Manual of Evidence-Based Research for the Health Sciences: Implications for Clinical Dentistry


Editor: Francesco Chiapelli

Ever since the terminology, concepts and tools of Evidence-Based (EB) were introduced, people have been trying to apply them to improve the care they provide to patients. Anyone who has heard the term “EB” knows that on the surface, it sounds like a logical good idea. But grasping the essence and  technicalities of many of EB’s attributes is not that easy for the vast majority of clinical practitioners for whom a lot of the ideas of EB are directed towards. Dr. Chiappelli’s first hand experience teaching EB to dental students, residents and practitioners clearly pointed out to him the need for a central source of information, explanations and tutorials.

The feedback from the “stakeholders” of EB inspired this gifted teacher to put together the Manual of Evidence-Based Research for the Health Sciences as a complete resource. This comprehensive manual will be an essential text for students, scientists, clinicians, policy makers and industry product developers enabling them to have access to all of the parts and complexities associated with evaluating and applying information using the tools and concepts that have become associated with EB.


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Table of Contents

Dedication and Acknowledgements


Introduction. EBR – What is it All About?
Francesco Chiappelli

Part I. Fundamentals

Chapter 1. Evidence-based Research: An Overview
Francesco Chiappelli

Chapter 2. Performers of Evidence-based Research and Ethical Concerns
Francesco Chiappelli

Chapter 3. Translational and Trans-cultural Evidence-based Research: EBR and Globalization
Francesco Chiappelli

Part II. Practicum

Chapter 4. Setting the Question, Initiating the Search, Evaluating a Research Paper
Francesco Chiappelli

Chapter 5. Evaluating the Research Design
Francesco Chiappelli

Chapter 6. Identifying the Purpose, the Findings and the Clinical Significance vs. Statistical Significance Decision Making
Francesco Chiappelli

Chapter 7. Issues about Methodology: Variables, Measurements, Implications of Sampling NNT, ITT, PF
Francesco Chiappelli

Chapter 8. Systematic Evaluation of the Statistical Analysis (SESTA): Analyses of Continuous and Dichotomous Measurements
Francesco Chiappelli

Chapter 9. The EBR Process: Analyzing EBR Data, Generating a Consensus Statement
Francesco Chiappelli

Part III. Implications for Clinical Decision-Making

Chapter 10. The Clinical Significance Decision
Paolo Prolo and Luca Celati

Chapter 11. Evidence-based Research for Geriatric Populations
Janet G. Bauer and Sue Spackman

Chapter 12. The Changing Nature of Treating Frail and Functionally Dependent Older Adults: Paucity of Best Evidence
Janet G. Bauer, Sue Spackman, Francesco Chiappelli, and Paolo Prolo

Chapter 13. Clinical Decision Making Tree for Older Dental Patients
Janet G. Bauer and Sue Spackman

Chapter 14. Alternative and Complementary Medicine for Treatment and Diagnosis of Allergic Diseases: Relevance to Translational Evidence-based Clinical Decisions
Francesco G. Foschi, Arianna Lanzi, Francesca Emiliani, Oliviero Quercia, Francesco Chiappelli, Kristine D. Cajulis and Giuseppe F. Stefanini




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