Motivation and Self-Fulfillment


– Professor, Business, University of Illinois Springfield, Illinois, USA
– Professor, Business, Dixie State University, St. George, Utah, USA

Series: Psychology of Emotions, Motivations and Actions
BISAC: PSY013000
DOI: 10.52305/GPJW6979

The idea that motivation is largely an internally generated desire is sometimes new to individuals. Traditional thinking held by a large portion of the population is that leaders motivate others within organizations, and motivation is impacted predominantly by external incentives that are created to encourage others to conform and comply with desired performance standards. Although many leaders, managers, and supervisors may believe that it is part of their job description to motivate their followers, the opinion of many experts is that motivation is largely an internally-generated choice made by each individual.

If it is true that motivation is primarily internally generated, perhaps this book by Cam Caldwell and Verl Anderson should then be accompanied by a “Warning Label” that reads, “Caution! This book may influence your thinking and change your assumptions about yourself!” In fact, the primary purpose of this book is to “hold up a mirror” so that readers may, if they so choose, reflect on themselves and the factors which motivate them individually. If motivation is both individual and highly personal, then it behooves each one of us to thoughtfully undertake a self-assessment process to understand more fully how we are motivated, inspired, and influenced in our daily lives.

Throughout this book, we cheerfully admit that we challenge assumptions of “conventional wisdom” that are often held by the average person. Much of what we think we know needs to be confirmed or disconfirmed in this world and there is no better place to validate what we actually know than with our efforts to understand ourselves. The theme of this book is clear and straight forward. “Each individual is far more capable of accomplishing great things than he or she can even imagine – and understanding our own identity can enable us to more completely honor our potential.” That’s the main idea of this book – and we think it’s both a powerful message and a worthy subject to study and understand for every person who picks up this book or who accesses it online.

There are very few simple issues in life, and certainly the complex nature of each person’s world is no exception. The effort that individuals make to understand what matters most in their lives is rarely consciously undertaken – or compared with how those individuals actually invest their time each day. In this book we address why individuals make so many of the errors associated with self-deception, cognitive dissonance, and downright personal dishonest or lying to oneself. More importantly, we also address how readers can reflect on those common practices and make the decision to change dysfunctional patterns and self-defeating behaviors that cause so many people to underperform in life.

If you wish to gain a clearer understanding of yourself and the degree to which your actions are inconsistent with what you think matters most, then perhaps this book is just what you have been looking for. We encourage each reader to make the personal investment to examine each chapter of this book and determine how its contents can change their life. Our promise to you is that this book and its contents can help you to have a clearer understanding of yourself, your habits, your inconsistencies, and your values. The contents of this book contain principles, guidelines, and concepts that you can ponder, test, and evaluate – and our commitment to you is that you will become a more enlightened and insightful person if you incorporate the ideas suggested herein.

So . . . . we hope that you choose to be motivated – that you make the affirmative choice to read the pages of this book, to contemplate its message, and apply its insights. That decision to invest in yourself can enable you to live a more fulfilling life, have more meaningful relationships with others, and be more successful in accomplishing your personal and professional goals. The decision to be motivated to read this book is yours. We hope you will find this book to be a useful resource and that its contents will bless your life.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Nature of Motivation– Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2. Theories of Motivation: Understanding Others

Chapter 3. Motivation as an Internal Factor

Chapter 4. Motivation and Identity: Finding Your Voice

Chapter 5. Ethics, Values, and Motivation: Achieving Our Highest Potential

Chapter 6. Motivation and Self-Discovery: Thoughtful Questions to Ask Yourself

Chapter 7. Motivation and Moral Duty: Expanding Expectancy Theory

Chapter 8. Meta-Motivation and Rising to New Heights

Chapter 9. Motivation and the Pursuit of Transcendence: Going Beyond

Chapter 10. Motivation and Stewardship: Understanding Your Gifts

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