Medicine Research Summaries. Volume 11

Zhongwen Liáng (Editor)
Bibao Zhang (Editor)

Series: Medicine Research Summaries
BISAC: MED000000



Volume 10

Issue 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Special issue: Resilience in breaking the cycle of children’s environmental health disparities
Edited by I Leslie Rubin, Robert J Geller, Abby Mutic, Benjamin A Gitterman, Nathan Mutic, Wayne Garfinkel, Claire D Coles, Kurt Martinuzzi, and Joav Merrick


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This book is a continuation of the book Medicine Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)


Chapter 1 New Researches in Serum Angiotensin Applied to Equine Medicine and Science
(Ana Muñoz, Cristina Riber, Cristina Castejón-Riber Pablo Trigo, Katy Satué and Francisco Castejón)

Chapter 2 Pertussis: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment
(Roxana Magaña, Norma Hernandez-Pedro, Edgar Rangel, Karen Manoutcharian, Benjamin Pineda and Julio Sotelo)

Chapter 3 Gastritis: The Influence of Helicobacter Pylori Virulence Factors
(Bruna Maria Roesler, Sandra Cecília Botelho Costa and José Murilo Robilotta Zeitune)

Chapter 4 Robotic Surgery in Gynecology
(Sara Arrieta, Ignacio Zapardiel and Javier De Santiago)

Chapter 5 Do Chronically Ill Women Who Are Good Sleepers Have Better Health Outcomes than Poor Sleepers?
(Carmel Parker White, Mark B. White, Michelle A. Cauthen and Jessica R. Haas)

Chapter 6 Management of Complex Osteomyelitis in Children
(A. Fette)

Chapter 7 Serum Adiponectin and Markers of Endothelial Injury in Hemodialysis Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease and Arteriovenous Fistula Dysfunction
(Osamu Saito, Takako Saito, Atushi Kotouda, Kosuke Okuda and Eiji Kusano)

Chapter 8 Thyroid Hormones: Regulation, Health Effects and Role in Metabolism
(Cheol Ryong Ku, Sena Hwang, Dong Yeob Shin and Eun Jig Lee)

Chapter 9 Thyroid Hormone-Induced Regulatory Interrelations in Rat Liver Nrf2-Keap1 Signaling Related to Antioxidant Enzyme Expression
(Luis A. Videla, Pamela Cornejo, Iván Castillo and Pamela Romanque)

Chapter 10 Sleep Quality and Health
(Mohammad Mostafa Amin)

Chapter 11 Nutrigenomics and Breast Milk, Perspectives in Obesity
(María Servera, Nora López, Rocío Zamanillo, Catalina Picó, Andreu Palou and Francisca Serra)

Chapter 12 Human Milk Oligosaccharides and Their Health Effects
(Roos M. Nijman, Mickael Meyrand and Daniela Barile)

Chapter 13 The Emerging Role of Micro-RNAs in the Lactation Process
(Amit Kumar, Laurine Buscara, Sanjana Kurupath, Khanh Phuong Ngo, Kevin R. Nicholas and Christophe Lefèvre)

Chapter 14 Lactation: Natural Processes, Physiological Responses and Role in Maternity
(Rita de Cássia da Silveira Sá, Virginia Kelma dos Santos Silva, Luciana Barroso dos Reis and Luciana Valente Borges)

Chapter 15 Wnt Signaling in Lactation: A Balancing Act
(Jenifer R. Prosperi and Kathleen H. Goss)

Chapter 16 Ultrasound during Lactation
(Vanessa S. Sakalidis and Donna T. Geddes)

Chapter 17 Parasitoid Venom and Its Effects on Hosts
(Jia-Ying Zhu, Peng Xu, Sang-Zi Ze, Guo-Xing Wu and Bin Yang)

Chapter 18 Therapeutic Effects of Creatine Supplementation
(Marina Yazigi Solis, Serena del Favero, Christiano Robles Rodrigues Alves, Ana Paula Tanaka Hayashi, Andre Costa, Rebeca Lugaresi and Bruno Gualano)

Chapter 19 Gastritis in Helicobacter Pylori Infection
(Amedeo Amedei, Arianna Troilo, Chiara Della Bella, Elena Niccolai, Marisa Benagiano and Mario M. D’Elios)

Chapter 20 The Mechanism of Β1 Adrenoreceptor Signaling in Arteriosclerosis
(Thomas P. Crotty)

Chapter 21 Super Nutrient: Coenzyme Q10
(Basavaraj K. Nanjwade, Vikrant T. Kadam and J.K. Saboji)

Chapter 22 Towards the Eradication of Leprosy
(Colin L. Crawford)

Chapter 23 Peptide Contamination of Cell Membranes in Etiology of Chronic Noninfectious Diseases
(Sergey V. Verevka)

Chapter 24 Eliminating the Poliovirus: Success or Failure?
(Colin L. Crawford)

Chapter 25 Evaluation of the Effect of Glycolic Acid Chemical Peeling on Facial Skin by Computer Analysis of Digital Camera-captured Images
(Natsuko Kakudo, Satoshi Kushida, Nobuko Saito, Kenji Suzuki and Kenji Kusumoto)

Chapter 26 The Ultrasound-Guided Robotic System For Intervention Treatment of Liver Tumor
(Jing Xu, Bingtuan Gao, Shaoli Liu, Ruikun Luo and Tong Lu)

Chapter 27 Sensory TRP Channel Interaction with Lipids: Their Implications in Pain Modulation
(Sungjae Yoo, Sangsu Bang and Sun Wook Hwang)

Chapter 28 Immunological Barriers to Xenotransplantation of Pig Chondrocytes
(Marta Félez-Sánchez, Roberta Sommaggio and Cristina Costa)

Chapter 29 Morphological Classification and Clinico-Pathological Correlations
(Luca Roncati and Giuseppe Barbolini)

Chapter 30 A Tour to the Stars of the Immunodeficient Mice-Galaxy
(Konstantinos Dimas, Chrisiida Tsimplouli, Rama Ramanujam, Panayotis Pantazis and Nikos Sakellaridis)

Chapter 31 Acute Pancreatitis in Diabetes Mellitus and its Relationship to Antidiabetic Pharmacotherapy
(Ondřej Krystyník, Jaromíra Gajdováand Karel Urbánek)

Chapter 32 Patient-Derived Xenografts: Real-Time Modeling of Cancer
(Chrisiida Tsimplouli, Panayotis Pantazis, Konstantinos Alevizopoulos, Engin Ulukaya and Konstantinos Dimas)

Chapter 33 Oral Disease and Hydrogen Sulfide Production by Oral Bacteria
(A. Yoshida, M. Niki, T. Ansai and K. Nakayama)

Chapter 34 Aggravation Factors and Fatality Rates of Acute Pancreatitis - Analysis of a Nationwide Survey of Acute Pancreatitis in Japan
(Makoto Otsuki, Masaru Koizumi, Tetsuhide Ito and Tooru Shimosegawa)

Chapter 35 Ridge Preservation with Xenograft: A Clinical Study in Humans
(Vincenzo Maria Festa, Francesco Addabbo and Rosario Rullo)

Chapter 36 Managing Pancreatic Exocrine Dysfunction
(Sharon K. Carey and Suzie Ferrie)

Chapter 37 Valuing the Patient, Valuing the Caregiver: Effective Approaches to the Anxious, Agitated or Aggressive Patient
(Lois Biggin Moylan)

Chapter 38 Travel Medicine: A Country-to-Country Guide
(Morteza Izadi)

Chapter 39 Non-Epithelial Ovarian Tumors: Clinicopathological Issues
(Christos Iavazzo and Agathi Kondi–Pafiti)

Chapter 40 Is Malaria Elimination an Achievable and Worthwhile Objective?
(Amal A. El-Moamly)

Chapter 41 Heterotopic Calcification: Pathology, Pathogenesis and Purpose with Special Reference to Dystrophic Calcification
(Dilip K. Das)

Chapter 42 Medico-Legal Diagnosis in Sudden Death from Anaphylaxis
(Esperanza Navarro Escayola and Juan Carlos Canós Villena)

Chapter 43 Intestinal Mucosal Hypoplasia: Types, Risk Factors and Treatment Options
(I. Sukhotnik)

Chapter 44 Supplementation with Arachidonic and Docosahexaenoic Acid for 7 Months Improves Visual Perception in 4-7 Year Old Children: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial
(Vanessa W. Lien, Kathryn A. Pramuk, Ian M. MacDonald, Joy R. Mickelson, Yeow K. Goh, Dana Lee Olstad and Michael T. Clandinin)

Chapter 45 Role of IB Kinase and Heat Shock Protein 90 Complex in Inflammatory Responses to Bacterial Infection
(Jung Mogg Kim)

Chapter 46 The Formation and Zn2+-Dependence of Histidine-Rich Glycoprotein-Containing Immune Complexes
(Omar Kassaar, Simon J. Powis and Alan J. Stewart)

Chapter 47 Cohesin Complexes: Modulators of Chromatin Organization Control Gene Expression in Immune System
(José L. Barbero)

Chapter 48 Prescribing Errors in Primary Care Revealed in Community Pharmacy
(Svein Haavik and Anders Ekedahl)

Chapter 49 Efficacy and Safety of the Express Implant in the Treatment of Primary and Secondary Glaucoma
(Begoña Arana Larrea, Sergio Pinar-Sueiro, Ana Orive Bañuelos, Ignacio Castresana Jauregui, Alejandro Fonollosa, Marta Galdós Iztueta, Bárbara Berasategui Fernández, Nerea Martinez Alday and Lorea Martinez-Indart)

Chapter 50 Hearing Functionality Assessment of Cochlear Hypoplasias
(J. Garcia-Valdecasas, E. Fernandez and M. Sainz)

Chapter 51 Epidemiology of Obesity and Associated Co-Morbidities
(Emil Ginter and Vlado Simko)

Chapter 52 Evaluation of Body Composition in the Obese
(Graham Woodrow)

Chapter 53 Evaluation of the Obese Patient Ahead of Exercise Intervention
(Mats Börjesson)

Chapter 54 Caloric Restriction and/or Increasing Exercise in the Management of Obesity
(Trevor O’Neill, Einat Shalev-Goldman and Robert Ross)

Chapter 55 Exercise Physiology in Obese Subjects: Cardiovascular Function
(Luca A. Gondoni)

Chapter 56 Exercise Physiology in Obese Subjects: Respiratory Function
(Santiago Lorenzo and Tony G. Babb)

Chapter 57 Exercise Physiology in Obese Adults: Endocrine Hormone Regulation
(Dominique Hansen)

Chapter 58 Exercise Physiology in Adult Obesity: Muscle Function and Mobility
(Bret H. Goodpaster and Deborah A. Josbeno)

Chapter 59 Exercise Physiology in Adult Obesity: Brain Function and Thermoregulation
(Bart Roelands and Romain Meeusen)

Chapter 60 Fat Oxidation and Lipolytic Capacity in Obesity
(Cedric Moro)

Chapter 61 121Motivating Patients with Obesity to Exercise
(Riccardo Dalle Grave)

Chapter 62 Impact of Training Modalities on Adipose Tissue Mass Loss in the Obese
(Dominique Hansen)

Chapter 63 Impact of Exercise Intervention on Inflammation, Immunity and Diseases
(Undurti N Das)

Chapter 64 Impact of Exercise Training on Habitual Activity and Food Intake in the Obese
(Catherine Gibbons, Phillipa Caudwell, Graham Finlayson, Mark Hopkins, Eleanor Bryant, Katy Horner, John Blundell and Neil King)

Chapter 65 Variation in Adipose Tissue Mass Loss in the Obese Following Exercise Intervention
(Stephen H. Boutcher)

Chapter 66 Emerging Concepts in Exercise Training for Obese Subjects: Exercise Training in Fasting Condition
(Karen Van Proeyen)

Chapter 67 Provision of Safe Blood Transfusion Services in a Low Income Setting in West Africa. Case Study of Nigeria
(O. Erhabor, T. C. Adias and A. S. Mainasara)

Chapter 68 Anticoagulant and Cytoprotective Protein C Pathways: Clinical Implications
(S. Navarro, E. Bonet, L. Martos, F. España and P. Medina)

Chapter 69 Bioanalytical Applications of Oligonucleotides; Electrochemical Biosensors, Based on Oligonucleotides Hybridization Detection, as Promising Bioanalytical Tools
(S. Girousi, C. Serpi and S. Karastogianni)

Chapter 70 Factor Analysis Applied to the Metabolic Syndrome: A Review
(Celestina Barbosa-Leiker)

Chapter 71 Emerging Targets for Local Pain Therapy
(Hayes Wong, Sun Nee Tan, Xu-Dong Dong, Parisa Gazerani and Brian E. Cairns)

Chapter 72 Platelets and Transfusion Platelet Components: How to Process to Reduce Inflammation Linked Risks?
(Olivier Garraud, Fabrice Cognasse, Hind Hamzeh-Cognasse, Kim Ahn Nguyen, Pauline Damien, Antoine Prigent, Gamal Badr, Lena Absi, Sandrine Laradi, Patrick Fabrigli and Patricia Chavarin)

Chapter 73 Protein Kinase C: Function in Intracellular Trafficking, in Health and Disease
(A. Capmany and M. T. Damiani)

Chapter 74 Use of Aptamer Arrays to Identify Drug Targets and Assist Drug Development
(Duncan Ayers and Philip J. R. Day)

Chapter 75 Evidence for C-Reactive Protein as a Prognostic Indicator for Ischaemic Stroke Risk
(Giovanni Corso, Edo Bottacchi and Massimo Veronese Morosini)

Chapter 76 Bronchitis: Pathophysiology, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
(Paul King)

Chapter 77 Dynamic Pain after Laser-Assisted-Uvulo-Palatoplasty (LAUP) Can Instantaneously Be Mitigated by Topical Regimens
(Lieber P. H. Li, Shan S. Lee, Ann Y. C. Chuang, David M. Niddam, Tao H. Tung and Joshua K.C. Chen)

Chapter 78 Blood Transfusion in Spine Fusion Patients: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Economic Impact
(Mohammad Sami Walid, Kevin D. Waits and Joe Sam Robinson Jr.)

Chapter 79 Adsorption Behaviors of Lysozyme Adsorbed onto Moderately Hydrophobic Surface
(Xin-Peng Geng, Jing-Jing Peng, Jie Geng and Hai-Yun Hou)

Chapter 80 Recent Developments in the Recovery and Purification of Lysozyme
(Jose D. Fontana, Adelia Grzybowski, Elizabeth B. Gauthier and Robert D. Tanner)

Chapter 81 Valence Charge-Transfer Indices and Binding of Lysozyme, Myoglobin and Albumin to Vesicles
(Francisco Torrens and Gloria Castellano)

Chapter 82 Lysozyme Superfamily: Progress in Functional Analysis Using ESI-MS and NMR Spectroscopy
(Shoko Shinya, Takayuki Ohnuma, Ryszard Brzezinski, Romy K. Scheerle, Johanna Grassmann, Thomas Letzel and Tamo Fukamizo)

Chapter 83 Functions of Lysozymes and Their Identification by MALDI-MS
(Suresh Kumar Kailasa and Hui-Fen Wu)

Chapter 84 Physicochemical Properties of Lysozyme and Its Role in Disease
(Kou-Joong Lin and Shiang-Liang Chen)

Chapter 85 Dissecting Lysozyme by Single-Molecule Techniques
(Issa S. Moody, Yongki Choi, Tivoli J. Olsen, Patrick C. Sims, Philip G. Collins and Gregory A. Weiss)

Chapter 86 Hen Egg White Lysozyme: Antimicrobial Activity and Allergenicity
(R. Jiménez-Saiz, M. E. Gordon and W. Carrillo)

Chapter 87 Human Lysozyme Amyloid from the Viewpoint of Protein Folding
(Kanako Shima and Kazufumi Takano)

Chapter 88 Strategies to Recover and Purify Lysozyme from Egg White
(F. J. Wolman, M. F. Baieli, N. Urtasun, A. A. Navarro del Cañizo, M. V. Miranda and O. Cascone)

Chapter 89 Growing Hen Egg-White Lysozyme Crystals for Neutron Experiments
(Elena Magay, Sang Jin Cho and Shin Ae Kim)

Chapter 90 Modifications in Lipopolysaccharide that Reduce Interaction of Bacterial Pathogens with the Innate Immune System and Cause Resistance to Antimicrobial Peptides
(Susana Sánchez-Gómez, Raquel Conde-Alvarez, José Antonio Bengoechea, Ignacio Moriyón and Guillermo Martínez-de-Tejada)

Chapter 91 Biological Role of Fish Antimicrobial Peptides
(Yulema Valero, Elena Chaves-Pozo, José Meseguer, María A. Esteban and Alberto Cuesta)

Chapter 92 Casein-Derived Peptides
(Adham M. Abdou and Hend A. Elbarbary)

Chapter 93 Antimicrobial Peptides in Intestinal Inflammation and Infection
(Tressia C. Hing, David Q. Shih, Samantha Ho, Ryan Ichikawa, Michelle Cheng, Charalabos Pothoulakis and Hon Wai Koon)

Chapter 94 Antimicrobial Peptides: Immunomodulatory Properties, Functions and Therapeutic Applications in Humans
(Eduardo Guaní-Guerra and Luis M. Terán)

Chapter 95 The Role of Insect Antimicrobial Peptides in Immunity and Mechanisms of Action
(Hyemin Choi and Dong Gun Lee)

Chapter 96 Potential of AMPs as Therapeutic Tools against Infectious Diseases
(Margot Schlusselhuber, Claire Laugier and Julien Cauchard)

Chapter 97 LC-MS/MS-Based Quantitative Protein Profiling Can Aid Mechanistic Studies of Antimicrobial Peptides
(Yusi Zhou and Wei Ning Chen)

Chapter 98 Infertility: The Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Fertility Management, Menstrual Health, Fertility Awareness and Emotional Well-being
(Karin Ried)

Chapter 99 Adverse Outcomes of Assisted Reproduction Techniques
(Bruno Ramalho de Carvalho, Taciana Fontes Rolindo, David Barreira Gomes Sobrinho, Hitomi Miura Nakagava, Adelino Amaral Silva, Antônio César Paes Barbosa, Marcel Eiji Miura Nakagava and Marco Akio Miura Nakagava)

Chapter 100 The Impact of Follicular Fluid Components and Embryo-endometrial Cross-talk on the Oocyte Quality or Embryo Viability: Search for New Biomarkers
(M. Králíčková, M. Čedíková, P. Pitule, P. Šíma and V. Větvička)

Chapter 101 The Potential Effect of Clinician-Induced (Iatrogenic) Damage Incurred During Fertility Treatment Upon Gamete Competence and Embryonic Viability
(Celine Jones, Hani Bagheri, Junaid Kashir, Laura McLaren, Suseela Yelumalai and Kevin Coward)

Chapter 102 Genetic Factors of Male Infertility
(Hideyuki Kobayashi, Koichi Nagao and Koichi Nakajima)

Chapter 103 Animal Models for Studying Female Infertility
(Paloma Sánchez-Aparicio)

Chapter 104 Treatment of Endometriosis Associated with Infertility and Chronic Pelvic Pain
(Julio Cesar Rosa e Silva, Juliana Meola, Ana Carolina Japur de Sá Rosa e Silva, Omero Benedicto Poli Neto, Francisco José Candido dos Reis and Antonio Alberto Nogueira)

Chapter 105 Aged Skin and Strenuous Exercise: Can the Skin Handle the Heat?
(Stuart A. Best and Martin W. Thompson)

Chapter 106 New Insights on the Regulation of Extracellular Matrix Proteins During Skin Aging
(Connie B. Lin and Michael D. Southall)

Chapter 107 Improved Cell Metabolism and Strengthening of the Extracellular Matrix by Nicotinamide, and Copper for Anti-Skin Aging
(Neena Philips, Samuel Philips, Halyna Siomyk, Harit Parakandi, Hui Jia, Sesha Gopal and Hossam Shahin)

Chapter 108 Skin Morphology of Caucasian Women During Aging
(H. Zahouani, R. Vargiolu, C. Guinot, E. Tschachler and F. Morizot)

Chapter 109 Molecular Understanding of the Development of “Age Spots”
(Connie B. Lin and Miri Seiberg)

Chapter 110 Skin Rejuvenation – Ultrastructural Study
(Tokuya Omi and Shigeru Sato)

Chapter 111 Skin Aging
(Samira Yarak and Carolina A. Pontes da Silva)

Chapter 112 A Procedure for the Assessment of Skin Aging
(Natsuko Kakudo, Satoshi Kushida, Nobuko Saito, Kenji Suzuki and Kenji Kusumoto)

Chapter 113 Fluorescently Responsive Nucleotides for Development of Oligonucleotide Probes that Detect Hybridization
(Melissa Massey, Anthony J. Tavares and Ulrich J. Krull)

Chapter 114 Molecular Biological Aspects of Lung Development: Current Status of Understanding and Future Research Directions
(J. N. Maina)

Chapter 115 Adenosine Receptors in Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders
(Taehyun Kim, Patrick Vanderboom, Peter Conrad and Doo-Sup Choi)

Chapter 116 Invasive Monitoring in Anesthesia
(Ana Sofía Del Castillo Sardi)

Chapter 117 Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) – The View from the Biology Laboratory
(J. Beattie)

Chapter 118 Bone Infections: A View-Point on the Past of Human Pathology
(Sergio Sabbatani and Sirio Fiorino)

Chapter 119 Autumn of 1494: First Cases of Syphilis in Naples (European or American Origin)
(Sergio Sabbatani and Sirio Fiorino)

Chapter 120 Autoproteolytic Cleavage of Adhesion-GPCRs at the GPCR Proteolysis Site: Molecular Mechanism, Structure and Functional Significance
(Hsi-Hsien Lin)

Chapter 121 Cultures for Change
(Cynthia Formosa)

Chapter 122 GPCR-Ligand-Pair Dynamics: A New Approach to Understand GPCR Function
(Steffen Wolf)

Chapter 123 Management of Facial Hemangiomas by Pediatric Surgical Laser Therapy
(A. Fette)

Chapter 124 Pain Sensor Molecules of the Primary Afferent Nerves and Their Nociceptive Modalities
(Chul-Kyu Park and Sun Wook Hwang)

Chapter 125 Natural Polymers and Its Application in Drug Delivery Systems
(Basavaraj K. Nanjwade, Umesh D. Pate, Vikrant T. Kadam and Renu Wadhwa)

Chapter 126 Microelectrode Arrays in the Study of Mast Cell Electrophysiology
(Jessica K.-Y. Law and C. K. Yeung)

Chapter 127 Fructose: Synthesis, Functions and Health Implications
(Mayank Thakur and Ashish Mishra)

Chapter 128 Medical Tourism and Health Care Outsourcing in a Global World
(Anahí Viladrich and Rita Baron-Faust)

Chapter 129 Objective Measurement and Monitoring of Pain
(Michael Czaplik and Rolf Rossaint)

Chapter 130 The Challenges of Homeopathy Services in the National Health Service and Other Developed Countries in the 21st Century
(Daniel Yu Hin Ng)

Chapter 131 Effect of Axis Orientation on Visual Performance in Astigmatic Eyes
(Hidenaga Kobashi, Kazutaka Kamiya, Kimiya Shimizu, Takushi Kawamorita and Hiroshi Uozato)

Chapter 132 Pulmonary Hypertension: A Common Finding in Patients Undergoing Dialysis
(Ketki Tendulkar and Troy Plumb)

Chapter 133 Glutamate and its Receptors in Controlling Proliferation of Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells
(Maria Kukley)

Chapter 134 The Two Faces of TGF-ß in Breast Cancer: Tumour Suppressor and Tumour Promoter
(Yihao Li, Yvette Drabsch and Peter ten Dijke)

Chapter 135 MicroRNAs and Their Therapeutic Potential for Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation in Restenosis
(Eunmi Choi, Byeong-Wook Song, Il-Kwon Kim, Se-Yeon Lee, Min-Ji Cha, Onju Ham, Eunhyun Choi and Ki-Chul Hwang)

Chapter 136 Impaired Proliferation as a Component of the Pathogenesis of Follicular Persistence Associated with Cystic Ovarian Disease
(Natalia R. Salvetti, Florencia Rey, Matías L. Stangaferro, Eduardo J. Gimeno, Ayelen N. Amweg, Pablo U. Diaz and Hugo H. Ortega)

Chapter 137 Cell Adhesion and Proliferation on Polymeric Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering
(Xiangqiong Zeng and Changhong Zhang)

Chapter 138 Extracellular Protein-Induced Plant Cell Proliferation
(Anis Ben-Amar and Goetz M. Reustle)

Chapter 139 Cell Proliferation in Drug Discovery and Development
(Gopalan Soman, Xiaoyi Yang, Steve Giardina and George Mitra)

Chapter 140 Type I Interferon Signaling Pathway and Its Regulation
(Xiaobing Luo, Yihong Yao and Nan Shen)

Chapter 141 Type I Interferons and Autoimmunity
(Jeremy Di Domizio and Wei Cao)

Chapter 142 Type I Interferons in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
(Gary P. Sims, Daniel C. Rowe, Bo Chen and Ronald Herbst)

Chapter 143 Type I Interferons in Sjögren’s Syndrome
(Zheng Liu, Bahija Jallal, Lars Rönnblom and Yihong Yao)

Chapter 144 Type I Interferons in Systemic Sclerosis
(Robert Lafyatis, Zheng Liu and Yihong Yao)

Chapter 145 The Type I Interferon System in Rheumatoid Arthritis
(Cornelis L. Verweij and Saskia Vosslamber)

Chapter 146 Type I Interferons in Psoriasis
(Zheng Liu, Wei Cao, James G. Kruger and Koustubh Ranade)

Chapter 147 Type I Interferons in Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis
(Steven A. Greenberg)

Chapter 148 The Interferon System in Multiple Sclerosis: Towards a Personalized Medicine Approach for Interferon- Therapy
(Cornelis L. Verweij and Saskia Vosslamber)

Chapter 149 Developing Anti-Type I Interferon Therapy in Autoimmune Diseases and Personalized Medicine
(Brandon W. Higgs, Bahija Jallal and Yihong Yao)

Chapter 150 What Is Green Care? Introduction, History, and Origins
(Christos Gallis)

Chapter 151 Green Care: Origins and Activities
(Joe Sempik and Rachel Bragg)

Chapter 152 Explaining Green Care: Theories and Constructs
(Joe Sempik and Anna A. Adevi)

Chapter 153 Introducing Green Care Research
(Dorit Haubenhofer, Luisa Demattio and Sigrid Geber)

Chapter 154 Benefits of Animal-assisted Interventions for Different Target Groups in a Green Care Context
(Bente Berget, Ingeborg Pedersen, Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers, Andrea Beetz, Silke Scholl and Geza Kovács)

Chapter 155 Effects of Green Care Farms on Different Client Groups: Experiences from the Netherlands
(Simone de Bruin, Reina Ferwerda-van Zonneveld, Marjolein Elings and Jan Hassink)

Chapter 156 Therapeutic Horticulture in a Green Care Context for Clinical Depression: Cognitive Benefits and Active Components
(Marianne Thorsen Gonzalez)

Chapter 157 Benefits of Forest and Forest Environment on Human Health in a Green Care Context: An Introduction to Forest Medicine
(Qing Li)

Chapter 158 Social Aspects of Green Care
(Chris Leck, Dominic Upton and Nick Evans)

Chapter 159 Policies and Strategies of Green Care in Europe
(Thomas van Elsen and Roberto Finuola)

Chapter 160 Political Cultures Reflected in the Social Recognition of New Practices: A Comparison of Green Care Farming in Austria and the Netherlands
(Renate Renner and Dorit Karla Haubenhofer)

Chapter 161 Structure and Economics of Green Care in the Netherlands
(Gabe Venema, Harold van der Meulen, Wim Zaalmink, Aide Roest, Dora Lakner and Jakob Jager)

Chapter 162 Learning on Green Care Farms
(Dorit Haubenhofer, Christos Gallis, Frances Harris, Linda Jolly, Michael Kaufmann, Erling Krogh, Kirsti Salo, Johanna Schockemöhle, Pia Smeds and Georg Wiesinger)

Chapter 163 The Development and Diversity of Green Care across Europe
(Jan Hassink)

Chapter 164 Green Care in Japan
(Masahiro Toyoda)

Chapter 165 Green Care: Farming for Health in the USA
(Paula Diane Relf)

Chapter 166 Osteoblasts under Mechanical Strain
(Anastasia Spyropoulou and Efthimia K. Basdra)

Chapter 167 From Stem Cells to Osteoblast: Therapeutic Potential for Bone Tissue Engineering
(Smitha Mathews and Satish Totey)

Chapter 168 Osteoblast Functions and their Role in Skeletal Bone Diseases
(Eman Allam, Pierre Eleniste, Angela Bruzzaniti and L. Jack Windsor)

Chapter 169 Osteoblast Differentiation and Related Diseases
(Juliana Marulanda)

Chapter 170 BMP and Osteoblastogenesis Inhibitors
(Shoichiro Kokabu)

Chapter 171 The Effect of Molecular and Biochemical Differentiation Agents on Bone Formation
(Jafary Farzaneh, Hanachi Parichehr and Jafary Fariba)

Chapter 172 Evaluation of Characteristics of Osteoblasts and Factors Related to Osteoblastic Differentiation and Mineralization
(Jun-Beom Park)

Chapter 173 ATP: The Sperm Movement Energizer
(Jacky J. Cosson)

Chapter 174 The Hydrolysis Reaction of Adenosine Triphosphate Molecules and Bio-energy Transport in the Cell
(Pang Xiao-feng)

Chapter 175 The Use of Exogenous Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to Stimulate the Growth of Human Tissue Engineered Cartilage
(Jennifer K. Bow and Stephen D. Waldman)

Chapter 176 Adenosine Triphosphate in Experimental Liver Surgery
(M. Elias-Miró, M. B. Jiménez-Castro and C. Peralta)

Chapter 177 The Functional Role of Cerebral ATP Levels in Body Weight Regulation
(Kamila Jauch-Chara and Kerstin M. Oltmanns)

Chapter 178 Visible Red and Near Infra-Red Light Is Absorbed by Cytochrome C Oxidase and Stimulates the Production of ATP
(Nicolette N. Houreld)

Chapter 179 Adenosine Triphosphate: A Potential Mediator of the Aging Process
(Wing-Fu Lai and Parco M. Siu)

Chapter 180 Involvement of Extracellular ATP and Derivates in Trichomonas Vaginalis Infection
(Amanda Piccoli Frasson, Patrícia de Brum Vieira and Tiana Tasca)

Chapter 181 ATP Exists Originally in the Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Organella May Be the Intracellular Source of ATP Released by Stimulation of Some Receptors
(Takeshi Katsuragi)

Chapter 182 Cell Response to Electromagnetic Field: Nuclear and Membrane Mechanisms
(Yuriy G. Shckorbatov, V.A. Katrich, V.N. Pasiuga, and A.O. Rudenko)


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