Materials Science Research Summaries


Satomi Matsumoto (Editor)
Ueda Iwate (Editor)

Series: Materials Science and Technologies
BISAC: TEC021000

This book is a continuation of the book Materials Science Researcher Biographical Sketches and Research Summaries which compiles biographical sketches of top professionals in the field of materials science research, as well as research summaries from a number of different focuses in this important field. (Imprint: Nova)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Research Summaries on Materials Science

Scale Development to Assess Psychological States in Dental Patients

Trends in Dental Polymer Nanocomposites

Dental Nanocomposites

On the Critical Parameters that Regulate Self-Organized Biocomposites

The Annual Effective Dose Assessment during Panoramic / Oral Radiography including the Dental Errors Examinations to the Patients in Albania

Effects of Using Recycled Nickel-Chrome Based Alloys in the Preparation of Metallic Restorations

Development of Low-Shrinkage Dental Composites in Dentistry: A Review of the Trends and Techniques Applied

Design, Characterization and Evaluation of Biomimetic Polymeric Dental Composites with Remineralization Potential

Extraction of Nitroaromatic Explosive Compounds from Soil: Critical Review

Advances in Porphyrin-Based Photocatalytic 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene Degradation

Clean Nitrations using Dinitrogen Pentoxide (N2O5) – A UK Perspective

Molecular Structure, Non-Isothermal Decomposition Kinetics, A Density-Functional Theoretical Investigation of its Dimers and Crystal Band Structure and Safety Performance of 4-amino-1,2,4-triazol-5-one (ATO)

Nano Energetic Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, Modeling and Application

The Thermal Safety and A Density Functional Theoretical Study on 2,4,8,10 – Tetranitro – 2,4,8,10 – Tetraazaspiro [5,5] Undecane – 3,9 – Dione (TTUD)

Technological Progress towards High Performance Photochemical Electrode for Hydrogen Production

Laser Initiation of PETN

Novel Usage of Erbium in Optical Communication Systems – From Fundamentals to Performance Characteristics

Terbium-Sensitized Luminescence Flow-Through Optosensing

Bismuth-Based Erbium-Doped Fiber (Bi-EDF): Amplification Characteristics and its Nonlinear Applications

Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers Characterization and Performance Analysis

Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Photoluminescence Properties of Erbium (III) Complexes

Rare-Earth Silicide ErSi2 from First Principles Calculations: Optical, Magnetic and Magheto-Optical Properties

Erbium Lasers in the Treatment of Herpes Labialis

Erbium Lasers for Surface Conditioning in Dentistry

Structural Characterization of Erbium Containing Glasses by Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Preparation, Characterization and Optical Properties of Spinel Powders ZnGa2O4 Phosphor Doped with Er3+ Ions

Recent Developments in the Theory of Explosive Materials

Synchrotron-Based Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Statistic Analysis in Detection of Post-Blast Traces of Explosive Materials

Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Chemical Explosives Using Ambient Mass Spectrometry

Important Aspects of Sensitivity of Energetic Compounds: A Simple Novel Approach to Predict Electric Spark Sensitivity

Thermal Methods of Analysis as a Tool for Quantitative Composition Determination of ―Water-in-Oil‖ Emulsions

Tetraazapentalenes and Benzofuroxans as Explosive Materials

Effects of Temperature and Humidity on the Characterization of TNT Explosive Threats

Predicting Detonation Performance In Non-ideal Explosives By Empirical Methods

Extraction of Nitroaromatic Explosive Compounds from Soil: Critical Review

Remote Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy Detection of High Explosives

A Review of Peroxide Based Homemade Explosives: Characterization and Detection

Real-time Fatigue Damage Monitoring via In Situ Ultrasonic Sensing

Multiscale Approaches to Fatigue Crack Growth from the Debonding of Particle/Ductile-Matrix Interfaces

Advances in the Numerical Modelling of Fatigue Crack Closure Using Finite Elements

Textural Fractography of Fatigue Fractures

A Novel Fractography for Investigation of the Fatigue Fracture Process in Materials

Fatigue Behavior Model for Short Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyamides

The Effect of Overload Plastic Zone on Fatigue Crack Propagation after Overloading

Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction in Asphalt Concrete Materials with Damage Mechanics Model

Fracture Strength Evaluation of Center-Crack Tensile Specimens Made of Heat-Treated Wrought Aluminium Alloys

Dielectric Spectroscopy of Dipolar Glasses and Relaxors

Modification of Steels Microhardness by Compression Plasma Flows

Percolation Processes in Cuprate Composites as Low-Dimensional Systems

Dielectric and Ultrasonic Spectroscopy of Quasi Two-Dimensional CuInP2(SXSe1-X)6 Mixed Crystals

Unravelling XDT: Studies of some Rare, but Violent, Explosions with Statistical Crack Mechanics

Magnetic Properties of Layered Titanium Dichalcogenides Intercalated with 3d- and 4d-Metals

Energetic Materials: Crystallization of Characterization

Electrodeposition and Corrosion Properties of Zn-Co and Zn-Co-Fe Alloy Coatings

Quasi One-Dimensional CdSe Nanowires: Growth, Structure, and Photoluminescence Polarization Properties

The Structure and Morphology of Electrodeposited Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Powders

A Systematic Procedure to Predict Explosive Performance and Sensitivity of Novel High-Energy Molecules in ADD, ADD Method-1

The Development of Co-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses

Control of Microstructures by Heat Treatments and High-Temperature Properties in High-Tungsten Colbalt-Base Superalloys

PT-CO Supported on Polypyrrole-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as an Anode Catalyst for Direct ethanol Fuel Cells

Graph-Skein Modules of Three-Manifolds

Evaluation of Metal Fatigue Characteristics Considering the Effect of Defects

Overview of Injection Molding as a Manufacturing Technique for Pharmaceutical Applications

Melt/Solid Weldline in Over Injection Molding: Interfacial Crystalline Structures and Adhesion between Semicrystalline Polymer Interfaces

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and its Application to Non-Newtonian Moulding Flow

Melt/Melt Weldline in Injection Molding

MIM of Co Alloy for Biomedical Applications

Application of Ultrasonic Technology in Injection Molding Process

An Integrated Quantitative Framework for Supporting Product Design in the Mold Sector

Experimental Study on the Strength of Adhesion Obtained by Over-Molding between Different Materials

Analytical Methods in Paint Evaluations: Fostering Information

Examination of Untreated and Treated Oil Paint Surfaces by 3D-Measurement Technology at the Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria

Cool Paint as Urban Heat Island Measure Technology

Technique Assessment of Coating Processes using Multi Criteria Decision Support

Environmentally Friendly Paints

New Developments in Paint and Coatings Technology

Intumescent Powder Coatings

The Preparation of Ag-Nanoparticle-Embedded Paints and their Antimicrobial Activity

Ceramic Surface Paintings and Pigments from the Aguada Culture (Argentina): XRD and SEM-EDX Archaeometric Studies

Design and Manufacturing of Artistic Paint Rollers

Polystyrene Tribological Performance: Progress in the Understanding of Polymers Attrition During Chemical Engineering Processes

Biodegradability of Polystyrene that Contains N-Benzyl-4-Vinylpyridinium Chloride in the Main Chain

Study of the Adhesion Mechanisms of Particles on Modified Polypropylene: Influence of Surface Parameters

Direct Fluorination of Polystyrene

Polystyrene: Properties and it‘s Applications in Sensing Platforms

Electrospun Polystyrene Fibers and Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Coordinative Chain Transfer Polymerization: A Powerful Tool for the Synthesis of End-Functionalized Syndiotactic Polystyrene

Dominance of Magnetic Scattering in Al70Pd20+xMn10-x (x = 0, 1 & 2), Al70Pd20Mn8(TM)2 (TM=Fe, Cr, Co & Ni) and Al70-xBx Pd20Mn10 (x = 0, 0.5,1, 2 & 4) Stable Icosahedral Quasicrystals

Logarithmic Periodicity: Properties, Tests and Uncertainties

Vacancies in Quasicrystals

Structure Models of Quasicrystal Approximants Deduced from the Strong-Reflections Approach

Hydrogen Storage in Ti-Zr/Hf-Ni Quasicrystal and Related Crystal Powders Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying

Formation of Quasicrystals in Bulk Metallic Glasses and their Effect on Mechanical Behavior

Surface Structure of Two-Fold Al-Ni-Co Decagonal Quasicrystal: Periodicity, Aperiodicity, Defects and Second Phase Structure

Boundary Conditions for Beam Bending in Two-Dimensional Quasicrystals

Microstructural Studies on Plate Sheets of Al-Li-Cu-Mg Alloy Reinforced with SiCp Metal Matrix Composites

Morphologies Of Icosahedral Quasicrystals In Al-Mn-Be-(Cu) Alloys

Constitutive Models for Shape Memory Alloys: A Two-Phase Mixture Model and a Microstructure-Based Model

Control of SMA Systems: Review of the State of the Art

Fabrication and Surface Modification of Porous Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy for Bone Grafts

Structure and Properties of a Monocrystalline Cu-Al-Ni Alloy Submitted to Thermal Cycling Under Load

Interaction between Martensitic Transformations and Defects During Thermal and Pseudoelastic Cycling In Cualni Single Crystals

Importance of the Study of Thermal Properties in the Research of Ni-Mn-Ga Shape Memory Alloys

Chracteristic Deformation and Structural Changes of Ni-Ti Alloys by Molecular Dynamics: Phase Transformation and Amorphization

Evolution of the Stress-Induced Martensitic Transformation in a Cualbe Shape Memory Alloy Under Uniaxial Tension

Formation of Transitory Bainite as a Precursor of α-Phase During Tempering of Martensitic Cu-Zn-Al SMAs

The Shape Memory Effect in Antiferromagnetic Alloys

Phase Transformation in NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Under Thermomechanical Conditions

Dependence of Transformation Temperatures of Shape Memory Alloys on the Number and Concentration of Valence Electrons

Some Factors Affecting the Transformation Hysteresis in Shape Memory Alloys

Micromechanical Modeling of Shape Memory Alloy Composites

The Numerical Analysis of Two Shape Memory Model

Shape Memory Alloys in Micropositioning Applications

Analysis of a Thermomechanical Model of Shape Memory Alloys

Chiral Scandium Complexes in Catalytic Asymmetric Reactions

Application of Scandium Oxide in Dispenser Thermionic Cathodes

Comparison of Scandium Recovery Mechanisms by Phoshporus-Containing Sorbents, Solvent Extractants and Extractants Supported on Porous Carrier

Clinical Use of Scandium Enriched Power Laser in Sleep Surgery: Comparison of Postoperative Recovery from Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty Using Different Laser Systems

A Rare Earth, Scandium, Activates Secondary Metabolism in Microorganisms

Scandium: Compounds, Productions, Applications and Health Impact

Scandium Aluminum Nitride Nanowires

Etching and Thin Film Formation of Silicon Carbide using Highly Reactive Gases

Silicon Carbide Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Alloys Matrix Composites Fabricated by Squeeze Casting Method

Microstructure of Silicon Carbide Nanowires

Ductile Regime Material Removal of Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Computer Simulation on the Nanomechanical Properties of SiC Nanowires

Potentialities and Limitations of SiC in the Liquid-State Processing
of Al-MMCs

Effects of Ion Implantation in Silicon Carbide

Recent Progress in the Preparation Technologies for Silicon Carbide Nanomaterials

Conversion of Silicon Carbide to Crystalline Fullerite

Microstructure and Fracture Aspects of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics and Toughened with Elastomers

Recycled Aggregate Structural Concrete: A Methodology for the Prediction of its Properties

A Kinetic Model of the Oxide Growth and Restructuring on Structural Materials in Nuclear Power Plants

The Flexural Modulus of Polymer Matrix Composites

Probabilistic Modeling of Cleavage Fracture in the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Region

Towards Performance-Based Seismic Design For Buildings In Taiwan

Recent Advances in the design of industrial Ground-Floor Slabs With Special Emphasis on Permissible Deformations

Towards efficient analytical models for seismic analysis of multistoried buildings

Dynamic Stability Of Beams Using A Higher Order Theory

The Prediction Of Survival Probabilities of Building Structures Under Transient Extreme Execution Loads

Fundamentals of Biomedical Applications of Laser-Induced Surface Modification of Titanium Alloys

Nondestructive evaluation of material imperfections in a titanium alloy

Fretting Wear and Fretting Fatigue Studies of Surface Modified Biomedical Titanium Alloys

Influence of Protective Coatings on Properties of Near-Alpha Titanium alloys

Bioactive Titanium Surfaces

Ultrasonic Machining of Titanium and its Alloys

Mode II Fracture Behavior of Titanium Alloy TC6 in Comparison with Steel and Aluminum Alloys under Thermal/Mechanical Loading: In-Plane Shear Case

Ti-Mo Cast Alloys for Biomedical Applications. Anodic Behavior and Passive Film Properties

Microstructural Evolution during Friction Stir Welding of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Investment Cast Ti-6Al-4V and y-TiAl Alloys

Thermal Formability of Titanium Tailor-Welded Blanks

Mode I Fracture Behavior of Titanium Alloy TC6 in Comparison with Steel and Aluminum Alloys under Thermal/Mechanical Loading: In-Plane Tension Case

Titanium-Base Nano-Ultrafine Eutectic and Composites

Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Different Vascular Lesions

Yttrium in Pigments and Phosphors

Microwave Properties and Applications of Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) Films: Current State of Art and Perspectives

Bismuth-Substituted Yttrium Iron Garnet Nanoparticles: Preparation and Applications

Yttrium Application for Spallation Neutron Energy Spectrum Reconstruction

Yttrium Applications for Heat-Resisting Alloys

Influence of Annealing on Yttrium Dopant Distribution in Ceria- Based Nanoparticles

Yttrium Phosphanides – A Surprisingly Scarce Substance Class

Physics and Engineering Aspects of Electronic Conduction in Yttrium Dihydride

Generation and Validation of Failure Assessment Diagrams for High Strength Alloys Utilizing the Inherent Flaw Model

Effect of Applied Load on the Characteristics of Reversible Martensitic Transformation during Thermal Cycling Treatment of a Monocrystalline Cu-13.5Al-4Ni Alloy

Errors in Estimation of Electrically Induced Deformations in Elastic Dielectrics

Scanning Acoustic Correlation Microscopy

Analytical Applications of Borates

Efficiency Analysis for Multi-Junction PV Hetero-Structures Lattice Dynamics of Equiatomic Alkali Binary Alloys

Lattice Dynamics of Liquid Alloys

Lattice Dynamics of Liquid Metals

Lattice Dynamics of Solid Metallic Elements

Use of Isocyanate as A Primer for Synthetic Rubber

Mechanical Behavior of Masonry Structures

Data Aggregation in WSNs: A Survey

Time Evolution and X-Ray Diffraction Study of a Sol-Gel Calcium Phosphate System

Fatigue of High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites

High Electrical Field Effect in the Copper-Zinc-Phosphate Glasses

Radiative Transfer Problems in Remote Sensing of Thermal Diffusivity

Applications of Laser Flash Photolysis, Spectroscopy and Electron Microscopy in Photopolymerization and Development of Glass Ionomer Dental Cements

Hydrogenation of Terpene in Highly Dense Co2 – Significance of Phase Equilibria

Stress Assisted Thermal Cycling Treatment of a Monocrystalline Cu-Al-Ni Alloy

Causes of Failures and the New Prospects in the Field of Space Material Sciences

Morphology of PP/GF/Wollastonite Composites

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