Maxwell Electrodynamics and Boson Fields in Spaces of Constant Curvature


Elena Mikhaylovna Ovsiyuk
Mozyr State Pedagogical University, Belarus

Vasiliy Vasilievich Kisel

Viktor Mikaylovich Red’kov
Institute of Physics, Minsk, Belarus

Series: Contemporary Fundamental Physics
BISAC: SCI013050

In this book, detailed analytical treatment and exact solutions are given to a number of problems in classical electrodynamics and boson field theory in the simplest non-Euclidean space-time models, open Bolyai and Lobachevsky space H3 and closed Riemann space S3, and (anti) de Sitter space-times. The main attention is focused on new themes created by non-vanishing curvature in the following topics: electrodynamics in curved spacetime and modeling of the media, Majorana–Oppenheimer approach in curved space time, spin 1 field theory, tetrad based Duffin–Kemmer-Petiau formalism, Schr¨odinger–Pauli limit, Dirac–K¨ahler particle, spin 2 field, anomalous magnetic moment, plane wave, cylindrical, and spherical solutions, spin 1 particle in a magnetic field, spin 1 field and cosmological radiation in de Sitter space-time, electromagnetic field and Schwarzschild black hole. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Maxwell Equations, Geometry Effects on Constitutive Relations

Chapter 2. Electrodynamics, Complex Rotation Group, Media, Gravity

Chapter 3. Dirac–Kahler Field Theory, a 2-Potential Approach to Electrodynamics

Chapter 4. 10-Dimensional Matrix Approach

Chapter 5. Dirac–Kahler Theory, Relation between Spinor and Tensor Formulations

Chapter 6. Graviton in a Curved Space-Time Background and Gauge Symmetry

Chapter 7. Particle with Spin 2 and Anomalous Magnetic Moment

Chapter 8. Spherical Solutions for Dirac–Kahler and Dirac Particles

Chapter 9. Electromagnetic Spherical Solutions in Models S<sub>3</sub> and H<sub>3</sub>

Chapter 10. 10-Dimensional Spherical Solutions in Riemann Space S<sub>3</sub>

Chapter 11. Solutions with Cylindric Symmetry in Spherical Space

Chapter 12. Solutions with Cylindric Symmetry in Lobachevsky Space

Chapter 13. On Simulating a Medium with Special Properties by Lobachevsky Geometry

Chapter 14. Maxwell Equations, Squaring Procedure, and Separation of the Variables

Chapter 15. Helicity Operator and Spin 1 Field in Lobachevsky and Rieman Models

Chapter 16. Spin 1 Particle in the Coulomb Field

Chapter 17. Particle with Spin 1 in a Magnetic Field

Chapter 18. Particle with Spin 1 in a Magnetic Field on the Hyperbolic Plane

Chapter 19. Particle with Spin 1 in a Magnetic Field on the Spherical Plane

Chapter 20. Electromagnetic Waves in de Sitter Space-Time

Chapter 21. Spherical Waves of Spin 1 Particle in Anti de Sitter Space-Time

Chapter 22. Calculation of the Reflection Coefficient for Particles in de Sitter Space

Chapter 23. On Solutions of Maxwell Equations in the Schwarzschild Space-Time

Chapter 24. Conclusions and Summaries



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