Modernity, Modernization, and Globalization: Issues and Challenges of the 21st Century

Shahid M. Shahidullah, PhD (Editor)
Department of Sociology, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, USA

Series: Political Science and History
BISAC: SOC026000



Volume 10

Issue 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Special issue: Resilience in breaking the cycle of children’s environmental health disparities
Edited by I Leslie Rubin, Robert J Geller, Abby Mutic, Benjamin A Gitterman, Nathan Mutic, Wayne Garfinkel, Claire D Coles, Kurt Martinuzzi, and Joav Merrick


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This book has examined some of the pressing issues and challenges related to modernity, modernization, and globalization of the 21st century. The authors of this book are a distinguished group of social scientists from America’s academia, many of whom are by-cultural and educationally trained both in the East and the West. The book has used historical and comparative perspectives and many extant sources of primary data.

The authors have addressed many macro-issues such as modernity and church-state separation, America’s historical role in spreading global modernity, the global expansion of democracy, the rise of a global middle class, the advent of global digital connectivity, and the recent rise of right-wing political parties in the global political landscape. The authors also examined many micro-issues such as modernization and women empowerment in India and Nigeria, the growth of a unique political culture of Islam and modernism in Sierra Leone, the problem of transition to emancipative values in the post-socialist countries of Central and Easter Europe, rise in religious hostilities in South Asia, need for modernization in dealing with minority females in America’s criminal justice system, and modernity and the evolution of the rights of the disabled in America.

The empirical and country studies largely support the theme of the book that modernity is a cultural and civilizational model. The global modernity has been progressing across world societies for more than two hundred years. It has been particularly remarkably advancing since the second half of the twentieth century. The world capitalist economy has become more global, world democracy has expanded, the global middle class has vastly grown, women’s economic and political empowerments have widened, and global digital connectivity has increased. These social and economic transformations are far more fundamental for the future progress of democracy and global modernity. The further spread of global modernity is inevitable and irreversible. The present right-wing ideologies of nativism, localism, nationalism, fundamentalism, and divisiveness in the global political trajectory are transient and temporal peculiarities.
(Imprint: Nova)





Chapter 1. Modernity, Modernization, and Globalization: Towards a Conceptual Framework: Editor’s Introduction
(Shahid M. Shahidullah, PhD, Department of Sociology, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, US)

Chapter 2. Modernity, Religion and the Church and State Separation Doctrine: Issues and Challenges of Modernization and the Culture War in America
(Shahid M. Shahidullah, PhD, Department of Sociology, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, US)

Chapter 3. America’s Global Project on Modernity: Continuity, Change, and Challenges in the 21st Century
(Shahid M. Shahidullah, PhD, Department of Sociology, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, US)

Chapter 4. Modernity, Power, and Politics: The Issues and Challenges of Democracy in the 21st Century (The Rise of Ultra-Rights in Global Politics)
(Shahid M. Shahidullah, PhD, Department of Sociology, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, US)

Chapter 5. Modernity, Economic Change, and Cultural Values: Nonlinear Development of Central and East European Post-Socialist Countries
(Yuriy Savelyev, PhD, Faculty of Sociology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine

Chapter 6. Modernization, Globalization, and Transformations in Gender Equality: Laws, Social Change, and Women's Rights in India
(Sesha Kethineni, PhD, Serita Whiting, and Colette B. Harris, Department of Justice Studies, College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology, Prairie View A&M University, Texas, US)

Chapter 7. Women’s Modernity in Nigeria: Change and Transformations in Law, Politics, and Culture
(Dorothy Kersha-Aerga, PhD, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, US, and others)

Chapter 8. Islam, Ethnicity, and Modernity in Africa: Colonial and Post-Colonial Modernization in the West African State of Sierra Leone
(Mohammed B. Sillah, PhD, Department of History and Political Science, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, US)

Chapter 9. Modernity and Global Issues and Challenges of Religious Liberty and Tolerance: The Case of South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh)
(Shahid M. Shahidullah, PhD, and Shyamal K. Das, PhD, Department of Sociology, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, US, and others)

Chapter 10. The Modernity of the Oppressed: Chained Repression among Minority Females in America’s Criminal Justice System
(Zina T. McGee, PhD, Department of Sociology, Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, US)

Chapter 11. Modernity and the Birth of Universal Human Rights: The Evolution of Legal Status and Cultural Attitudes Towards Disability in America
(Melody Brackett, PhD, Kim S. Downing, PhD, and Deborah Riddick, PhD, Elizabeth City State University,
Elizabeth City, North Carolina, US)

About the Contributors


"Dr. Shahidullah has assembled an impressive array of bi-cultural social scientists from different corners of the world to provide an insight into the issues and challenges facing a modern and global world order. Each chapter challenges the ideologies of nativism, localism, racism, sexism, nationalism, and bigotry which have been invigorated by the rise of right-wing politics globally. However, the book argues that the culture of modernity that builds on the notion of humanism, globalism, inclusivity, and universal human rights, is inevitable and here to stay even if it seems temporarily elusive. Citing examples of globalization of the world capitalist economy, strengthening of the Human Development Index, expansions of democracy in more countries of the world in an environment of unprecedented global connectivity through the Internet, this book argues that these forces far outweigh the rise of right-wing political parties for the global progress of modernity. Scholars in numerous disciplines such as sociology, political science, global studies, international relations, and development studies will find this text a vital addition to seminal collections in their respective disciplines. It will also serve as a valuable reference book for policy-makers in international development agencies and research organizations. It is highly recommended." -Sheetal Ranjan, PhD., Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, William Paterson University, New Jersey

"Modernity, Modernization, and Globalization: Issues and Challenges of the 21st Century provides a detailed and insightful analysis of social and cultural transformation. Dr. Shahidullah provides an excellent historical review of the concepts of Modernity, Modernization, and Globalization and moves the reader to contemporary 21st century issues within the context of the appropriate cultural and social contexts and contests as operationalized as social change, evolution, and cultural transformations. In these times of what appears to be social and cultural turmoil and despondency in the 21st Century, further understanding of the dialects of Modernity, Modernization, and Globalization are essential to reveal and understand social transformations in the modern world. This book will be of great interest and benefit to scholars, students, and social advocate practitioners who wish to understand and conceptualize the day-to-day ideological response and functions of the process of social change and evolution." - James F. Hodgson, PhD., Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Averett University, Virginia; President- Virginia Association of Criminal Justice Educators

"Without a doubt, Dr. Shahidullah understands the significant and timely value for the continued need for inspection, education and the remembrance of history surrounding arguably three of the world’s most important concepts—modernity, modernization and globalization. Found among the pages of this book, Modernity, Modernization, and Globalization: Issues and Challenges of the 21st Century, a broad scope of these three concepts are revisited, explored and contextualized to provide a clearer perspective on what they have meant and may mean to today’s world and all of its societies. This text also encourages the reader to examine larger themes and patterns while prompting consideration of our ever advancing technological times and the direct link it has to the idea, that, although stagnation may plague modernity from time to time, it is in fact an irreversible feature of the world’s history and future. This is a must read for scholars and believers of freedom of humanity alike. This comprehensive volume is a valuable and welcome addition to the present body of literature on issues and challenges of global modernity." - Robert C. Watson, Assistant Professor of History, Hampton University, Virginia

"Shahid Shahidullah provides not only a historical lens, but a future window, shining light and providing context on the ideologies, concepts and facts of Modernity, Modernization, and Globalization. In just one book, the reader is superbly navigated through a wealth of knowledge from scholars of multi-cultural heritages enhancing the understanding of these themes from the past, present and encourages thought for the future world, where Modernity, Modernization and Globalization, although it may experience changes, pause or progress, will undoubtedly continue to be a fact as old as time." - C. Nana Derby, PhD., Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Virginia State University, Virginia

Researchers in Global Think Tanks (i.e. Brookings Institution, American Foreign Policy Association, Rand Research Corporation, and American Enterprise Institute)
Undergraduate Students in Globalization Studies, Politics of Modernization, Modernism
Graduate students in Development and Globalization Studies
International Development Policy-Analysts

Modernity, Modernization, Globalization, Retreat of Liberalism, Ultra-Right Politics

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