Medicine Research Summaries. Volume 4 (with Biographical Sketches)

Zhongwen Liáng (Editor)
Bibao Zhang (Editor)

Series: Medicine Research Summaries
BISAC: MED000000



Volume 10

Issue 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Special issue: Resilience in breaking the cycle of children’s environmental health disparities
Edited by I Leslie Rubin, Robert J Geller, Abby Mutic, Benjamin A Gitterman, Nathan Mutic, Wayne Garfinkel, Claire D Coles, Kurt Martinuzzi, and Joav Merrick


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This book is a continuation of the book Medicine Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of medicinal research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field.
(Imprint: Nova Biomedical)


Part I Researcher Biographical Sketches

Chapter 1 Rodrigo Varejão Andreão
Chapter 2 Piotr Biernacki
Chapter 3 Kam-Yuen Cheng
Chapter 4 Raja Dahmane
Chapter 5 Ahmed S. Elsayyad
Chapter 6 Jader Freire Sobral Filho
Chapter 7 Verena Gounden
Chapter 8 Kimberly D. P. Hammer
Chapter 9 Alma Idrizi
Chapter 10 Irene Iglesias Martín
Chapter 11 Tatyana A. Korolenko
Chapter 12 Stephanie E. McLaughlin
Chapter 13 Roberta Torres de Melo
Chapter 14 Dalit Modan-Moses
Chapter 15 Clodagh S. O'Gorman
Chapter 16 Chee Y. Ooi
Chapter 17 Rupam Ruchi
Chapter 18 Shuyi Si
Chapter 19 Jae Kyung Sohng
Chapter 20 Naoto Suda
Chapter 21 Tze Shien Lo
Chapter 22 Stefania Zauli
Chapter 23 Milagros Zegarra
Chapter 24 Alex Zvulunov

Part II Research Summaries

Chapter 25 Tobacco Cessation or the Treatment of Tobacco Dependence?
(Joan M. Davis and Giuseppe Pizzo)

Chapter 26 Need for the Use of Physiological Measures in Gender Research with Adolescent Smokers: Lessons from Adult Investigations
(Dmitri Poltavski)

Chapter 27 Relationships between Alexithymia and Nicotine Dependence in French Speaking Subjects
(Olivier Guilbaud, Gwenolé Loas, Fernando Perez-Diaz and Maurice Corcos)

Chapter 28 Lung Cancer in a Perspective of Evolutionary and Dietary Habits
(Ragnar Rylander)

Chapter 29 Pharmacotherapies for Smoking Cessation
(Giuseppe Pizzo, Maria E. Licata, Maria R. Piscopo and Joan M. Davis)

Chapter 30 Smoking Cessation Strategies in New York City: 2002-2006
(Sarah B. Perl, Jennifer A. Ellis, Laura E. Vichinsky, Kelly Larson, Joslyn Levy, Lynn Silver, Mary T. Bassett and Thomas R. Frieden)

Chapter 31 Effectiveness of a Smoking-Cessation Intervention and Comprehensive Environmental Changes: A New but Classical Experience from Japan
(Takashi Kadowaki, Akira Okayama, Hideyuki Kanda, Makoto Watanabe, Kayoko Hishida, Tomonori Okamura and Hirotsugu Ueshima)

Chapter 32 Smoking Cessation: Different Intervention Techniques between Sexes
(Ioannis Gkiozos, Georgios Papaetis and Kostas Syrigos)

Chapter 33 Tobacco Use by Adolescents and Young Adults: Oral Health Effects and Cessation Strategies
(Giuseppe Pizzo, Maria E. Licata and Joan M. Davis)

Chapter 34 Smoking cessation and prevention: Implications of study design, research setting, and goals
(Edmond D. Shenassa and Constantine Daskalakis)

Chapter 35 Genetic Susceptibility to Second-Hand Smoke
(Yen-Ching Chen, Jen-Hau Chen and David C. Christiani)

Chapter 36 Passive Smoking in Oral Health Research
(Takashi Nanioka and Miki Ojima)

Chapter 37 The Effect of Passive Smoke-Exposure on Fertility
(Michael S. Neal and Warren G. Foster)

Chapter 38 Maternal Smoking Influences Health and Development of a Child
(Drahoslava Hrubá and Lubomír Kukla)

Chapter 39 Influence of Active and Passive Smoking During Pregnancy on Newborn Health
(Ewa Florek, Wojciech Piekoszewski, Agnieszka Hubert and Maria K. Kornacka)

Chapter 40 Cardiovascular Effects of Passive Smoking in Adults and Children
(Judith A. Groner, Mandar Joshi, Hong Huang and John A. Bauer)

Chapter 41 Assessment of Steroid Disruption and Metal Concentrations in Human Placenta: Effects of Cigarette Smoking
(Martina Piasek, Michael C. Henson, Maja Blanuša and Krista Kostial)

Chapter 42 The Effects of Cigarette Smoking on the Human Plasma Tocopherols Levels
(Andrzej Sobczak and Dariusz Gołka)

Chapter 43 Parental Awareness of Adolescent Tobacco Use
(Pamela P. Dinapoli and Jacquelyn Shelley)

Chapter 44 Teenage Smoking: Longitudinal vs. Cross-Sectional Modelling
(Said Shahtahmasebi)

Chapter 45 Youth Tobacco Use Prevention Programs: Reviewing Thirty Years of Empirical Research and Recommending Strategies for Implementing Successful School- and Community-Based Programs
(Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm, Jeffrey E. Holm, Jessica White Plume, Lori Listug-Lunde, Patrick Kerr, Dmitri Poltavski, Louise Diers and Polly Alfonso)

Chapter 46 Teenage Smoking: What Are the Main Issues?
(Said Shahtahmasebi)

Chapter 47 Motivating Adolescent Smokers to Quit through a School-Based Program: The Development of Youth Quit2Win
(Tyree Oredein, Jonathan Foulds, Nancy Speelman Edwards and Jyoti Dasika)

Chapter 48 Smoking in Youth: A Review
(Masakazu Washio, Chikako Kiyohara, Asae Oura and Mitsuru Mori)

Chapter 49 Social Marketing for Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention
(W. Douglas Evans)

Chapter 50 “Do You Really Need to Smoke?” Smoking and Psychosocial Health among Adolescents
(Bettina F. Piko)

Chapter 51 Developmental Risk and Protective Factors for Cigarette Smoking among African-American and White Adolescent Males
(Helene Raskin White, Lisa Metzger, Magda Stouthamer-Loeber, Nancy Violette and Daniel Nagin)

Chapter 52 Smoking and its Effects on the Periodontal and Peri-Implant Tissues
(João B. César-Neto, Márcio Z. Casati, Enilson A. Sallum, Francisco H. Nociti Jr.)

Chapter 53 Smoking and Surgical Procedures Related to Dental Implantations
(Devorah Schwartz-Arad and Liran Levin)

Chapter 54 The Impact of Intrauterine Tobacco Exposure on Childhood Obesity on Population Level
(Simon Rückinger and André Michael Toschke)

Chapter 55 Smoking and Schizophrenia
(Alain Dervaux and Xavier Laqueille)

Chapter 56 Nicotiana tabacum – A Flower of Evil
(Dragica P. Pesut, Maria J. Maat and Bogdana N. Bursuc)

Chapter 57 Golgi Organization and Stress Sensing
(Suchismita Chandran and Carolyn Machamer)

Chapter 58 Functional Relationships between Golgi Dynamics and Lipid Metabolism and Transport
(Asako Goto and Neale Ridgway)

Chapter 59 Signaling Pathways Controlling Mitotic Golgi Breakdown in Mammalian Cells
(Inmaculada López-Sánchez and Pedro A. Lazo)

Chapter 60 Golgi Apparatus and Hypericin-Mediated Photodynamic Action
(Chuanshan Xu, Xinshu Xia, Hongwei Zhang and Albert Wingnang Leung)

Chapter 61 Role of the Trans-Golgi Network (TGN) in the Sorting of Nonenzymic Lysosomal Proteins
(Maryssa Canuel, Libin Yuan and Carlos R. Morales)

Chapter 62 Golgi Apparatus Functions in Manganese Homeostasis and Detoxification
(Richard Ortega and Asunción Carmona)

Chapter 63 Identifying the Palliative Care Needs of Home-Based People with End-Stage Dementia and Their Caregivers
(Barbara Anderson and Debbie Kralik)

Chapter 64 Mental Distress in AIDS-Orphaned Children: The Efficacy of Natural Mentoring Palliative Care
(Francis N. Onuoha and Sayuri Hasimoto)

Chapter 65 Quality of Sexual Life of Nursing Home Residents
(André Dupras)

Chapter 66 Back to the Future: A Research Journey in Haematology and Palliative Care
(Pam McGrath)

Chapter 67 The Changing Role of the Licensed Practical Nurse in Nursing Home Care
(Aggie T. G. Paulus and Arno J. A. van Raak)

Chapter 68 Special Considerations for Providing Care for Obese Nursing Home Residents
(Holly C. Felix, Christine Bradway, Irene Fleshner, Amy Heivly and Lawrence S. Powell)

Chapter 69 Palliative Care and Dementia: Is a Good Death Possible at Home?
(Barbara Anderson)

Chapter 70 Where and How Non Oncological Respiratory Patients Die: A Palliative Answer
(Michele Vitacca and Luca Barbano)

Chapter 71 Can Data Envelopment Analysis Be Used to Study Performance Efficiency in Nursing Homes?
(Daniel G. Shimshak)

Chapter 72 Quality of Life for Older Persons Living in Nursing Homes: A Cross-Sectional Study
(Mimi Tse and Vanessa Wan)

Chapter 73 Neonatal Palliative Care: New Practice, New Challenges
(Pierre Bétrémieux and Umberto Simeoni)

Chapter 74 Depression and Mood Distress Among Female Patients with Gynecological Cancer in a Program of Palliative Cancer Care
(L. Slovacek)

Chapter 75 Therapies and Motor Function Assessments in Longstanding Pain Syndromes: The Effect of Somatocognitive Therapy in a Randomized, Controlled Intervention Study of Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain
(Gro Killi Haugstad and Tor S. Haugstad)

Chapter 76 Stress-Related Latency in Sensory and Affective Dimensions of Reported Pain in Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome
(Roger J. Allen and Amy S. Moe)

Chapter 77 Breathing Pattern Disorders in Physical Therapy: A Musculoskeletal Perspective
(T. Clifton-Smith and J. Bartley)

Chapter 78 Shoulder Rehabilitation: Is There a Role for Home Therapy?
(Patrick St. Pierre and Mark Frankle)

Chapter 79 Isokinetic Assessment and Muscle Strength Training Used in People with Multiple Sclerosis
(Jean-François Aubry, Emmanuel Rose, Karine Petrel, Benoit Nicolas, Sandrine Robineau and Philippe Gallien)

Chapter 80 Traditional Mirror Therapy (TMT) in the Physical Therapy Management of Movement and Postural Control Problems
(Martin J. Watson)

Chapter 81 Healthy Brain and Well-Being: Sedentary Lifestyle Can Impact Cognitive Ability Adversely
(S. Asha Devi, K.R. Manjula and B.S. Shankaranarayana Rao)

Chapter 82 Sedentary Behaviors, Sedentary Time and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents
(J.P. Rey-López, L.A. Moreno, A. González-Agüero, J.A. Casajús and G. Vicente-Rodriguez)

Chapter 83 Relationship between Physical Activity and Body Mass Composition in People with Cardiovascular Risk
(Elkin Eduardo Roldán Aguilar, Angélica María Muñoz Contreras and Diego Ochoa Alzate)

Chapter 84 Dietary Intake During Screen Time among Premenopausal Women
(Brandy-Joe Milliron, Kathleen Woolf and Bradley Appelhans)

Chapter 85 Sedentary Behavior and Childhood Obesity Prevention and Management
(Meizi He and Summer Wilmoth)

Chapter 86 Consequences of Modern Lifestyle to Health: How to Prevent it? A Review
(Daniele Cristina Vitorino and Dennys Esper Cintra)

Chapter 87 Overall Adaptation of People Shifting their Behaviour from a Fully Sedentary to A Slightly Active Lifestyle
(Felice Strollo, Paolo Magni, Iarba Carucci, Giovanna Strollo, Franco Ricci, Massimo More, Paola Prato Andrea Mambro, Patrizio Tatti, Fabio Celotti and Maria Angela Masini)

Chapter 88 Sedentary Lifestyle and Health Risk
(G. Martinez-Crespo and A. Robles Perez de Azpillaga)

Chapter 89 Exercise Training: Role in Counteracting Sedentarity and Obesity
(Naziha El Elj, Gérard Lac, Mohamed Lasram, Berrahal Alya, Monia Zaouali, Zouhair Tabka, Abdelaziz Kammoun, Najoua Gharbi and Saloua El Fezaa)

Chapter 90 Exercise Attenuates Age-Related Deficits of Spinal Cord Injury
(Monica M. Siegenthaler and Hans S. Keirstead)

Chapter 91 Sedentary Behavior Affects the Cardiovascular Autonomic Regulation
(Marcellino Monda, Vincenzo De Luca, Claudia Vicidomini, Emanuela Viggiano, Agostino Devastato, Bruno De Luca and Andrea Viggiano)

Chapter 92 Effect of Sedentary Behavior on Mood
(Marcellino Monda, Andrea Viggiano, Daniel Bennett, Agostino Devastato, Giovanni Messina and Vincenzo De Luca)

Chapter 93 Influence of Sedentary and Active Behaviors on Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Uptake
(Marcellino Monda, Giovanni Messina, Agostino Devastato, Gennaro Izzo, Domenico Tafuri and Bruno De Luca)

Chapter 94 Not Only Sedentary Behavior, but Also Strenuous Exercise can Induce Health Damages
(Marcellino Monda, Messina Giovanni, Sergio Chieffi, Andrea Viggiano, Agostino Devastato and Bruno De Luca)

Chapter 95 Epidemiology of the Elderly
(Gary Sinoff)

Chapter 96 The Physiology of GI Tract in the Aged
(Asif Bhutto)

Chapter 97 Gastrointestinal Motility Disturbances in the Elderly
(Christopher K. Rayner and Michael Horowitz)

Chapter 98 Nutrition in the Elderly
(Yitshal N. Berner)

Chapter 99 Chronic Constipation in the Elderly
(Joseph Lysy)

Chapter 100 Diseases of the Stomach in the Aged
(Huy Nguyen, Raziuddin Ali, Joshua Barocas and Marie L. Borum)

Chapter 101 Small Bowel Diseases in the Elderly
(Bernd Lemos and Jörg C. Hoffmann)

Chapter 102 Disease of the Pancreas and Biliary Tract in the Elderly
(Henry Johnson and John Baillie)

Chapter 103 Liver Diseases in the Elderly
(Yaacov Baruch)

Chapter 104 Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Elderly
(Amir Klein, Yehuda Chowers and Rami Eliakim)

Chapter 105 Diverticular Disease in the Elderly
(Adi Lahat and Simon Bar-Meir)

Chapter 106 Cancer in the Geriatric Age: G-I Cancer in the Aging
(Adi Shani)

Chapter 107 Emotional Intelligence and Intercultural Health Care: Concept and Experience
(Quynh Lê)

Chapter 108 Education, Health and Wellbeing
(Dawn Penney)

Chapter 109 Uncovering the SES-Health Myth: How Modern Society Undermines our Achievement of Optimal Health
(Susan A. Korol)

Chapter 110 Cultural Stereotypes and Metaphors in Health: An Intercultural Communication Perspective
(Quynh Lê)

Chapter 111 Volunteers: Reflexive Social Agents
(Christine Stirling)

Chapter 112 Self-Identity and Risk-Taking in Adolescents
(Derris Wood, Penny Allen and Quynh Lê)

Chapter 113 Social Impacts of Closure of Maternity Services in Rural Areas
(Ha Hoang, Quynh Lê and Rosa McManamey)

Chapter 114 Building Social Capital – A Case Study: Indirect Benefits Associated with a Dental Undergraduate Clinical Placement Program
(Ha Hoang, Quynh Lê and Sue Kilpatrick)

Chapter 115 In Praise of Meaning: Occupational Predictors of Longevity
(Susan A. Korol and Rachel K. Baker)

Chapter 116 Social Determinants of Overweight and Obesity
(Quynh Lê, Cecilia Chiu and Au Bich Thuy)

Chapter 117 Staying Healthy: The Case of Cotton and Cane Growers in Australia
(Karen Willis, Susan Johns, Sue Kilpatrick and Karla Peek)

Chapter 118 Health, Wellbeing and Community Involvement of Older People in Rural Scotland
(Jane Farmer, Sarah-Anne Muñoz, Artur Steinerowski and Sara Bradley)

Chapter 119 Accessing Cultural Expressions of “Being” and Trauma through Phenomenological Investigation with Male African Entrants to Tasmania, Australia
(Andrew J. Harris)

Chapter 120 Maternity Care Experiences of Asia Ethnic Minorities in Rural Tasmania, Australia: A Mixed Methods Study
(Ha Hoang, Quynh Lê and Sue Kilpatrick)

Chapter 121 International Students: Their Health and Education Journey
(Yun Yue and Quynh Lê)

Chapter 122 Hepatitis C Knowledge and Beliefs among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Drug Users
(Penny Allen and Lisa Maher)

Chapter 123 Health and Wellbeing Issues Facing Intermarried Filipino Women in Rural Tasmania
(Chona Hannah and Quynh Lê)

Chapter 124 Does Culture Affect one’s View of Health Informatics? A Study of the Vietnamese Migrants in Australia
(Quynh Lê and Cecilia Chiu)

Chapter 125 Innovating Community Engagement in Rural Health: A Quali-Quantitative Research Method
(Erica Bell)

Chapter 126 Engaging Local Communities in Primary Health Data Collection: A Case Study in the Meander Valley Municipality, Tasmania
(Quynh Lê, Stuart Auckland, Andrew Harris, Annette Barrett and Lester Jones)

Chapter 127 Methodological Considerations for Health and Wellness Research with Older Adults
(Tony Barnett and Sonia Allen)

Chapter 128 Shortcomings in Publicly Available Healthcare Data for Older Australians
(Gerard Gill)

Chapter 129 How Well does E-Health Work? A Question of Evaluation
(Quynh Lê and Cecilia Chiu)

Chapter 130 Research Awareness in Intercultural Discourse: A Sociolinguistic Perspective
(Quynh Lê)

Chapter 131 Interplay of Leptin with the Stress System Components
(George Soulis and Efthymia Kitraki)

Chapter 132 The Effect of Drugs on Leptin Metabolism
(Irem Fatma Uludag)

Chapter 133 Leptin: A Novel Therapeutic Target in the Fight against Neuro-Degeneration?
(G. H. Doherty)

Chapter 134 Role of Leptin in the Activation of the Immune System
(Patricia Fernández-Riejos, Souad Najib, José Santos-Alvarez, Consuelo Martín-Romero, Antonio Pérez-Pérez, Carmen González-Yanes and Víctor Sánchez-Margalet)

Chapter 135 Role of Leptin in the Mammary Gland Development, Lactation and in Neonatal Physiology
(Mario Baratta)

Chapter 136 Gender Difference in Leptin Production and Leptin Sensitivity
(Haifei Shi)

Chapter 137 The Role and Application of Leptin in Control of Female Reproductive Functions
(Alexander V. Sirotkin)

Chapter 138 Leptin in Breast Milk and Infancy
(Francesco Savino, Stefania Alfonsina Liguori and Maria Maddalena Lupica)

Chapter 139 Risk of Primary Hypogonadism in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Due to High Leptin Levels
(Madalina Minciu Macrea, Thomas J Martin and Leon Zagrean)

Chapter 140 Leptin - A Cardioprotective Hormone Following CPB or an Innocent Bystander?
(Dalit Modan-Moses and Gideon Paret)

Chapter 141 Interaction Between Leptin and Gut Hormones in the Regulation of Food Intake and Body Weight
(Tooru M. Mizuno)

Chapter 142 Fructose Consumption and Leptin Resistance: What Have We Learnt from Animal Studies?
(Marta Alegret, Núria Roglans and Juan C. Laguna)

Chapter 143 Neonatal Leptin Surge
(Takashi Higuchi)

Chapter 144 Adipokines in Human Pregnancy: The Role of Leptin and Adiponectin
(Shali Mazaki-Tovi, Edi Vaisbuch, Juan Pedro Kusanovic, and Roberto Romero)

Chapter 145 Sympathetically-Mediated Blood Pressure Responses in Active Performance Situations: Cognitive Mediators, Dispositional Moderators and Cardiovascular Disease Risk
(Margit Gramer)

Chapter 146 From Poor Glucose Control to Stiff Arteries and Diabetic Complications
(Daniel Gordin and Per-Henrik Groop)

Chapter 147 Blood Pressure Changes in Patients with Migraines: Evidences, Controversial Views and Potential Mechanisms of Comorbidity
(Sherifa Ahmed Hamed)

Chapter 148 Impact of Blood Pressure on Coupled Ventricular and Vascular Stiffening, Related Cardiac Structural Remodeling and Eventually Functional Decay: Transition from Subclinical Systolic Dysfunction to Heart Failure
(Chung-Lieh Hung, Yau-Huei Lai, Yih-Jer Wu and Hung-I Yeh)

Chapter 149 Antihypertensive Drugs Association: An Update
(M. Destro, F. Cagnoni and A. D’Ospina)

Chapter 150 Systolic Blood Pressure: Influences, Associations and Management
(Maria Cristina Izar, Rui M. Póvoa, Henrique A. Fonseca, Sílvio A. Barbosa, Henrique T. Bianco and Francisco A. Fonseca)

Chapter 151 Systolic Blood Pressure: Implications for Stroke Prevention and Immediate Management
(Hebah Hefzy and Brian Silver)

Chapter 152 Computational Fluid Dynamics in Arterial Fluid-Wall Interaction Modelling
(M.A. Al-Rawi, A.M. Al-Jumaily, A. Lowe and J. Lu)

Chapter 153 Measures of Coupling Strength and Synchronization in Non Linear Interaction of Heart Rate and Systolic Blood Pressure in the Cardiovascular Control System
(Elio Conte, Antonio Federici, Mauro Minervini, Annamaria Papagni and Joseph P. Zbilut)

Chapter 154 Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors in Coronary Artery Disease and Preserved Left Ventricular Systolic Function
(Fadi Alqaisi and Mouaz H. Al-Mallah)

Chapter 155 Adenoids and Related Diseases in Childhood
(D. Caimmi, A. Marseglia, E. Labò, E. Borali, G. Ciprandi, A. M. Castellazzi, F. Pagella and G. L. Marseglia)

Chapter 156 Markers of Lymphoid Follicle Function in Chronic Tonsillitis
(Verica Avramović, Predrag Vlahović and Vladimir Petrović)

Chapter 157 Ribosomal Therapy in the Prophylaxis of Recurrent Pharyngotonsillitis
(Luca Guastini, Renzo Mora, Barbara Crippa, Valentina Santomauro and Angelo Salami)

Chapter 158 Tonsillar Disorders: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment
(Chen-feng Qi, Herbert C. Morse III and Shao Xiang)

Chapter 159 Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage
(Olaf Zagólski)

Chapter 160 Distribution of Tumor Necrosis Factor Producing Cells in Chronic Tonsillitis
(Milan Stankovic, Miroljub Todorovic, Verica Avramovic, Misa Vlahovic and Dragan Mihailovic)

Chapter 161 Peritonsillar Abscess
(Olaf Zagólski)

Chapter 162 Molecular Basis of the Phototherapy of Furocoumarins: A Theoretical Study
(L. Serrano-Andrés and J.J. Serrano-Pérez)

Chapter 163 Current Knowledge in Psoriasis: An Overview of the Skin Disease
(Jessica Jean, Martha Estrella Garcia-Pérez, Simon Guérard and Roxane Pouliot)

Chapter 164 Psoriasis: Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies
(Gottfried Wozel)

Chapter 165 Proteinase Regulators of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Trafficking and Function in Psoriasis
(Joanna Cichy and Brian A Zabel)

Chapter 166 Psoriasis Comorbidities and the Incidence of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease Events in Psoriasis
(S. Coimbra, H. Oliveira, F. Reis, L. Belo, A. Figueiredo, F. Teixeira, E. Castro, P. Rocha-Pereira and A. Santos-Silva)

Chapter 167 Pharmacological Management of Psoriasis
(Poobalan Naidoo and Virendra Rambiritch)

Chapter 168 Role of Nitric Oxide Synthases in Psoriasis
(Oriana Simonetti, Guendalina Lucarini, Gaia Goteri and Annamaria Offidani)

Chapter 169 Pathogenesis of Psoriasis-an Update
(K. H. Basavaraj)

Chapter 170 Psoriasis and Vegetarian Diets: A Role for Cortisol and Potassium?
(Reza Rastmanesh)

Chapter 171 Psoriasis and Heart Disease
(Ali Ahmad and Igor Mamkin)

Chapter 172 Otoprotective Pharmaceutical Agents: Current Status and Future Clinical Implications
(Maria Riga, Stavros Korres, Leonidas Chelis, John Xenellis and Vasilios Danielides)

Chapter 173 Cisplatin Ototoxicity
(Dalian Ding, Brian Allman, Shankai Yin, Hong Sun and Richard Salvi)

Chapter 174 Genetics of Hearing Loss (From Congenital Forms to Presbycusis)
(Savina Dipresa, Antonella Fabretto, Giorgia Girotto, Cristina Zadro and Paolo Gasparini)

Chapter 175 Treatment of Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Contemporary Rehabilitation and Future Prospects
(Panagiotis A. Dimitriadis, Petros V. Vlastarakos and Thomas P. Nikolopoulos)

Chapter 176 Conductive Hearing Loss Associated with Dentofacial Deformities and Orthodontic Treatment Modalities
(Husamettin Oktay and Nihat Kiliç)

Chapter 177 The Impact of Hearing Loss on Speakers of Tonal Languages: Insights From Long-Term Studies on Cantonese Speakers
(Kathy Yuet-Sheung Lee and Iris Hoi-Yee Ng)

Chapter 178 Early Detection and Intervention on Infant Hearing Loss
(Jose Granell and Gonzalo Martin)

Chapter 179 Counseling of Families and Children with Hearing Loss
(Carlie J. Driscoll)

Chapter 180 Cochlear Implant in Children
(Kátia Freitas Alvarenga, Maria Cecilia Bevilacqua, Adriane Lima Mortari Moret, Leandra Tabanez Nascimento Silva, Liège Franzini Tanamati and Orozimbo Alves Costa)

Chapter 181 Otitis Media with Effusion
(Sema Zer Toros and Çiğdem Kalaycık Ertugay)

Chapter 182 The Genetic Basis of Inherited Hearing Loss
(Vassos Neocleous, Constantina Costi and Leonidas A. Phylactou)

Chapter 183 Rehabilitation: Beyond the Hearing Aid Professional
(Liz Ross)

Chapter 184 Hearing Loss in Systemic Vasculitis
(Juan C. Amor-Dorado and Miguel A. González-Gay)

Chapter 185 Genetic Factors in Noise Induced Hearing Loss
(Roberto Bovo, Andrea Ciorba and Alessandro Martini)

Chapter 186 Cochlear Implant
(Guyan Channer and Simon Angeli)

Chapter 187 Genetics Aspects in Non-Syndromic Forms of Sensorineural Hearing Loss
(A. Franzé and E. Marciano)

Chapter 188 Bilateral Idiopathic Sensorineural Hearing Loss
(Olaf Zagólski)

Chapter 189 The Aging Auditory System
(Andrea Ciorba, Roberto Bovo and Alessandro Martini)

Chapter 190 Auditory Nueropathy/Dys-Synchrony
(Ajith U. Kumar and M. Jayaram)

Chapter 191 Clinical Application of Genetic Testing for Sensorineural Hearing Loss
(Peter King, Ariel Grobman and Xue Zhong Liu)


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