Nanoscale Signal Processing for Hybrid Computer Communications


Preecha Yupapin
Somsak Mitatha
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand

Jalil Ali
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Series: Nanotechnology Science and Technology

Nanotechnology has been recognized as the interesting subject of research and investigation in either theory or experiment for a decade, where many research works and implementations have shown the significant growth and progress in many related technologies. Recently, the use of a small waveguide known as micro and/nanoring resonators has shown the potential of applications in many research areas, especially, in computer, communication and signal processing in the nanoscale regime. This new book presents the immerging techniques that can be merged into one particular subject, which is known as Nano Communications Networks. In applications, such devices, techniques or systems can be integrated and used for some particular applications.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I Theoretical Background

Chapter-[1]-General Introduction;pp. 3-9

Chapter-[2]-Nonlinear Optics;pp. 11-17

Chapter-[3]-Micro Ring Resonator;pp. 19-32

Chapter-[4]-Pulse Propagating within Microring Resonators;pp. 33-46

Part II Optical Signal Processing

Chapter-[5]-PSBT Control using MZI Incorporating NNR;pp. 49-56

Chapter-[6]-Dark-Bright Soliton Conversion Control;pp. 57-67

Chapter-[7]-Dynamic Pulse Reshaping Generation;pp. 69-76

Chapter-[8]-Data Transmission Security;pp. 77-83

Part III Quantum Signal Processing

Chapter-[9]-Generalized Quantum Clock;pp. 87-97

Chapter [10]-Cross-talk Effects of QKD via a Quantum Router;pp. 99-110

Chapter [11]-Quantum Key Distribution via a Wavelength Router;pp. 111-120

Chapter [12]-Quantum Parallel Processing;pp. 121-130

Part IV Molecular Transporter

Chapter [13]-Photon Trapping Model for Dynamic Tweezers;pp. 133-139

Chapter [14]-Dynamic Potential Well Generation;pp. 141-150

Chapter [15]-Quantum-Molecular Transporter;pp. 151-159

Chapter [16]-Multi Variable Quantum Tweezers;pp. 161-169

Part V Hybrid Computer Communications

Chapter [17]-Nanoscale Networking via a Wavelength Router;pp. 173-193

Chapter [18]-Quantum-Molecular Transmission;pp. 195-204

Chapter [19]-DNA Codes Generation;pp. 205-213

Part VI Ad Hoc Networks

Chapter [20]-Mobile Ad Hoc Network;pp. 217-225

Chapter [21]-VANET for Surveillance System;pp. 227-238

Chapter [22]-VANET using a Simultaneous Wireless Up-Down Link;pp. 239-246

Chapter [23]-Hybrid Surveillance System;pp. 247-254

Part VII Nanoscale Sensors, Calibration and Standard

Chapter [24]-Nanoscale Measurement and Standardization;pp. 257-264

Chapter [25]-Signal Transmission for Standardization;pp. 265-268

Chapter [26]-Distributed Network Sensors;pp. 269-275

Chapter [27]-Distributed Quantum Sensors;pp. 277-285


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