Nation and Mankind: Analysed from the Sociological Point of View


Mikheil Tsereteli

Series: Georgian Classics
BISAC: PHI000000

“Habent sua fata libelli” (“Books have their own destinies”). “Nation and Mankind” was first published in 1910 in Georgia under the pseudonym of Bãton. In the Soviet time, this book written by a widely recognized Georgian researcher and orientalist Mikheil Tsereteli (1870-1965) was prohibited and unknown for the broad audience. It was available only for fortunate few.

After over a century, the book is relevant today. Globalization has brought to the surface such concepts as nation, mankind and their interaction. It gives the scientific answer to the burning question of the contemporary life – “What is the role of the nation in mankind? “

According to the fundamental idea of the book, the only creator of the culture and history is a nation. In this perspective, the author analyses a series of problems acutely debated and discussed today.

The main concept that runs throughout the text is the idea of “universal freedom” which is interpreted by the author as the freedom of an individual as well as of a nation. This freedom should be applied both on intra-national and international levels.
Academic definitions used by Mikheil Tsereteli of such concepts as nation, mankind, nationalism, internationalism, etc. remain important today

“Nation and Mankind” motivates and inspires both specialists and interested readers to discuss and research. They will find some answers to the contemporary problems facing the world. The editors hope that this publication will evoke further discussion and research of the fundamental issues brought up by the author.



Table of Contents


Foreword: The “National Question” and Socialism



Chapter 1. What is a Society?

Chapter 2. Is There Mankind and In What Form Does It Exist?

Chapter 3. Nation and Society – Concrete and Abstract Concepts

Chapter 4. Society, Nation, State

Chapter 5. People, Nation, State

Chapter 6. Nation

Chapter 7. Homeland

Chapter 8. International Law and Mankind

Chapter 9. Socialism, Nation and Mankind

Chapter 10. The Right of a Nation

Chapter 11. The Dignity and Priority of a Nation

Chapter 12. “The Fund of Mankind”, Possible Future

Chapter 13. Theories of Nation

Chapter 14. The Georgian Nation

Conclusion: The Ideal and the Practice


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