Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra Compendium. Volume 1


This book is devoted to new advances in all branches of mathematics, game theory and applications, and pure and applied algebra and geometry including Field Theory and Polynomials; Commutative Rings and Algebras; Algebraic Geometry; Linear and Multilinear Algebras; Matrix Theory; Associative Rings and Algebras; Nonassociative Rings and Algebras; K-Theory; Group Theory and Generalizations; Topological Groups, Lie Groups; Geometry; Differential Geometry.

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Table of Contents


1. On Property (E. A) in Gauge Spaces
(Adnan Alhomaidan) pp. 1-5

2. Structure of Certain Periodic Near Rings
(Asma Ali) pp. 7-13

3. Extended Method of Quasilinearization for a Three-Point Boundary Value Problem with General Nonlinear Nonconvex Boundary Conditions
(Ahmed Alsaedi) pp. 15-21

4. The Jones Polynomial of Twist Knots
(Yýlmaz Altun) pp. 23-29

5. Abstract Ideal Theory: Multiplicative Lattices and x-systems
(D. D. Anderson) pp. 31-41

6. Commutativity of Rings with Constraints on Nilpotents and the Jacobson Radical
(Mohammad Ashraf) pp. 43-51

7. Decomposability of Iterated Extensions
(V.K. Bhat) pp. 53-57

8. Some Aspects of a Pure Theory of Bargaining: Players, Information, Equilibrium and Voting Power
(Volker Bieta, Siegfried Gelbhaar and Martin Straub) pp. 59-78

9. Limits at Infinity of Generalized Riesz Potentials
(Inan Cinar) pp. 79-83

10. Phase Operator on a Deformed Hilbert Space
(P.K. Das) pp. 85-102

11. Galois Theory of Graded Fields
(L. El Fadil) pp. 103-109

12. Self Similar Isothermal Expansion of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Gas Behind a Spherical Shock Wave With Self Gravitation
(Ashok Ganguly and Pankaj Sharma) pp. 111-122

13. Classification of the 5-dimensional Power-Associative 2nd-order Bernstein Algebras
(P. Vicente) pp. 123-136

14. A Dual Approach to Alpha-Regularity
(R.J. Higgs and J.F. Humphreys) pp. 137-143

15. Limit Cycle in Fractional Differential Systems
(Rabha W. Ibrahim) pp. 145-155

16. The Half-Factorial Property in the Ring A+XI[X] where A Is a UFR;
(Murat Alan) pp. 157-163

17. Some Diophantine Equations Associated to Seminormal Cohen-Kaplansky Domains
(Abdallah Badra) pp. 165-181

18. On Integrally Closed Going-Down Rings
(David E. Dobbs) pp. 183-194

19. Computational of the Integral Closure
(L. El Fadil) pp. 195-201

20. Negacyclic Codes of Length 2e over Z4
(Taher Abualrub and Marwan Abukhaled)pp. 203-209

21. Cooperative Stochastic Games in Stationary Strategies
(Elena V. Baranova and Leon A. Petrosyan) pp. 200-219

22. Two Level Games
(Elisa Caprari and Roberto E. Lucchetti) pp. 221-231

23. Conjugate-Set Game for a Nonlinear Programming Problem
(H. Kawasaki) pp. 233-240

24. Dynkin’s Stopping Games with Zero Payoffs for Separate Stopping;
(Victor Domansky) pp. 241-257

25. An Investment Allocation Game with a Cost
(Andrey Garnaev and Alexey Solovyev) pp. 259-267

26. An Optimal Insurance Policy in the Individual Risk Model Seen as a Bargaining Game
(Alexey Y. Golubin) pp. 269-282

27. A Fishery Game Model with Migration: Reserved Territory Approach
(Vladimir V. Mazalov and Anna N. Rettieva) pp. 283-299

28. Non-Hierarchical Signalling: Two-Stage Financing Game
(Anton Miglo and Nikolay Zenkevich) pp. 301-318

29. Three-Player Game of ‘Keep-or-Exchange’
(Minoru Sakaguchi) pp. 319-333

30. Dynamic Noncooperative R&D in Duopoly with Spillovers and Technology Gap
(Shravan Luckraz) pp. 335-359

31. Mathematics of the JIPTO and Theory of the Pursuit
(Grigoriy Tomski) pp. 361-371

32. Investment Decisions under Uncertainty and Evaluation of American Options
(Alexander A. Vasin and Vladimir V. Morozov)pp. 373-387

33. On a Continuous Dynamic Strategic Market Game
(Piotr Wiêcek and Tadeusz Radzik) pp. 387-397

34. Distortion of Lengths Under Functions Starlike With Respect to a Boundary Point
(V. Karunakaran and K. Bhuvaneswari)pp. 399-405

35. Service Facility Inventory System with Impatient Customers
(Paul Manuel, B. Sivakumar and G. Arivarignan) pp. 407-421

36. Certain Weaker Forms of Fuzzy Pairwise Continuous Functions and Biextension of Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces
(P.V. Ramakrishnan and A. Regina Mary) pp. 423-435

37. On Polynilpotent Covering Groups of a Polynilpotent Group
(Mahboobeh Alizadeh Sanati and Behrooz Mashayekhy) pp. 437-443

38. The Baer Invariant of Semidirect and Verbal Wreath Products of Groups
(Behrooz Mashayekhy) pp. 445-462

39. A Characterization of Commutative Clean Rings
(Warren Wm. McGovern) pp. 463-475

40. On Absolute Matrix Summability of Fourier Series and its Allied Series
(Madan L. Mittal) pp. 477-491

41. Semiregular Associative Pairs
(Inmaculada de las Penas Cabrera) pp. 493-504

42. Magnetohydrodynamic Flow and Radiation of a Rarefied Gas
(C. Perdikis and E. Rapti) pp. 505-516

43. First Strongly Graded Modules
(Mashhoor Refai and Fida A. M. Moh’d) pp. 517-523

44. Solving Some Higher-Order Discrete Dynamic Systems and Applications
(R. Ben Taher, W. Iraoui and M. Rachidi)pp. 525-540

45. A Property of the Cyclotomic Polynomial
(Tang Tao, Xuan Wei and Yun Nan) pp. 541-546

46. On Stronger Forms of (1,2)* Quotient Mappings in Bitopological Spaces
(M. Lellis Thivagar and O. Ravi) pp. 547-556

47. A Further Instability Result for a Certain Vector Differential Equation of Fourth Order
(Cemil Tunç) pp. 557-565

48. On the Regularity of Magnetic Flux Function in Nuclear Fusion
(Takayuki Yamauchi) pp. 567-583

49. Collision Orbits for N-body Problems with Fixed Energy
(Shiqing Zhang) pp. 585-593

50. Graph Searching Problems with the Counteraction
(V.Y. Andrianov and Nikolay N. Petrov) pp. 595-605

51. Competition for Staff Between Two Departments
(Vic J. Baston and Andrey Y. Garnaev) pp. 607-619

52. A Competitive Prediction Number Game
(D.V. Belkovskii and A.Y. Garnaev) pp. 621-629

53. Efficiency of Bertrand and Cournot Under Precommitment
(Michèle Breton, Abdalla Turki and Georges Zaccour) pp. 631-639

54. One Approach to Solution of Complex Game Problems(G.Ts. Chikrii) pp. 641-649

55. A Differential Game with Investment in Transport and Communication R&D
(Luca Colombo, Luca Lambertini and Andrea Mantovani) pp. 651-663

56. A Concept of Solution for a Strategic Cooperative Game Involving
Unknown Parameters
(Moussa Larbani and Youcef Askoura Faculty) pp. 665-679

57. On a Discrete Arbitration Procedure in Three Points
(Vladimir V. Mazalov, Alexander E. Mentcher and Julia S. Tokareva) pp. 681-697

59. Repeated Game with Constraint on the Time of Observation
(Elena Z. Mokhonko) pp. 699-703

60. Value for the Game with Changing Coalitional Structure
(Leon A. Petrosjan and Svetlana I. Mamkina) pp. 703-715

61. The Redistribution Paradox
(Agnieszka Rusinowska and Adrian van Deemen) pp. 717-728

62. Players’ Information in Two-Player Games of “Score Showdown”
(Minoru Sakaguchi)pp. 729-748

63. Infinitely Repeated Symmetric 2X2-Bimatrix Games
(Alexei A. Semenishchev) pp. 749-763

64. Nonsymmetric Consistent Surplus Sharing Methods
(Elena Yanovskaya) pp. 765-784


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