist’s Way to God


Anthony Walsh, PhD – Professor Emeritus , Department of Criminal Justice, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, USA
Series: Religion and Spirituality
BISAC: REL004000

Natural theology is the process of observing nature and engaging science and reason to provide evidence for God’s existence by “reasoning to the best explanation.” It sets aside the revealed word and engages only with the evidence supplied by science, history, and philosophical reasoning to affirm the existence of God. This book provides signposts to God from solid evidence from physics, chemistry, biology, the social sciences, philosophy, and history. This evidence has forced many scientists, including a number of Nobel laureates in science, who have thought deeply about the ultimate meaning of their work to accept Almighty God.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Value of Natural Theology

Chapter 2. Anthropic Reasoning and Explanation in Science

Chapter 3. The Micro World

Chapter 4. The Big Bang: How It All Began

Chapter 5. We Live in the Best Zip Code in the Universe

Chapter 6. Feeding the Planet’s Life

Chapter 7. If You Don’t Want God, Better Get a Multiverse

Chapter 8. The Queen of All Scientific Problems: The Origin of Life

Chapter 9. The Language of Life

Chapter 10. Biological Evolution: Micro and Macro

Chapter 11. Intelligent Design and Theistic Evolution

Chapter 12. I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Chapter 13. The Brain: The Little Universe Within

Chapter 14. The Secular Benefits of Christianity

Chapter 15. Philosophical Approaches to God

Chapter 16. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: The Event that Changed Everything

Chapter 17. The Shroud of Turin: Silent Witness to the Resurrection?


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