Nationalism: Past as Prologue



Series: Political Science and History

BISAC: POL031000

This volume provides a worldwide array of work on nationalism’s growth in various countries, usually by authors residing in them, or in the United States with ethnic ties to the nation being examined, often recent immigrants to the United States from them. Our roster of contributors comprises a small United Nations of insightful, well-written research and commentary from Poland, Tibet, the Uighur Nation, Indonesia, New Zealand, China, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, the United States, Germany, and Russia. The work also describes and analyzes the history of nationalism, by country, around the world. Additional material on the United States will be explored in a forthcoming book on Donald J. Trump. These may be used as a set.

Table of Contents

Bruce E. Johansen

1. Russia
Putin, Russian Identity, and Russia’s Conduct at Home and Abroad
Richard D. Anderson, Jr.

2. Poland
Lawless and Unjust: How to Quickly Make Your Own Country a Puppet State Run by a Group of Hoodlums – the Case of Poland (2015–2020)
Bartosz Hlebowicz

Chapter 3:
Tibetans and Uighurs:
Resisting China’s Quest for Lebensraum
Bruce E. Johansen

4. Portugal and Spain
Populism in Portugal and Spain: a Real Neighborhood?
José Pinto

5. Hungary
From Youth Movement to Right Wing Authoritarianism:
The Rise of Fidesz and the Decline of Hungarian Democracy
Bernard Tamas

6. France
Is There a Revival of French Nationalism?
Ronan Le Coadic

7. Indonesia and New Zealand
Domestic Violence Against Women in Indonesia and Aotearoa (New Zealand): Making Sense of Differences and Similarities
Elli Nur Hayati and Mandy Morgan

8. Germany and the United States of America
Continental Conquests: “Your Mississippi Is Our Volga”
Bruce E. Johansen

9. China
News Coverage and Public Perceptions of the Social Credit System in China
Ming Xie

10. Native Peoples and Nationhood
Divide, et Impera: The Self-Genocide Game
Barbara Alice Mann

11. Rohingya, Myanmar, and Bangladesh
Understanding the Face of Humanity: The Rohingya Genocide
Nalanda Roy and Stephanie Mae Pedron


“No-one writes, or thinks, with the same passion, fearlessness and accessibility as Bruce Johansen and Ad Akande, figures who have been speaking truth to power on global environmental and indigenous issues for over forty years. You’re going to scream at this work that nationalism is not all bad, but you’ll also learn much more than you ever expected and finish it determined to make changes and learn more. Enjoy!” -Professor Joy Porter, Leverhulme Major Research Fellow, Professor of Indigenous History, United Kingdom; Editor of the Cambridge University Press Series, Elements in Indigenous Environmental Research

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