Nanoscale-Arranged Systems for Nanotechnology


Kirill Levine (Editor)
Department of General and Technical Physics, The Saint Petersburg State Mining University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Series: Nanotechnology Science and Technology
BISAC: TEC027000

In this research compendium volume of Smart Nanocomposites, various aspects related to nanoscale-arranged systems are discussed. Synthesis, characterization, modeling, and examples of practical usage are in the list of topics brought up in this book. In the discussion are unusual phase transition properties of some oxides, transport properties, electrochemical characterization methods, and optical, electronic, and chemo-sorption properties of nano-srtuctured systems synthesized by various approaches. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Structural Study of Lithium Borosilicate Glasses Containing Both Iron and Nickel Cations
(I. Kashif, S.M. Salem, H. Farouk, A.G. Mostafa, Sh. Salem, and A.M. Sanad)

Surface and Transport Properties of the Phase Change Materials
(O.S. Komarova, O.A. Martynova, A.V. Babichev, V.E. Gasumyants, S. Vitusevich)

Temperature Influence on the Rheology of Water-Based Drilling Fluids with Nano-Sized Polymer Additives
(Mihaela Manea)

Phase and Structure Transitions in Nanoparticles of Semiconductors within Porous Dielectric Matrices
(S. Khanin, V. Solovyev, S. Trifonov, and V. Veisman)

Metal Oxide SnO<sub>2</sub> – ZnO – SiO<sub>2</sub> Films Prepared by Sol-Gel
(E.V. Abrashova, I.E. Kononova, and V.A. Moshnikov)

The Mechanism of Lithium Intercalation into Carbon Graphite Potlining of Aluminium Reduction Cell
(V. Yu. Bazhin, A.G. Syrkov, R. Yu. Feshchenko, and A.V. Saitov)

Synthesis of Cadmium Selenide Colloidal Nanoparticles Stabilized with Thioglycolic Acid
(D.S. Mazing and O.A. Aleksandrova)

Investigation of the Optical Properties of Nanoporous Membranes Based on Alumina
(Ekaterina N. Muratova and Lev B. Matyushkin)

Influence of Nanodimensional Effects on Electric Adhesion in Anodic Bonding Manufacturing of Composites Seals
(N.S. Pshchelko, V.A. Moshnikov, and M.P. Sevryugina)

Correlation Nature of Phase Transformations in Nanocomposites on the Basis of VO<sub>2</sub>
(A.V. Ilinskiy, O.E. Kvashenkina, and E.B. Shadrin)

Acid-Base Aspect of Control of Nanocomposite Electrical Properties
(Maxim Sychov, Andrey Syrkov, Yoichiro Nakanishi, Kazuhiko Hara, Hiroko Kominami, and Hidenori Mimura)


Proceedings from the Seminar “Nanophysics and Nanomaterials”


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